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You must already know that Rocket Languages is one of the acknowledged language-learning platforms. But their packages are a bit expensive. 

But Rocket Languages offers coupons and discounts from time to time, using which you can buy their courses at a discounted price. 

How to avail of the Rocket Languages coupons? To get complete details about the same, keep reading ahead. 

Available Coupons At Rocket Languages 

When you go to the Rocket Languages pricing page, you’ll see an option: Find a Coupon. Click here to get yourself a special coupon. 

When you click that option, Rocket Languages will send a special coupon. But to avail of the coupon code, you need to take a free trial of the language you want to learn

Rocket Languages - Trail Of Rocket French

Rocket Languages also offers gift vouchers, as shown in the above picture. Click on Find them here, and they will send you an exclusive coupon on your email ID.  Currently, Rocket Languages is running the 4th of July sale in which you can save up to 60% on any language. You only need to use the coupon “JULY4” to get the discount. This offer is gonna last till 4th July 2023. So I would suggest you grab it as soon as possible.

Please note that the coupons and discounts change from time to time and the language you wish to learn. Hence, before buying a course blindly, check what offers you’re getting. Additionally, Rocket Languages sometimes also offers discounts on bundles. If you’re interested in learning more than one language, you can take advantage of the bundle discounts too. 

How To Apply A Rocket Languages Coupon? 

Follow the steps mentioned below to apply a Rocket Languages coupon- 

Step #1: Go to the Rocket Language website by clicking here

Step #2: On the home page, click on the Pricing tab. 

Rocket Languages- Home Page

Step #3: Next, select the language you want to learn. 

Rocket Languages- Select The Laungage

Step #4: After selecting the language, you’ll be redirected to the pricing plan page. And there, you’ll see the tab where you can enter your coupon code. If you already have a coupon code, you can paste it into the dedicated space or claim one by clicking on the designated links. 

Rocket Languages- Choose Your Package

Step #5: Your coupon code will be applied, and you can buy the course at a discounted price. 

Original Price Plan Of Rocket Languages

Rocket Languages has three pricing plans for all languages. The plans are as follows- 

  • Beginner to Intermediate (Level 1). This plan is specifically for people who want to develop good speaking skills in a new language. 
  • Beginner to Advanced (Levels 1 & 2). People wanting to develop advanced speaking skills will benefit from this plan. 
  • Beginner To Advanced (Levels 1, 2 & 3). It’s a plan for people who not only want to speak fluently but want to learn the entire language well. 
Level 1Level 2Level 3 
$149.95 $299.90$449.85

The pricer the plans are, the more resources you get from them. But the best part about Rocket Languages is that you get lifetime access to all three plans, which is a great thing. So once you buy the course, you can learn it at your own pace. 

But Rocket Languages also offer a six-month pricing plan which will cost you $75 per month. 

What Is The Rocket Languages Refund Policy? 

One of the common issues with most language learning platforms is that it doesn’t offer a flexible refund policy. It’s not convenient for users because it takes some days to figure out whether the teaching pattern will be suitable for you or not. 

Rocket Languages understands it pretty well; hence it offers a 60-day refund policy. If you wish to get a refund of your subscription, simply email Rocket Languages at within 60 days of your purchase. 

It will refund your money via the same payment method you used for the purchase. But make sure you don’t lose your order receipt because you’ll need the order number to claim the refund. 

The refund period is generally two working days but may take up to five days as well.  

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Takeaway! Rocket Languages Coupons

If you’re a first-time Rocket Languages user, claiming the coupon is easy. Just take a free trial, and they will send the coupon code to your email ID. Also, don’t forget to keep checking the Rocket Languages site, as it offers special discounts from time to time. 

Is there anything you want to know? If yes, drop the queries in the comment box. 

Frequently Asked Questions: Rocket Languages Coupons

Do Rocket Languages Offer Special Discounts For Students? 

No, Rocket Languages does not have any special discounts or coupons for students. However, they have special packages for non-profit organizations and educational institutes. 

Is Rocket Languages Better Than Babbel? 

Both language learning platforms are best in their unique ways. But Rocket Languages’ audio clips are a bit better than Babbel’s. They give a better real-world speaking experience compared to the ones offered by Babbel. 

Which Is Cheaper, Rocket Language Or Rosetta Stone? 

Rosetta Stone is cheaper compared to Rocket Language. Rosetta Stone’s single course plans start from $36, while Rocket Languages offers plans from $75. 

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