11+ Best Ways To Learn German In 2024

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The rise in the number of people looking for the best ways to learn German is evidence of the growing interest in the language. It’s not a surprise that people want to learn German. 

Learning German opens the gate to many top-ranked universities in Germany with affordable fees. 

Additionally, it is easy for English speakers to learn German due to the 40% similarity in the vocabulary of both languages. The reasons are endless. Resources, however, are limited. 

So, we decided to solve this concern of yours with the article below, where you can find practical and best ways to learn German. 

So let’s get started with it!

11+ Best Ways To Learn German

Here are The best ways to learn German listed below.

1. Use Language Learning Apps

It’s common to need a helping hand while you learn new languages. Therefore, the best way to learn German is by using language-learning apps

Best Ways To Learn German - Overview

There are various apps available on the internet to learn new languages. You can sign up for these applications. 

We have handpicked the best language-learning apps. 

While learning German from language learning apps, you get a personalized experience. 

You get lessons and modules organized to take you from beginners to advanced levels. Meanwhile, You also get free quizzes and tests to keep a check on your learning.

2. Create A Strategy 

Nothing will work if you don’t keep an order. Hence, making a solid plan to learn German should be your first priority. Understand why you want to learn German. 

What makes you so passionate about the German language? Write the reason down and make a planner. 

Create A Strategy 

Write down the technique you will follow to learn German. How much time will you spend each day and collect all the resources? 

Now begin your learning journey. Creating a strategy will help you stay motivated and achieve your goal faster.

3. Watch German Series And Movies

Watching series and movies in different languages is the most fun way to learn a language. You can watch German movies and series on YouTube with subtitles to understand German. 

Watch German Series And Movies

This is the best way to know how specific words are pronounced by native German speakers. There are online sites like MDR, Das Erste, and ZDF where you can get access to original and dubbed German shows for free. 

While binge-watching these movies, keep a notebook handy with you to note down the important phases and words. 

4. Use The Mirror Technique 

When learning a new language, it’s easy to write and read it. However, talking in a new language is the difficult part. 

You can do this in front of the mirror, talking and introducing yourself in German. Every time you learn a new sentence or paragraph in German. 

You get more likely to forget it with time. Hence, repeat the sentence before the mirror to memorize it and catch its right pronunciation and accent.

5. Read German Newspapers

Reading newspapers is the best way to understand authentic written sentences, grammatical structure, and the use of idioms in a specific language. 

Therefore, started reading German newspapers to learn German. You can read German newspapers online through sites like Bild.de, ZEIT ONLINE, FAZ.NET, etc. 

Read German Newspapers

You will automatically notice a better German vocabulary after using these sites. Additionally, you will gain the latest information, culture, and trends in Germany.

6. Add German To Your Routine

You can learn German easily by adding simple habits to your routine. These habits include talking in German in front of a mirror for five minutes every day or exploring a new German noun, adjective, or verb every day. 

Also, get a physical dictionary to explore new words with their meanings. Moreover, you can use these apps to maintain consistency in your planning.

  • Notion
  • Click Up
  • Clockify
  • Habitica

These apps will make you productive, and you will see the smoothness in your learning journey while using these apps. 

7. Read German Books

If book reading is your hobby, then you find it easy to learn German by reading books. If you are a beginner, read books like “Let’s Learn German A1” and “Langenscheidt Basic German Vocabulary.” 

Once you start understanding the meaning of German words and master the reading of the basic German paragraphs. 

Read German Books

Move to books like “Der Tod in Venedig” by Thomas Mann to master German while enjoying reading famous novels.

8. Listen To Podcasts In German

Once you master writing and reading in German, the next step is to listen and understand German. You can start by listening to podcasts like German LingQ, My daily phrase German and Slow German if you are a beginner. 

Listen To Podcasts In German

Furthermore, shift to podcasts like Markus Lanz & Richard David Precht, Fest & Flauschig, etc, once you speedily start understanding German without subtitles.

9. Write A Personal Diary In German

There is a bundle of events happening in your life. When you read and write about these events in German, you learn faster. Instead of writing, “It’s a cat and a dog,” write actual meaningful sentences.

Enroll in free German learning courses like “deutschakademie.de” to understand the language.

Now, start writing a personal diary and mention your day in German. Read your past days from this diary, and you will notice how you will get a strong command over German.

10. Connect With Native German Speakers Online

You can master German if you can converse with native German speakers. Without any subtitles and corrections, this step is where you actually learn actual German when you talk to someone who is a native German speaker. 

German Speakers Online

There are sites like Hellotalk and Tandem to get a language exchange partner. Similarly, you can join Facebook or telegram groups with German natives and connect with them on a call once you both become friends.

11. Learn Charades

Sometimes you don’t need words to transfer messages to people. Easy hand gestures can help you talk to people and understand any difficult German vocabulary. 

Therefore, start recognizing people’s gestures as they speak in German to understand what they are saying. 

Also, apply this rule to yourself and learn what gestures are mostly used by German natives while talking and do the same next time.

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Wrapping Up!

Now that the article has ended, you have understood every way to learn German. Understand how you want to learn it. 

Whatever way you select, add any language-learning app to it. We recommend using Duolingo, a free and effective language-learning app. Additionally, use the google translate tool whenever you feel like learning a new sentence or word in German. 

While language learning apps work at their own pace, Google Translate can help instantly. 

So, utilize the tips mentioned above, and happy learning a new language!


Can I learn German in 3 months?

Yes, you can learn German in 3 months with 5-6 hours of learning and practice each day. 

What level of German is required to study in Germany?

Level B1 or B2 in German is required to study in Germany.

Who is eligible for free education in Germany?

Anyone can study for free in Germany, regardless of nationality. The eligibility criteria differ in each university, but having a good command of German stays mandatory most of the time.

How can I learn German for free by myself?

You can take help from these free tools to learn German.
Easy German 
DeutschAkademie’s audio course

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