Varsity Tutors Review 2024: Is It Legit (Truth)

If you have ever wanted to take online tuition, you must have come across the popular name Varsity Tutors. Wondering whether it is really worth the hype? You have come to the right place!

Currently, Varsity Tutors is one of the biggest names in the online tutoring world. It teaches many subjects, such as Math, Science, English, etc., and prepares you for competitive examinations like SAT, GRE, GMAT, etc. 

Founded in 2007, Varsity Tutors has the greatest number of tutors in an online platform and teaches school children, undergraduates, and post-graduates. While most of its users belong to the USA, Varsity Tutors has been attracting students from around the globe. 

In this article, we will discuss whether Varsity Tutors are legit and are what they claim! Let’s get started without further ado. 

Varsity Tutors Review: In A Nutshell (2024)

If you are on the go and need a quick overview of Varsity Tutor, the table below will help you! 

In the table, we have summarized the Varsity Tutor review to help you understand everything better!

Varsity Tutors Review - Overview
Accessibility 4.5/5
Quality of education5/5

Varsity Tutors: How Does It Work?

As the name suggests, Varsity Tutors is a group of tutors offering various classes to various types of students. However, the platform is certainly more than just a tutoring website. It does not only offer online and live classes for a broad range of subjects but provides offline study materials for the most competitive exams held in the USA. 

They have two main offerings– live prep classes and tutoring, and sometimes, these two are combined into one course or class! It prepares you for several high school, college entrance, and graduate school exams. Not to forget the basics, Varsity Tutors takes care of children’s Math, Science, English, and other school subjects. 

If you thought Varsity only helps you get into the school of your dreams, think again. Not only do they provide classes for competitive exams, but they tutor you for license and certification exams. 

Varsity Tutors Review - How Is Work

The best part about Varsity? You get to choose from a bunch of options. There are different formats of learning suitable for all types of learners. There are 10-week long courses and Bootcamp courses that help you prepare when you have limited time before the test. 

There are countless tutors to choose from. You can scroll through the thousands of tutors, pick one and start your classes immediately. But before that, you have to fill out a form to answer a few questions, which can be annoying but takes only a minute or two. 

Varsity Tutors Review -Enrichment Subject

The live online tutoring takes place through Zoom meetings where the tutor gets to know you, your strengths and weaknesses, and personalized homework and assignments. The tutoring lessons, as is evident, are more personalized and can help you focus better on your weak points. 

This is basically how Varsity Tutors work. It is pretty simple and easy to understand. 

Varsity Tutors For SAT

Preparing for the SAT can be challenging, but Varsity Tutors can help you reach your goals. Varsity enables you to connect with SAT tutoring experts and get a tailor-made experience. The tutors help you with each part of the test– the reading test, writing, language test, math, and essay part. 

Varsity Tutors Review - Tutors

The tutors may even be able to help you with tips to reduce your anxiety about the test!

Varsity Tutors For ACT

Whether taking the test for the first time or attempting a second or third time, Varsity Tutors offers different plans to help you with your goals. One of the first components the tutors discuss with you is what you can expect on exam day. They provide you with a detailed explanation of each of the five sections–math, reading, science, English, and writing. 

Along with the private tutoring sessions, users also receive tons of study material. 

Varsity Tutors For MCAT

Studying to get into a medical college can be one of the toughest goals to achieve. Thankfully, Varsity Tutors are here to help you. Varsity Tutors have been helping students achieve better scores on MCAT and get admission into the medical college of their dreams for decades. 

The one-on-one learning sessions help you identify your weak points and adopt a more effective learning pattern. Additionally, your MCAT instructor can help you manage time during a stressful environment, which is needed during the test. 

Varsity Tutors For GRE

Varsity Tutors offers free GRE diagnostic tests to determine which portions you are strong at and which portions you need to work on. You can also take free GRE practice tests to brush up on your skills and discover your strengths and weaknesses. The Quantitative Practice Tests help you prepare better for the quantitative section of the test. 

Varsity Tutors For NCLEX

Varsity Tutors for NCLEX is an online tutoring and test prep service designed to help nursing students prepare for the NCLEX exam. The NCLEX (National Council Licensure Examination) is the licensing exam nurses must pass to practice nursing in the United States and Canada.

Varsity Tutors For NCLEX

Varsity Tutors provides 1-on-1 tutoring, practice tests, and prep courses specifically focused on preparing students for the NCLEX. Students are matched with tutors who are experienced nurses that have passed the NCLEX themselves. During tutoring sessions, students can review nursing concepts, ask questions, go through NCLEX-style practice questions, and get feedback on their test-taking strategies.

The Varsity Tutors NCLEX prep course offers students structured lessons, practice exams with detailed explanations, and a self-paced online platform. The course curriculum covers all major nursing topics tested on the NCLEX, including pharmacology, medical-surgical nursing, maternal-child nursing, mental health, and more. Students can access thousands of practice questions to help reinforce key nursing concepts.

Varsity Tutors: Pricing 

One complaint that we usually hear people make about Varsity Tutors is that they are not exactly transparent about their pricing. Moreover, the prices that are posted are on the high end. For example, the price for one-on-one tutoring can go as high as $95 per hour

The pricing for Varsity Tutors is a bit complex, but the good thing is that they offer several options. For example, for the GRE prep course alone, Varsity offers over five different plans varying in cost. These usually range between $159 and $999. 

The truth is, in order to find out exactly how much you have to spend, you need to determine the type of course and plan you want to purchase and then do a little digging yourself. Even though the prices are a bit on the high end, you can sometimes catch discounts and deals. 

Who Is Varsity Tutors For?

Not surprisingly, most users are parents signing up for their children or students signing up for themselves to prepare for a test or study for school. Since Varsity Tutors offer lessons from Kindergarten to the university level, the age group varies significantly. 

Is Varsity Tutors Legit?

Varsity Tutors is often labeled as a “scam” by certain people because of what they charge the consumers and what is paid to the tutors. For example, some online tutoring plans can be as high as $95 per hour, while the tutors receive $15 per hour. 

Although the difference is huge, the entire program is legitimate in every aspect. In fact, all the businesses in this industry work similarly. Before tutors sign up for Varsity Tutors, they sign a contract that lays out their payment terms. The students still receive their courses, and the tutors are paid based on their contractual terms. 

Varsity Tutors: Pros And Cons 

Since we have reached almost the end of our review, let us summarize everything by weighing the pros and cons!

A wide range of subjects and topicsTechnical errors are sometimes experienced
Varying payment plansExpensive 
Quick sign-up process
Personalized teaching 
Flexible scheduling

Varsity Tutors: The Final Verdict 

Although Varsity Tutors might be on the expensive side, they do offer quality education to their users. At the same time, the costs are too high, and not everyone will be able to afford them. There are also alternatives to Varsity Tutors that offer the same quality of education at half its price, which can make one rethink their decision. 

Tutors are great, and they help students overcome their academic problems and reach their goals. The option of getting instant tutoring is highly efficient, but not every tutor is the same. The customer service is excellent, and the platform is overall helpful. 

However, many clients often complain about the inability to request a refund or cancel their subscriptions. So, that’s a negative point. 

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Conclusion: Is It Varsity Tutors Legit?

Varsity Tutors is a great option for students and teachers looking for a more hands-on option for learning and teaching. Thanks to technological advancements, people do not need to leave their room, let alone their house, to study or prepare for an exam. 

Aside from the price factor, we didn’t find anything to complain about in Varsity Tutors. The educational platform is worth a try considering the current competitive climate. 

We hope you liked our article on Varsity Tutors Review. For any questions or feedback, refer to the comment section below. 


Can you get your money back with Varsity Tutors?

If you have taken online tutoring lessons from Varsity Tutors and have not received a better test score, you can get your money back as per their “Better Score Guarantee” scheme. However, there might be specific eligibility criteria you must fulfill. Be sure to check them out. 

Where are the classes conducted?

On Varsity Tutors, the tutors you choose to study with will take your live online classes on Zoom, the video telephone platform usually used for official and formal meetings. 

Are the tutoring lessons recorded?

Every private one-on-one tutoring session is recorded so the student can refer back to them and understand the mainly trickier parts. It provides convenience as you won’t have to waste your private session time asking repetitive questions. 

Is Varsity Tutors only available for online teaching?

For students looking for a more traditional approach, Varsity Tutors can help you find an offline or in-person tutor near your area. All you have to do is put your location, and they will find tutors with the subject matter expertise you are looking for. 

How long does it take for Varsity tutors to contact you back?

Once you have picked a tutor for your private sessions, you might need to wait for a day or two before you hear back from them. Then again, some teachers may reach out to you almost instantly or on the same day. It heavily varies and depends on how busy the chosen tutor is. 

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