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MCAT, or the Medical College Admission Test, is a standardized computer-based examination that is designed to test prospective and potential medical students in the U.S., Australia, Canada, and the Caribbean island.

MCAT scores are the deciding factor for admission to top-notch medical schools or colleges. But what is the validity of the scores?

If you are planning to take the MCAT and wondering what the validity of scores is, then here you go.

You will get your answer right in this article. Along with it, I have also provided an insight into test structure and mentioned some exam preparation tips that may help you.  

Validity Of MCAT Score

Your MCAT score is valid for a minimum of 2 years and a maximum of 3 years. 

MCAT scores generally don’t have an expiration date, but most medical schools and colleges accept scores that are less than three years old.

How Long Do MCAT Scores Last - Overview

Even though your MCAT scores are older than three years, their record is stored in the database by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC).  

Different Ways Medical Colleges View MCAT Scores

If you are wondering how the admission committee views your MCAT scores, then below are some of the ways. 

  1. Recent scores. 

The admission committee takes into consideration the recent MCAT scores. This method benefits students who did badly in the previous exam but succeeded on the final try. 

  1. Highest score.

Many students hope that the admission committee should use this method as it will help them to deliver better results by retaking the test.

But be careful. Taking the exam more than three times can be a sign of poor judgment on your part, which the admission committee doesn’t like. So prepare well and try to score high in the first go. 

  1. Average score.

Many times the admission committee of some schools takes into consideration the average of all the MCAT attempts. 

This strategy is considerable because MCAT is a standardized exam, and it often becomes challenging to increase your score by more than a few points. 

  1. Custom super score.

Most colleges adopt this method, and they have in-house software to help them sort and view your scores. 

The super score is calculated by taking into consideration the highest scores from every section of multiple tests taken over time. 

  1. Score Trend. 

The trend scores determine the progress of the students in meeting each standard. The main aim is to trend up, i.e., to perform better. 

Medical schools and colleges consider your score trend along with your recent score. 

How Many Times Can You Take the MCAT?

To know how many times you can take MCAT, let us have a look at the limits set by the AAMC as follows.

How Long Do MCAT Scores Last - MCAT
  • You are allowed to take the MCAT exam up to three times per year.
  • You can take the MCAT test up to four times over the period of two consecutive years. 
  • The MCAT exam can be taken up to seven times during your lifetime. 

The Test Structure Of MCAT

MCAT is a conceptual exam comprised of four different sections, each of which is allotted either 90 or 95 minutes. 

The examination lasts for about seven and a half hours, including the breaks. 

Let us take a quick overview of the test structure provided below. 

SectionsQuestionsTime (In Minutes)
Chemical and the physical foundations of biological systems.5995
Critical analysis and reasoning skills. 5390
Biological and biochemical foundations of living systems. 5995
Psychological, social, and biological foundation of behavior.5995

Tips For MCAT Preparation

Even though MCAT is a challenging exam, with appropriate strategies and diligence, you can definitely crack it. 

Tips For MCAT Preparation

Here are some of the tips to crack the MCAT. 

  • Avoid Procrastination.

In order to crack MCAT or score well, start exam preparation early and maintain consistency. Avoid procrastination and prepare well with utmost dedication.

  • Determine your Baseline.

Determine your baseline score before you plan or design the study schedule for MCAT preparation.

The baseline score will demonstrate the score you would receive if you appear for the examination today.

  • Manage your stress and pace yourself. 

MCAT is a lengthy and tricky test and may often be an exhausting one; it is necessary to manage your stress. Plan your schedule accordingly. Give yourself some time to relax.

In order to have a positive impact on your results and performance, stay calm and get things done at your own pace.

  • Take as many full-length practice tests as you can. 

As it is said, “Practice makes a man perfect,” so try to take as many full-length practice tests as possible. 

It will help you to determine the areas you are weak in so that you can focus more on improving them. Taking practice tests will also help to boost your confidence and improve the efficiency of your performance. 

  • Practice skills in mental maths.

MCAT is basically a conceptual exam that comprises some fundamental mathematical concepts like algebra, arithmetic functions, basic statistics, trigonometry, etc. 

Before appearing for the test, it is necessary to brush up on your basic mathematics skills by practicing some fundamental mathematical problems. 

Have a clear understanding of equations, trigonometric functions, basic formulas, etc.

  • Identify your weaknesses and try to strengthen them. 

One of the important success tips for students is to identify the areas in which they are weak and try to strengthen them. 

Taking full-length practice tests will help you identify your weaknesses and plan your schedule accordingly to work more on the weak areas. 

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Conclusion: How Long Do MCAT Scores Last

Now that you are aware of how long the MCAT score lasts and how many times you can take MCAT, so prepare well and try hard to crack MCAT on the first attempt.

As there is no additional penalty for the wrong answers, so try to attempt each and every question in order to improve your score. 

While applying for medical schools or colleges, ensure that your scores meet the admission requirements of the desired medical school.

Go through all the MCAT preparation tips carefully, and if you have any queries, do let us know in the comments section below. 


How long is MCAT score valid?

The MCAT score generally doesn’t have an expiration date, but most medical schools and colleges accept scores that are a minimum of two years and a maximum of three years old.

What is a good MCAT score?

The MCAT score of 511 or above is considered to be a good one in order to get admission to the top medical school or college.

What is the average MCAT score?

For all the test takers, the average MCAT score in the year 2021-2022 was reported to be 501.5.

Is it difficult to crack MCAT? 

MCAT is one of the tricky and challenging exams, but applying proper skills, knowledge, and strategies and putting in the necessary efforts will definitely help you to crack it. 

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