How To Learn Japanese In 11 Simple Steps (Apps Listed)

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If you are keen to learn Japanese and need a guide to starting learning from scratch, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will discuss the simple steps that can help you learn Japanese very effectively. 

Japanese is not that easy to learn as it has all new phonetics and grammar and many intricate characters. However, one can truly master the Japanese language with the right learning approach!

As you read further, we will take a step-by-step look at different ways to learn Japanese without any hassle! We have included all the platforms, courses, and other methods to make learning as simple as possible for you. 

So without any delay, let’s dive into the details!

11+ Steps to Learn Japanese!

So the best way to learn Japanese is through practice and dedication. So if you just follow these tips, you will become a master in learning Japanese! 

  1. Start With the Alphabet

The simple step to learning Japanese is to start with very basic learning, like Learning the alphabet. Japan mainly has a learning system that is very important if you want to read Japanese: Kanji, Katakana, and Hiragana. 

  • Kanji

It is believed that Kanji learning is the most challenging Part of learning Japanese. Basic kanji will help you to understand, write and speak simple Japanese. Kanji is part of The Japanese alphabet, consisting of thousands of Japanese symbols representing Japanese ideas and symbols. 

  • Katakana 

Katakana is used for non-Japanese and is a word that is adopted by the foreign language. Katakana include scientific and technical terms like names of plants and animals. It can be more difficult for Hiragana, as it is not very frequently used as the level keeps increasing. Katakana will start appearing more regularly. 

  • Hiragana

Hiragana is a very important part of all beginners. It is primarily used for all Japanese words that consist of 46 characters or 51 phonetic characters. Hiragana is a part of the Japanese language, which is very easy to learn. Once you learn or master Hiragana you will build a great language foundation. 

  1. Start With Learning Grammar

Japanese Grammar learning is as important as learning the Japanese alphabet. But as you know, to master Japanese, you must forget the English grammar you have learned. Both English grammar and Japanese grammar are dramatically different from each other. 

So to learn Japanese Grammar many books can help you learn Japanese Grammar, which as, A guide to Japanese Grammar by Tae Kim, Practice makes perfect Basic Grammar, Japanese Hiragana, and Katakana for beginners. 

  1. Learn The Key Phrases

You can master learning Japanese by learning basic phrases like Hello, How do you do? Nice to meet you etc. All these basic beginner phrases will help you in speaking Japanese quickly. 

  1. Setting Up a Schedule.

Just as we schedule our daily schedule, it is extremely important to make a schedule for learning Japanese. The time you will take to learn depends upon what efforts you are trying to put into your learning. 

  1. Start From The Languages App

Another simple step that can help you learn Japanese is taking some online tutoring from the different language-learning apps available. 

If you want to find out about the five best language-learning apps, we have added a list below for you. 

  1. Pay Attention to the Flashcards

Flashcards are perfect for learners. Flashcard is a card that has information in it that the learners should remember. It is helpful to memorize a particular word in Japanese. Flashcards are something that you can buy line too and learn from it. 

  1. Communicate Online with other learners.

Communication is another great step to learning Japanese. Through various language learning apps, you can chat with people who are also learning Japanese or Japanese speakers who are also there to learn different languages. This thing will make you learn a lot about Japanese. 

Also, there are some language exchange apps like Hello Talk, LextTalk, etc., where you can quickly find and chat with other people. 

  1. Start Learning From the Manga

Manga is an essential part of Japanese culture and has a long history. Manga is an art in the form of graphics and novels and can be very helpful in language learning. The comic is full of clues so that you can understand the meaning of the written words. Sailor Moon is one we recommend for beginners. 

  1. Start Watching Japanese Anime

Watching Japanese movies while studying will be a great step in your learning journey. Learning Japanese with anime is a unique style. Anime is produced in Japan, and now it has become an international phenomenon. 

There may be people who may not love watching anime. In that case, you can watch Japanese movies with subtitles that will improve your reading and listening skills. 

  1. Listen to a Japanese Podcast

As podcasts are something that is in trend, people are getting a lot of benefits through them. Podcasts are an excellent way to learn the language as they will help you in listening practice for your daily routine but can also help you know more about Japan’s culture. 

  1. Start Conversing With Japanese 

Starting a conversation at the right time is a crucial step to start practicing Japanese. You can do this by speaking with the native speakers who are learning with you through the online learning app. 

So here, our list of the Easiest steps to learn Japanese ends. But don’t worry. We will give you the best language learning app ideas so that you can start learning from today itself. 

6+ Best Japanese Learning Apps 

We have curated a list of the 6 best Japanese Learning that will guide you through your journey. 

Japanese Learning appBest for
1. DuolingoBest for quizzes and puzzles 
2. DropsBest for learning while playing games 
3. MondlyBest for beginners 
4. Mango LanguagesBest for vocabulary 
5. Rocket Japanese Best for listening 
6. LingoDeerBest for becoming fluent

1. Duolingo 

Duolingo is an app easily available on the App Store or Google Play Store. Duolingo focuses mainly on teaching Japanese the same way it is taught to a child. Duolingo gives you unique quizzes that are good for vocabulary and Kanji. 

How To Learn Japanese - Duolingo

The app has game-like features which help to focus more on studying with the help of fun challenges. The app has short lessons so that you can study Japanese whenever you have only a few minutes to learn the whole day. To add a cherry on top, Duolingo is FREE! 

2. Drops 

Drops is yet another incredible app easily available both on the App store and Google Play Store. Drops use the game-style format that will help you learn Japanese in a very innovative way. Drop is an app that will make your studying easy as well as interesting.


The app is free and also has a subscription available. 

3. Mondly 

Mondly Japanese is one of the most innovative apps for learning Japanese, and it offers a very impressive learning experience. The app has audio tracks, too, with dialogues, quizzes, puzzles,  exercises, and challenges. The challenges in mind prepare you for real-life situations, and they will teach you how to introduce yourself. 


Mondly is specifically designed for beginner Japanese learners who love to learn through performing various activities. 

4. Mango Languages

Another app that can help students learn Japanese based on intuitive language construction is Mango Languages. The app is best at teaching you vocabulary using colors and systematic mapping to help you connect with native Japanese speakers. 

The Mango languages learning app has a mixer of various reading and listening activities that helps in building great memory and critical thinking. 

5. Rocket Japanese

Rocket Japanese is one such app that has focused on every aspect of learning, like writing, reading, speaking, and listening. It is the best app that provides well-rounded lessons that will surely guide you and help you build your skills. 

Rocket Japanese

The app has audio trackers, study tools, and various exercises to guide you. It is the best tool for beginners and intermediate learners. 

6. LingoDeer

If you want to learn any Asian language, then LingoDeer is the best app. It has the best curriculum for learning Japanese, and it offers authentic audio that can improve the learning and hearing of students. This app will help you write, speak, read, and listen in Japanese with fluency. It also has a flashcard feature that can give you an overview of lessons.


When you open the app for the first time in the day, it will show you the content you can review daily. The interface of LingoDeer is also amazing, and there are no ads within the app. The curriculum of LingoDeer works similarly to Duolingo, meaning once you complete a lesson, only then it will unlock the next lesson.

Final Verdict: How To Learn Japanese

Learning Japanese may seem complicated, considering the writing, grammar, and different pronunciations. However, it is something that needs a proper schedule and effort. We have listed the best simple steps for you and also some of the best language-learning apps that will no doubt help you learn Japanese. 

Remember, regular practice and dedicating your time will give you significant results. You can also take online courses or use free language learning apps to kickstart your Japanese learning journey! 

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