Busuu Review 2024 — Does It Really Work?

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Gone are the days when you had to travel for miles to learn a new language. Now, everything is at the tip of your fingers!

If you have ever wanted to study a new language, you may have heard the name of Busuu. Wondering whether it is worth your money and better than other websites? We’ll answer all your questions in this article!

Busuu is backed up by a community of 120 million users across 160 countries. It has also won several awards. So, naturally, Busuu is one of the popular names in the language-learning world. 

We decided to try the platform ourselves and see what the hype is about! Let’s get started. 

Busuu Review: In A Nutshell 

Course content quality4.3/5
Value for money5/5
Beginner-friendly 5/5
Overall 4.4/5

Busuu: Lesson Structure 

Lessons in Busuu are broken down into bite-sized content which is easy to understand and not too overwhelming for beginners. Each lesson has a specific topic, such as “Introducing Yourself”, “Describing Your Hometown,” etc., and is taught within 3-4 mini lessons. 

Busuu Lesson Structure

The first mini-lesson does the teaching work, the second one makes you practice what you’ve learned, and then the exercise ends with a quiz. Sounds pretty neat and organized, right?

One of the best features is native speakers correcting your answers. Some of your answers may not be formally incorrect but may sound wrong to native speakers. There’s also a little unit that contains all the words you learn as you progress through the lessons. 

Busuu: Customized Study Plan 

Learning a new language is not usually easy. To excel in a foreign language, one needs a dedicated plan and schedule to study. Busuu helps you create a study plan tailor-made for your specific goals. 

Busu Study Plan

To generate the plan, you need to provide details, such as the language you want to learn, the level you want to achieve, and the amount of time you can dedicate every day. Based on this information, a personalized study plan is made for you. 

It is an effective way to study and determine how long it will take you to reach your goals. For people who require guidance while learning, Busuu shines on that. 

Busuu: Grammar 

Grammar is crucial in learning a new language, and thanks to Busuu’s robust AI-based Grammar Review, you can easily learn and practice grammar. There are two sections– one where they explain the rules and the other where you practice. 

The AI-based tool determines which grammar sections are harder for you based on your native language, the complexity of your target language, and your performance. It allows you to review your weak points as well. 

Learn More About Other Cultures With Busuu

What you learn in your Spanish class might not fit when you converse with a native. Textbooks only teach you the formal stuff. For example, the formal way to greet people in English is Hello, but we often use “Hi” or “Hey.” 

Busuu, while teaching you the formal language, also offers cultural tips. It will teach you how to say something and when to use it appropriately. Besides that, you also receive tons of cultural tips to avoid missteps in communication. 

The Busuu Community 

Busuu has created an impressive community of users where people from different countries and cultures can interact with and learn from each other. It is effortlessly easy to make friends and connect with other people. 

Busuu Community

The most impressive part is their feedback system. When you complete exercises, some of your answers are sent to the Busuu community, where the native speakers can input their comments. This way, Busuu offers you an opportunity to learn from native speakers. What more could we ask for? 

Busuu: Is It User-Friendly?

If you’re a fan of aesthetic and easy-to-use websites, you’d love Busuu. Thanks to its engaging design, users of all age groups can use it efficiently. Soft colors are used on the website to make the process fun and not make it seem like “studying.” 

The lessons are organized neatly, and you can view your progress on the dashboard every time you log in. Suppose you leave the lesson midway. You can come back and resume from exactly where you left off. It also shows your completion percentage in each lesson. 

The website is filled with easy-to-understand graphics, so you can invest more time in learning a new language rather than how to use the platform. 

What We Did Not Like About Busuu

Like all other language-learning websites, Busuu has some downsides or areas that need improvement. Let’s start with the limited number of language-learning options. Busuu only offers 13 languages as of now. Plus, one of the 13 languages is only available in the Premium version. 

While Busuu has great courses, we cannot ignore that not all courses are the same in terms of quality. Some languages have better courses than others, which is very inconsistent on their part. For example, the placement tests are only offered in English, Italian, Spanish, German, Portuguese, and French, which is a bummer. 

Lastly, while we appreciate Busuu’s efforts to connect learners with native speakers, it is easy to receive wrong corrections. Native speakers may give incorrect feedback, plus you might even get corrections from non-native speakers. So, there is a lack of strictness here. 

Who Is Busuu Best For?

Busuu is a great platform for anyone who is looking to learn a new language from the very beginning. Busuu also has a great learning method that breaks down a language into three parts: most important vocabulary, key grammar, and practice with native speakers. These three helps a learner in achieving faster fluency in any language they want. Busuu can help learners who already have a bit of knowledge about a language and want to get better at it speaking it.

Busuu lessons help learners in learning at their own pace. So if you are a business professional who doesn’t have a lot of time in your day but can manage at least 15-20 mins in a day, then Busuu lessons will fit right into your schedule. Busuu’s lessons are also visually appealing, so if you learn better through visuals, then you’re in for a treat with this platform.

Busuu: Pricing

Before we start discussing the pricing plans, it should be noted that Busuu offers a free version. However, as you would have expected, the features are extremely limited. You only get access to five lessons and some flashcards. 

Busuu has two types of paid plans: Premium and Premium Plus. 

Busuu Pricing Plan

The Premium version allows you to enjoy all of the features, such as connecting with the natives, accessing grammar lessons, learning offline, etc. Premium Plus essentially has two extra features– the placement test and certificate of completion. 

You can buy Premium and Premium Plus for 1 month, 12 months, or 24 months. Here is a quick glance at the prices! 

Version1-month12 months24 months
Premium Plus$13.95/month$6.95/month$6.45/month

As you can see, buying the 12-month and 24-month plans will save you a few bucks. However, if you are new to Busuu, you may want to try the one-month plan before committing to one or two years!

Busuu Free vs. Premium: Which One Should You Go For?

Honestly, Busuu’s free version has very limited features, which are not enough to learn a language. So, after using it for some time, you will be forced to get one of the Premium versions.

If you want to check whether Busuu is right for you, we recommend trying their free version first. If you find it helpful, you can continue with the Premium plan. Again, there are two paid plans– Premium and Premium Plus. Plus has only two extra features– placement test and certification. 

You may opt for the Plus version if these features are important to you. If not, Premium should be fine for you. 

Busuu: A Quick Glance At The Pros And Cons

Still, confused about Busuu? Maybe a list of pros and cons can help! 

Well-structured coursesLimited language selection
Cheaper than other alternativesNot suitable for advanced learners
Accurate lessonsTedious typing exercises
Set personalized goalsPossibility of receiving incorrect suggestions
Explanations between each lesson

Busuu Review: Final Verdict

All in all, we loved using Busuu for language learning. It has easy-to-grasp bite-sized lessons which suit the taste of both slow and fast-paced learners. The feature of connecting with native speakers and having them correct your work is a great way to learn in a real-world context. 

The AI-powered Grammar Review is top-notch, and the grammar lessons are accurate. This is one of the most important components of learning a new language. The personalized study plan feature is perhaps the best one out of all. 

Busuu certainly has a lot to offer, but it’s all in the Premium plans. So, if you ask us whether Busuu is worth your money, we’d say yes. Moreover, the cost is also reasonable when compared with other popular platforms and the quality of service. 

However, we don’t recommend Busuu for advanced learners. You should only study a language here if you’re a beginner or wish to achieve an Intermediate level of expertise. For advanced courses, you may opt for other options. 

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Is Busuu Worth It?

Learning a new language is tricky. However, choosing a platform to learn one might be more difficult. There is an ocean of language-learning websites on the Internet, and picking a good one from the list can be as complicated as learning the language itself. 

It helps to put some effort into finding the right program for you because then, the process becomes easier for you. 

Busuu is a good choice for beginners and those who want to get by while traveling in a foreign country. Within a span of a few weeks, you’ll be able to converse with natives about daily life stuff. 

We hope you liked our article on Busuu Review. Do drop your feedback in the comment section below. 

FAQs On Busuu Review:

Which languages does Busuu offer?

Busuu offers 14 languages, including English, German, French, Italian, Turkish, Polish, Arabic, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese, and Chinese. These are the most-spoken languages in the world. 

Can Busuu make you fluent in a language?

No. You likely won’t become fluent in your target language with Busuu, but you can learn the most used words and phrases and have conversations with the natives. Busuu is not for advanced learning. 

Can you learn a language using Busuu’s free version?

Even with Busuu’s paid plans, it is not possible to learn a language completely. Busuu’s free version offers very limited features, with only vocabulary flashcards and a few lessons. 

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