How To Use AI To Enhance Writing (Top 5 Tools Listed)

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AI is one of the trending buzzwords in the world of business and social media that enables computers to perform a wide range of advanced functions.

The Global market size of artificial intelligence was estimated to be $119.78 billion in 2022 and is projected to be $1,591.03 billion by 2030. 

AI for writing has been the talk of the town for a quite few months now. 

But does AI actually enhance your writing skills? 

Let’s understand everything about AI and writing skills by scrolling down until the end. 

Artificial Intelligence: Overview

Artificial intelligence is one of the comprehensive tools that provides an excellent way to generate exclusive content. 

AI can process excessive amounts of data in such a way that humans cannot, and so it is turning out to be mainstream. 

The use of Artificial intelligence has helped to foster effective and efficient writing skills. 

Ways To Use AI to Enhance Writing

Below are some of the ways that to enhance writing with the help of AI.

1. Generate Trending Ideas For Blog Content

Due to ongoing changes in the trends, it becomes difficult for content writers and creators to cope with the latest updated information. 

With the help of AI tools, writers can develop the finest content ideas effortlessly just by typing the keyword relevant to their niche. 

The AI tools help you to generate creative ideas by analysing the interests of your target audience. 

2. Understand The Natural Language

Authors largely depend on many writing tools, such as Grammar Checkers, plagiarism checkers, paraphrasing tools, etc. 

The most important aspect that forms the bases of these tools is Natural language understanding or NLU.

It is the branch of artificial intelligence-based tools that assist machines in understanding human languages. 

Natural Language Processing is an extensive term that comprises several subdivisions, such as speech recognition, machine translations, natural language generation, text mining, etc. 

3. Enhancement In Writing Introductions And Conclusions

In order to grab the interest of the readers, AI writing tools help writers to create catchy introductions and conclusions. 

The prime reason is to provide the reader with desired content or the solution they are in search of. 

On entering the keywords, the AI tools provide you with many introductions and conclusions written differently. 

4. Determine Inconsistencies In The Text

The inconsistencies in the text or content often create problems for the readers and may disrupt the indexing of search engines. 

With the help of AI tools, your documents are automatically scanned to determine the inaccuracy or detect the errors and rectify them before publishing. 

AI tools automatically help you to find the trends and patterns in your data and flag the inconsistencies to provide solutions accordingly. 

5. AI Feedback 

AI-based writing has taken a step ahead by involving interaction between the human writer and auto-generated feedback.

The AI writing tools help you to enhance your grammar, spelling, and writing style by providing accurate feedback. The feedback provided by AI tools helps writers to boost their creative process.

Benefits Of AI Tools

As we have gone through the ways to enhance writing, now let us explore some benefits offered by AI writing tools. 

  • Automates and accelerates content creation 

Artificial intelligence chatbots such as ChatGPT utilize the language-based model and bring out automation and acceleration in content creation. 

AI tools help to deliver personalized content to the target audience by using advanced automated machine learning algorithms. 

  • Improve content flow

As information is a major source of learning, it is necessary to ensure that it is properly organized, processed, and available in a readable manner to the target audience. AI writing tools help to maintain the flow of information. 

  • Quick-Checks your writing

The AI writing tools depend on the reverse engineering pattern of language to find out the predictive text. 

These tools quick-check your content and provide you with essential tips to help you improve your writing style, Word choice, writing tone, etc. 

  • Improvisation in Paraphrased content or translations

The paraphrasing tools offered by AI help to change the original version of a given text by maintaining the identical meaning of the text. 

The AI paraphrasing tools analyze and understand the context of the source of your content and suggest improvisations accordingly. 

  • Optimization of content for search engines.

The AI tools in search engine optimization help to improvise the strategy by determining the opportunities, such as the related keywords, by publishing authoritative content and updating it on a regular basis. 

Top 5 AI Writing Tools

To get started with your writing using AI writing tools, here are the top 5 recommendations for you. 

1. Jasper AI 

Jasper AI, which was previously known as Jarvis, is an AI writing assistant to help you brainstorm, publish or edit exclusive content. 

It comprises several short-form features, a long-form content assistant, and more than 50 automated copywriting tools and templates, etc.

How We Use AI To Enhance Your Writing - Jasper AI

This AI writing assistant also provides writers with complete insight into trending keywords and topics and provides better recognition of how to create content that resonates with the target audience. 

Key Features

  • It provides easy to use interface.
  • Feature Team collaboration. 
  • Built-in plagiarism checker. 
  • Jasper can write and read content in more than 29 languages.


  • Starter mode: It starts at $ 29 per month and provides access to the Jasper chat feature, 50 templates, browser extensions, etc. 
  • Boss mode: It starts at $49 per month and offers automated workflows, a google docs style editor, live chat support, etc. Up to 5 users can access Jasper AI through boss mode. 

2. Rytr 

Similar to Jasper AI, Rytr is one of the most recommended AI writing assistants and a natural language processing tool that provide assistance to create efficient and accurate content effortlessly.


Rytr is one of the most affordable options, especially for beginners, and is excellent at spelling and grammar checking. 

Key Features

  • Rytr provides access to write in more than 30 languages and provides 20+ tones.
  • Allows to generate 100+ images per month. 
  • Provides access to the premium community.
  • Built-in plagiarism checker. 

Pricing: It provides a free plan, a saver plan that starts at $9 per month, and an unlimited plan that starts at $29 per month.

3. is one of the comprehensive AI writing assistants that excel in generating short-form content, such as captions for social media, descriptions regarding products, headlines, bullet points, headlines, etc. 

This AI writing tool is built on GPT 3 and provides accurate and unique results. It also comprises a chatbot that integrates real-time information. 

Key Features

  • It provides more than 90 copywriting tools.
  • Offers blog wizard tool.
  • Multiple language support.
  • Easy-to-use interface and a long-form editor. 

Pricing: offers a free plan, a pro plan starting at $36 per month, and an enterprise plan.

4. QuillBot

The paraphrase tool offered by QuillBot is free, fast, and easy to access, which has proved it to be one of among best paraphrasing tools available in the market.


QuillBot is an AI-powered writing assistant that allows you to rephrase your thoughts and ideas by imparting changes to the tone, style, and vocabulary of your content. 

Key Features

  • Helps to improve language skills and expand vocabulary. 
  • It integrates with several platforms.
  • Provides a paraphrase and a Grammar checker tool.
  • Offers a citation generator and plagiarism checker. 

Pricing: QuillBot offers a premium monthly pricing plan starting at $19.95 per month, a semi-annual plan starting at $13.33 per month, and an annual plan at $8.33 per month. 

5. Writesonic

Writersonic is one of among intuitive and powerful writing assistants that offers a user-friendly interface to help you organize, create and edit the writing project. 


It provides access to the users to create subfolders and folders in order to manage and organize writing projects. 

Key Features.

  • Paraphrasing tool and article summarise option.
  • Offer Spelling and Grammar checker.
  • Provides Browser extension and API access.
  • Priority support and premium support. 

Pricing: Writersonic offers a free plan, a long-form plan starting at $12.67 per month, and a custom plan for teams and businesses. 

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Key Takeaways: How To Use AI To Enhance Writing

AI tools used in wide areas, such as the translation of languages, visual perceptions, content writing, speech recognition, etc., have proved to enhance productivity and creativity. 

These writing assistants offer innovative technology for creating content in any genre and from a different perspective. 

The exposure to Natural language Processing offered by AI has unlocked a world of tools that have made the life of content creators, authors, writers, and SEOs easier. 

That’s all about the uses of AI for enhancing writing. Let us know your thoughts and queries, if any, in the comments section below. 


Can Artificial intelligence help to improve your writing?

The language editors and translators may cost a huge sum and may not be available in real time. Therefore AI tools are the best options that help you enhance your writing skills by offering a diverse range of features. 

What is the best free AI writing assistant?

Grammarly Business, Scalenut, Shopia, INK, etc., are some of the free AI writing assistants that provide free access to most of their features. 

Which is the most popular AI writing tool?

Jasper AI is one of the most popular AI writing tools used by most writers to create engaging and creative content for websites. 

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