Economist GMAT Review 2024: Is It The Best Option For You?

Is the GMAT around the corner, and are you considering the Economist GMAT? 

If so, you have come to the right place where I share my experience in taking the Economist GMAT to fasten my GMAT preparations.

Economist GMAT promises unique benefits like AI-powered study plans, adaptive learning modules, and 70+ minimum points but is Economist GMAT really worth it? You’ll find out!

In this review, I have explained everything you need to know about the Economist GMAT, including the benefits that you get in the Economist GMAT, the pros and cons of the Economist GMAT, and the ultimate pricing of the Economist GMAT. 

Economist GMAT: In A Nutshell

A self-paced adaptive learning platform that accelerates your GMAT preparation got to be Economist GMAT, and there is no denial about that. In Economist GMAT, you are guaranteed 70+ points which is a banger because not all competitors give such guarantee points.

You get AI-powered study plans in Economist GMAT which means you are provided with adequate learning resources based on your performance, strength, and weakness. 

Unlike competitors, Economist GMAT ensured to make use of technology in favor of the students taking GMAT prep courses. 

Economist GMAT - Overview

Plus, you get up to four live one-on-one private sessions with GMAT tutors in Economist GMAT, where you can get clarified with all the doubts and have an insightful discussion individually.

Since the study plans are customized in Economist GMAT, the learning is smoothened, and the sections that you fall back on can be brushed up easily without any hassles. 

What is a GMAT prep course if there are no practice tests? Well, Economist GMAT takes 6 practice tests maximum, which is a generous amount of practice tests for a student to take.

Economist GMAT - Courses

Last but not least, you get a free 3-month subscription to The Economist for free, which is a magazine-style newspaper that can help in improving vocabulary and critical reasoning. 

Economist GMAT can also be accessed for 7 days without any charges. Yes, that’s a free trial!

How Much Time Should You Invest To Prepare For GMAT?

Usually, students prepare for their GMAT one year before the exam date. One year is more than enough for them to understand the basics of the GMAT and the type of questions that come with the actual exam. It would be best if you solved all types of questions of all the subjects to get better at them over time. 

Economist offer two types of plans for GMAT based on durations: three months and six months. Both of these plans consider that you’re fully aware of the basics of GMAT. This allows them to focus on complex sections of the subjects so you can understand them better. They also offer you 70 points increase guarantee, which means if you don’t get more than 70 points from your previous GMAT score, then you will get your money back.

5 Benefits In Economist GMAT: (What’s new)

In the overview of the Economist GMAT above, I shared all the highlighted benefits that you might receive from Economist GMAT. Let me dig a little deeper into the GMAT learning spectrum and explain how beneficial it is to use Economist GMAT in bettering your GMAT preparation.

The value for money you get in Economist GMAT is rewarding, especially if you are an exciting visual learner. In Economist GMAT, you are blessed with:


An underrated feature in Economist GMAT that deserves much more than mere appreciation is the Ask-A-Tutor which gives access to receive guidance directly by experts and tutors easily. 

Economist GMAT- Tutor

In some cases, you might find a specific section hard or cannot go further with a particular practice problem, and what would you do by then? That’s where the Ask-A-Tutor helps.

Any doubt or clarification can be sorted out with expert advice and coaching easily.

Algorithm-Based Study 

Other exciting features that is rarely present in online prep courses are AI-powered study schedules and practice sessions. Luckily, you have access to such advanced features in Economist GMAT, with which learning is made easy with adequate modules.

Let me explain. Every practice question you answer will be collectively stored and calculated to find a database to analyze your learning capability. With the collected data upon your performance, the AI delivers a neat study schedule that can mold your studying.

There is no fixed format or structuring, which means the catering of the schedule is personalized.

Live one-on-one sessions

You don’t need to buy a separate tutoring package in Economist GMAT because all the courses offered in Economist GMAT give private tutoring for a maximum of four sessions.

Although you might have made the best use of the learning resources and video lessons, practical guidance from educators directly is something you might not know you would need. 

Economist GMAT- Online Test

In private tutoring offered by Economist GMAT, you can get strategic methods and tips on writing your GMAT better. Some tutors also unveil their experience and what helped them in cracking it.

Minimum Score Guarantee

Guarantee criteria are expected if you are going to spend a dime on something, especially if your preparation is dependent on it. So Economist GMAT gives a 70+ minimum points guarantee. 

Economist GMAT - Score Guarantee

Usually, prep courses lie on the margin line of 30 to 50 points guarantee, but it is good news that Economist GMAT takes the lead of 70, which I think is a fair deal to agree upon. 

Maximum Practice Tests

In my experience with other prep courses, there were only 3 practice exams, but Economist GMAT had 6 practice exams, which is perfect for any student, even if you are a slow learner.

You have enough practice tests to revise and work on different patterned questions and sections so that you can get varied modules. This way, you are building a versatile preparation for the GMAT.

Economist GMAT Review - practice Test

In case you do not want to take a lot of practice tests, you can still skim through the questions and get a better understanding of how the actual GMAT will be. Smart move, huh?

Do You Get live Sessions With Economist GMAT Tutors?

Economist GMAT is devoted to producing the best learning experience for all students, including the option of private tutoring, which is offered in all the packages in Economist GMAT.

Yes, all the courses in Economist GMAT offer at least 4 private tutoring sessions, which the students can make use of for literally any problem that they are struggling with or finding hard.

As a follow-up, you also get an added benefit in Economist GMAT, which is the Ask-A-Tutor that allows you to raise questions about any sections or modules that are complicated.

If you are in need of adequate guidance from an expert, then the private tutoring sessions might help because you get personalized learning, and the coaching is based on your performance.

Even if you are wrapped up with studying, it is recommended to attend at least one session with an instructor in Economist GMAT so that you can get some advice on how to prepare mentally.

Economist GMAT: Pros & Cons

Looking at all the perks that you are getting in Economist GMAT seems to be rewarding, but some downsides might make you think again. 

Without any biases, here are the pros and cons of the Economist GMAT:

Economist GMAT Pros

  • Live one-on-one sessions are available.
  • Minimum 70+ points are guaranteed.
  • Customizable study plans are available.
  • AI-powered practice methods are provided.
  • Up to 4 private sessions can be attended.
  • You can take up to 6 practice exams.
  • Free 3-month The Economist subscription.
  • Economist GMAT is also mobile-friendly.
  • Detailed explanations in video lessons.

Economist GMAT Cons

  • Expensive pricing.
  • No question bank.

Pricing: What is the Cost of Economist GMAT?

You know everything about Economist GMAT. What next? There’s one more!

The pricing of Economist GMAT! There are three unique pricing plans in Economist GMAT that offer different benefits and features. Let me briefly explain:

Economist GMAT Plans

The Essential plan is priced at $499/- which gives at least a 50+ score guarantee, 4 GMAC practice tests, 1 private tutoring session, 50 Ask-A-Tutor questions, 2 essay reviews, and you are also given full access to Quant, IR, and Verbal.

The Premium plan is priced at $699/- and the Genius plan is priced at $989/- in Economist. The Premium and Genius plan gives a 70+ minimum score guarantee. 

Still, the Premium plan is limited to 2 private tutoring sessions, 4 essay reviews, 4 GMAC practice tests, and 100 Ask-A-Tutor questions, whereas the Genius plan offers many more benefits.

In the Genius plan, you get unlimited Ask-A-Tutor questions, 4 private tutoring sessions, 2 expert assessments, 6 essay reviews, 6 GMAC practice tests, and full access to all the materials.

NOTE: You receive a free 3-month subscription to The Economist in all the plans. 

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Final Thoughts on Economist GMAT Review (2024)

The thought of compiling all the sections and memorizing them for hours frightened me, but I was able to break the shell and learn the desired lessons at an appropriate pace effectively. Thanks to Economist GMAT! 

The in-depth video lessons and the AI-powered study plans were excellent. Even the minimum score guarantee was promising because it was possible.

Plus, the fact that you get up to four private tutoring sessions in Economist GMAT was beneficial because getting stuck at certain sections is common, and you need expert support and help frequently.

I keep bragging about the “Ask a tutor” feature in Economist GMAT, but it is rewarding, and you can make the best use of it efficiently if you are a slow learner or have a lot of doubts. 

Usually, GMAT tutors suggest reading newspapers and magazines that can help in answering the English section, and so the free 3-month subscription to the Economist was also helpful.

Although the pricing seems a bit expensive, overall, it is rewarding and worth buying!


How long does the Economist GMAT course last?

On average, a student must spend 8-12 weeks on the course. Within this time, they can complete almost 75% of the course. After completing all the lessons, they must switch to maintenance mode for the rest of the course.

Is there a free trial available on Economist GMAT?

Yes, there is a 7-day free trial available on Economist GMAT, which gives you limited access to the course. To get full access, you need to upgrade to premium.

Can I get an extension on my course after its expiration?

Economist offers an extension of 3,6 or 9 months as soon as it expires at a price. You will not get any additional features; however, any leftover classes will be carried over.

Can I get a refund on my purchase of the Economist GMAT plan?

If you are having doubts about Economist GMAT, then you can simply request a refund within 48 hours of the purchase.

What is the score guarantee on Economist GMAT?

In Economist GMAT, you get a score guarantee of at least 70 points compared to your previous GMAT score. If you don’t get an increase of 70 points, then they will refund your money completely.

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