FluentU vs Babbel (2024): Which One Is Better?

We might have come across millions of language programs to select from when it comes to learning a new language. Everywhere you go, you will find one thing that is standard across the board: FluentU and Babbel’s popularity. 

FluentU and Babbel are the two most popular yet common language-learning platforms that many individuals vouch for. The visual aid interface and comprehensive test approach make these platforms so demanding. But which one should I pick for myself?

To answer that question, we have composed a post just for you so that you understand which platform is best suited for you and what gives you the most out of your investment. So without any further delay, let’s dive right into it.

FluentU vs Babbel: In a Nutshell 

We know many of our readers want a quick overview. If you are looking for a quick comparison, below is a complete summary!

Platform Quiz-Oriented with Pop cardsInteractive videos and quizzes
Teaching StrategySimple video-based learningDynamic approach with different approaches like videos, quizzes, games, etc.
Grammar CorrectionNot grammar-focusedFocuses on grammar and verbal skills.
Live StreamNo Live Stream featureLive-Stream available with the exclusive Babel Live Program.
Free Trial14-Days Free TrialNo Free Trial.
Pricing Plan (Annual)$143.99$83.40

FluentU vs Babbel: As a Platform

Before we begin with our detailed comparison, let’s take a brief overview of Babbel vs FluentU. 

FluentU: As a Platform

Fluentu Official

The FluentU is a video based-learning platform that lets you learn through videos and movie clips. FlentU gets its content from YouTube and movies and integrates it on its platform. Video quizzes, challenges, sub-titles, and many more features contribute to making your experience worthwhile. 

FluentU provides you with a 14-day free trial that lets you test their platform for free. You can learn nearly any language you wish to learn and witness in reality through video clippings.

Babbel: As a Platform

Babbel official

Babbel is one of the best platforms we have come across in our research, and it all makes sense as to why Babbel is very popular and demanding amongst its customers. It lets you enjoy your lessons ranging from 10-15 minutes which are extremely simple to digest and complete.  

The drills are quite interactive and captivate the user’s attention for a longer period. You will come across activities that not only improve your speaking but will improve your reading and writing. From multiple-choice questions to digital flashcards to sentence formation drills, Babbel has got you covered from all sides. 

Because of this approach, Babbel successfully keeps the user’s attention in one place, preventing them from losing their attention span easily. These kinds of activities are best for a user to learn and understand a new language

FluentU vs Babbel: Languages Taught 

The most important parameter that you are going to look at is the number of languages taught. You don’t want to be disappointed by the app to find they do not offer the language you are keen to know.

Let’s see which languages are taught by FluentU and Babbel. 

FluentU: Languages Taught

FluentU has some of the most well-known languages that you learn from their platforms. These include English, Spanish, German, Korean, French, Japanese, Russian, Italian, and Portuguese. FluentU has a total of 10 language course materials where students can opt for their preferred language. 

Babbel: Languages Taught

Babbel, on the other hand, has a slightly bigger scope when it comes to the languages that are taught. Babbel has a program that teaches English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, French, Swedish, Polish, Norwegian, Indonesian, and Danish. These languages share the same interactive teaching strategy without any hesitation.

FluentU vs Babbel: Teaching Strategy

Learning is fun when it comes easily. No one wants to spend hours figuring out a platform and face a difficult learning curve. 

Additionally, teaching strategy plays a vital role in determining the success of your learning. With the help of the right strategies, you can exile in learning a new language. 

That being said, let’s see how FluentU and Babbel stand regarding teaching strategies. 

FluentU: Teaching Strategy

When it comes to FluentU, there is nothing more that you can explore on this platform. The strategy that FluentU has opted for is that you simply need to watch the video and read the translated subtitles along with that. Then later, you have quizzes and exercises that improve your understanding of the language.

Babbel: Teaching Strategy

Babbel, on the other hand, has gotten way up than this. Babbel believes in an interactive session where the user is presented with captivating flashcards, quizzes, and speaking and listening drills that improve your overall language grasp.

FluentU vs Babbel: Grammar Correction

When you are learning a new language, grammar is equally crucial. Understanding the basic grammar of language helps in the long run. Let’s look at how each platform supports grammar learning below. 

FluentU: Grammar Correction

When it comes to Grammar correction, FluentU has very little focus on that area. Your grammar correction will only be focused on as much as you understand the basics of the language. All you will get for grammar is the word’s definition for whether it is a noun, verb, adjective, type of tense, etc. 

Babbel: Grammar Corretion

On the other hand where we have Babbel. It has taken its grammar a bit too seriously. Babbel has inculcated its grammar instruction very carefully in its session, where the explanation for each and everything is provided. Not only this but cultural reference and drills like multiple choice questions and fill-in-the-blanks are provided, too, so that your basics are covered, and you understand the grammar behind the referenced sentence. 

FluentU vs Babbel: One-on-One Live Sessions

Besides offering excellent resources, we believe a language learning app is ‘perfect’ only when it caters to its student’s needs and understands their problems. In online learning, you need someone who can solve your doubts and get better clarity. 

While many language learning platforms provide one-on-one sessions with their students, let’s see if FluentU and Babbel are also exiled here. 

FluentU: One-on-One Live Sessions

Unfortunately, FluentU does not offer any One-on-One Live Sessions to students, but you can still opt for a 14-day free trial and stick to their platform’s content. 

Babbel: One-on-One Live Sessions

On the contrary, Babbel does have a Live Session with its students so that the instructors deliver a more specific drive and get to the core of any topic.

Moreover, in this, you get to connect with your peers and professional instructors and get your doubts cleared all at once.  But you will only be a part of this One-on-One live session with Babbel if you are part of the Babbel Live Program.

FluentU vs Babbel: Pros & Cons

Here we have mentioned the pros & cons of using FluentU and Babbel.

FluentU Pros

  • FluentU offers many short video clips that make learning more engaging and fun.
  • FluentU is the best platform for you if you’re interested in visual learning.
  • You can finish the lessons in FluentU in a short time.
  • The curriculum of FlunetU is easy to follow and made in a way so you can take it at your own pace.
  • You can create flashcards for the language you’re learning.

FluentU Cons

  • There are not many speaking exercises available on FluentU.
  • It is expensive compared to Babbel.

Babbel Pros

  • Babbel offers a variety of drills for you to take, which makes learning more fun and engaging.
  • You can complete Babbel lessons within 10 to 15 minutes so that you can take them at your own pace.
  • Babbel offers better speaking lessons than FluentU so that you can develop your speaking skills.
  • You can review lessons daily on the app to retain your learnings.
  • Babbel also integrates grammar into its lessons so you can also learn proper grammar for the language you’re learning.

Babbel Cons

  • Babbel doesn’t offer better videos than FluentU.
  • The lessons are much better on FluentU than on Babbel.

FluentU vs Babbel: Pricing Plan

So now that you know where each program stands in terms of features and availability, we will not be looking at the pricing plan for each program. We have divided this section into two parts to make it easier for you to compare the plans.

3-Months Plan$29.85
6-Months Plan– $50.70
Annual Plan$143.99$83.40

FluentU: Pricing Plan

The pricing plan for FluentU is fairly simple and has nothing complicated. You have a monthly plan which costs $29.99 per month, and a Yearly Plan which costs $143.99 per month, which is $11.99 monthly. The features you get from both plans are the same, and access to languages is also the same.

Though you still get a free 14-day trial before opting for any plan. Which we believe is a better option to go for. This will give you a better understanding of the features and content of the platform before you buy the plan.

FluentU Pricing Plan

Babbel: Pricing Plan

Babbel gives you a couple of different subscription plans and great deals too. Its monthly plan starts from $13.95 per month to a 3-month plan costing $29.85, which breaks down to $9.95 per month, then they have a 6-month plan for $50.70 which breaks down to $8.45 per month, and lastly, they have an annual plan that costs for $83.40 which breaks down to $6.95 per month. 

All the customers get the 20-day money-back guarantee that they can opt for if they do not like the service of Babbel. 

Babbel Pricing Plan

Which is Better FluentU or Babbel?

Well, after going through each program and reviewing several customer opinions, we now have concluded. And we believe that Babbel takes the lead compared to FluentU in all aspects. Considering its course content, grammar correction, user interface, affordability, and other factors, Babbel has got the top foot in all the domains. Though this opinion might be subjective, some readers might also like FluentU. 

So this is it for the post if you liked the post, do share it with your friends to read it as well, and also share your thoughts about which platform you prefer the most in the comment sections- Babbel or FluentU?


Is FluentU worth all the money it demands?

FluentU is a great place to learn about languages and polish your existing skills. But it does things to improve your speaking and writing skills, including your grammar. These are some of the most important aspects of learning a language.

How much does the Babbel Live Program costs?

The Babbel Live has four distinct subscription plans, namely:
Monthly: $99
3-Months Plan: $209
6-Month Plan: $359
Yearly Plan: $559

Which program is cheaper Babbel or FluentU?

In the above post, we have discussed the pricing plan of each program in brief. This is very clear that Babbel is more affordable than FluentU with a monthly plan starting from just $13.95.

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