Target Test Prep GRE Review 2024 – Is It Worth IT?

Target Test Prep GRE Review

GRE is tough, and there is no doubt about that. A compelling test prep course like Target GRE would be beneficial if you are struggling to get through the preparations.

If you are considering Target Test Prep GRE Review, then this article might serve everything that you need to know about Target GRE.

I took Target GRE for myself and have written an honest review of my personal experience, including all the benefits I received from the Target GRE.

In this article, you will get an in-depth understanding of Target GRE, my experience with Target GRE, the resources provided by Target GRE, the pros & cons, and its pricing.

I also share my final verdict on Target GRE and what I think about it in the end!

Target Test Prep GRE Review: In A Nutshell

Target GRE is one of those popular online prep courses that smoothen the study flow and gives adequate resources to better your GRE preparations. With Target GRE, you are exposed to cherish many benefits in terms of study schedules and planning.

In Target GRE, you get easy-to-navigate tools in checking the dashboard, and all the portals are only a click away, making it accessible for all if you are not tech-savvy.

Even the curriculum followed in Target GRE is very simple and straight to the point. Instead of boring lectures and unwanted explanations, the content is digestible. 

Target Test Prep GRE Review: Overview

Especially being online, you can access Target GRE in the comfort of your home. What’s more? Target GRE is mobile-friendly, making it even more convenient for you. 

With 40 units split into different learning modules in Target GRE, you get to learn and practice at an appropriate pace. Say you are not taking Target GRE; you would want to practice and learn simultaneously. Thankfully, Target GRE has structured modules.

In my experience, I would say that Target GRE is a great treat for visual learners since all the video and text-based explanations for problems and lessons are well-curated.

Target Test Prep GRE Review: Courses

In order to enhance your training for GRE, Target GRE has also arranged helpful quizzes that can be taken after completing a chapter. Don’t worry. The quizzes organized by Target GRE are asked in all difficulty levels. 

Even if you are a slow learner, Target GRE has got you covered with short tests and quizzes to fully mold you into the best exam taker ever to exist. Not exaggerating!

Regarding study plans, Target GRE promises a personalized study plan. In case you feel that you are going off track, the study plan might direct you in the right way. Although the production quality in Target GRE was off-putting, the content was great.

You get five compelling practice tests that you can attempt in the practice module in Target GRE. After completing the test, you can get it reviewed and learn from it easily.

Target GRE: Live Classes and TextBooks

Regarding Target GRE,  neither did I benefit from live class experience nor did I receive any resourceful hardcopies of documents. 

Especially if you are someone who likes being instructed in a classroom environment where you are physically present with other students under the same roof, you might find learning via online modules in Target GRE quite problematic. Still, Target GRE promised to provide study materials and guides in digital format.

I understand that as a student, you might expect more from an online course module, but Target GRE is all about staying home and getting access to online content. 

Target Test Prep GRE Review: Live Classes

On a suggestive note, the transition might seem a bit hard in the beginning, but once you get the gist of Target GRE and its curriculum, you are sure to get rewarded.

I mean, I had a wonderful experience with self-paced learning in Target GRE while being a slow visual learner and the quizzes organized by Target GRE were excellent.

Henceforth, instead of worrying about the absence of live classes, you can make use of the utmost benefit of Target GRE, like personalized study plans and schedules.

What Do You Get in Target GRE?

Usually, test prep courses help in giving guidance and teaching strategic ways to complete an exam, and so you are rewarded with helpful books and classes.

Target GRE: Benefits

Although the digital materials were helpful, students who are used to learning with textbooks and hardcopy documents may find it challenging to adapt to the learning style.

As mentioned earlier, Target GRE is all about learning online in the comfort of your home with a stable internet connection. In today’s changing world, Target GRE has made utmost use of technology and brought heavy materials to your doorstep.

Instead of private tutoring, you get excellent live customer support. In case you are struggling with some problem or section in your GRE preparation, you can slide in the issue, and the experts at Target GRE will reach back with an appropriate answer.

Target Test Prep GRE Review: Live Customer Support

Plus, you get a generous amount of 3000+ practice questions in Target GRE, which is a fair set of questions compared to competitors and a detailed progress tracker. 

Target Test Prep GRE Review: Practice Question

Assuming you are a moderate learner, you need at least three months of full access to the course materials, curriculum, and guidance in test prep courses.

Target Test Prep GRE Review: Error Tracker

Guess what? Target GRE offers content access for up to 6-month, which is more than enough to be fully prepared for the actual. With practice tests organized in Target GRE, you can easily make use of every day of the content access period.

Pros & Cons of Target GRE:

After religiously taking Target GRE, I was able to benefit a lot from their learn and practice modules which allowed me to prepare for the actual GRE at a faster pace.

Still, some downsides of Target GRE were problematic, and so I have listed all the advantages and disadvantages that you would experience in Target GRE:

Target GRE Pros

  • A personalized and versatile study plan.
  • 3000+ practice questions are provided.
  • 800+ high-quality video lessons are streamed.
  • Content access for up to 6 months in Target.
  • The option of a free trial is available.
  • Well-structured course materials.
  • Adequate focus on Quant section.
  • Adaptive learning is achievable.
  • Excellent instructor quality.

Target GRE Cons

  • Importance only to the Quant section.
  • No hardcopies or physical books are given.
  • Live classes are not possible in Target GRE.

Target GRE Pricing

Since you are not getting live classes or hard copies, let’s see if the pricing in Target GRE is reduced or still on the expensive side. I found out that Target GRE has pricing plans based on the number of months they allow access to their learning modules:

Target Test Prep GRE Pricing
  • GRE Flexible Prep priced at $149 (now discounted as $99/m) billed monthly
  • GRE Maximum Learning priced at $499 (now discounted as $198) for 6 months and billed at $33 per month.

All the plans in Target GRE offer similar benefits like 3100+ practice questions, 600+ math lessons, 800+ GRE curated video lessons and exclusive learning analytics.

You are also guaranteed a score increase if you take Target GRE for your preparation. Plus, Target GRE offers an exclusive 5-day trial offer of $1 for their GRE Quant course, which gives full access to all the benefits. Grab it before the offer expires in Target GRE! 

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Final Thoughts on Target Test Prep GRE

Target GRE was immensely helpful in various aspects of structured learning, text and video explanations for practice problems, and digital resources. 

Although drawbacks like no live classes and hardcopies in Target GRE were present, the benefits and teaching by excellent instructors outdone it easily. 

Plus, Target GRE had a score guarantee and a personalized study plan making it easier and more flexible to prepare for the actual GRE. Additionally, the 3000+ practice questions were beneficial because I was able to revise all the learnings practically.

Not to forget, the special dedication towards the Quant section was an added benefit since most students struggle with math problems, and so it was greatly helpful.

In conclusion, it was a great learning experience with Target GRE. Personally, I’d suggest the 4-month access plan because it would be apt for your learning!

FAQs On Target Test Prep GRE

Is there a free trial available on Target Test Prep GRE?

Yes, there is a 5-day trial available on Target Test Prep GRE, but it is not free; you will need to pay $1 to get access to this trial.

How many points score guarantee does TTP GRE offer?

Target Test Prep GRE offers 15 points score guarantee on all their plans. To test their guarantee, you must take the GRE exam before enrolling in this course only then you can see the increase in your score.

Will TTP GRE be helpful for my preparation?

If you are having problems in the quant section of the GRE, then Target Test Prep will be the most helpful GRE prep for you. You can try to solve their realistic practice problems to get better.

Do I need to cancel my account on TTP GRE before my free trial ends?

No need to cancel your account because their billing is not automatic; you will be charged only when you choose to buy a course from them.

Are Target Test Prep GRE questions hard?

The questions of Target Test Prep GRE are in between easy and hard levels. Some questions are very easy, but there are some questions that are almost as hard as the actual GRE.

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