Grammarly Premium Free Trial 2024: Get 7-Day Trial

Grammarly Premium provides exceptional features. However, does Grammarly Premium offer a free trial?

As of now, a free trial for Grammarly Premium is not available.

Instead, it offers a 7-day free trial on Grammarly Business, which lets you explore all the features and test them out before you decide to make your purchase. Besides, Grammarly Premium doesn’t come with a free trial. Instead, you can get up to 60% discount on the annual plan.

In this article, we will explore all the possible options to grab Grammarly Premium for free or at an affordable price!

With that, let’s get into the details!

Do Students Get Grammarly Premium For Free?

Grammarly Premium is not free for students. However, Grammarly offers separate Grammarly For Education accounts, which allows educational institutes to opt for one plan and share it with their students.

If your educational institutes have tie-ups with Grammarly, they can arrange Grammarly Premium for free for you. Otherwise, students can opt for the 60% discount and get Grammarly Premium on their own.

On-Going Grammarly Discount For Students

If you are a student looking to upgrade to Grammarly Premium, you can take advantage of the existing Grammarly Premium discount. With the current offer, students can save 60% on their purchases.

Here are the pricing and deals.

PlanPricing Before DiscountPrice After Discount
Monthly $30/month$24/month
Annual $12/month$115.20

If you go with the annual plan, you can save the maximum and enjoy using Grammarly for one year straight!

How To Get Grammarly Business Free Trial?

If you have decided to view what a Grammarly business plan looks like. Then follow these steps to get a Grammarly business free trial.

Step 1. Go to Grammarly’s official website.

Step 2. Above the Grammarly windows screen and click on “Compare Plans.”

Grammarly Premium Free Trial - Compare Plan

Step 3. The Grammarly Pricing and Plans menu will appear on the screen. In the business plan, click on “Get started.”

Grammarly Plan

Step4. Choose your team size accordingly and click on “Continue with the free trial.”

If you already have a Grammarly account, then Enter your email ID and password and click on continue. Enter your payment details and claim your free trial.

Grammarly Choose Your Plan

Step 5. If you want to sign in without an account, click “I don’t have an account.”

Step 6. Now enter your email ID, password, and name.

Grammarly Sign Up

Step 7. Click on “agree and sign up.” Furthermore, make your payment by entering your payment details.

Both the methods mentioned above will help you get a Grammarly Business free trial. 

Note: Grammarly will charge you a regular subscription once your trial ends. 

What Do You Get With A Grammarly Free Trial For Business?

The Grammarly business free trial offers you all the features of Grammarly’s business plan, providing you with exactly what the business plan of Grammarly will look like. 

Moreover, these are the features you get in a Grammarly free trial.

  • Company style guides.
  • Centralized billing.
  • Team usage statistics.
  • Priority email support.
  • User management tools.
  • Invoicing for annual plans for 10+ seats.
  • Supports 3 team members.
  • Provides all Premium plan features.

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Grammarly Free vs Grammarly Premium (What Will Be Different?)

The Grammarly free version is sufficient for checking your work unless your work demands 100% grammar accuracy. 

With a free version of Grammarly, you can check the Grammar, spelling, tone, and conciseness of your content to a certain extent. 

It also scores your content and lets you know the number of mistakes in your content to make it more engaging. However, you can only see the number of suggestions with the free version. 

This is where the premium version becomes more helpful as it shows you more advanced writing sentences and rewrites sentences to make them more engaging. 

You also get tone and citation suggestions along with word choices. 

The best thing about Grammarly Premium is its plagiarism checker, which helps you check for plagiarism in your content after you finish checking your grammar mistakes. 

Look at the table below to understand the difference between Grammarly-free and premium plans.

Grammarly Free PlanGrammarly Premium Plan
Checks grammar and spelling mistakes.Provides all features of the Grammarly free version.
Provides citation suggestions useful for students.Corrects formatting issues in citation.
Detects the tone of your content to help you improve your content accordingly.Provides advanced writing suggestions to improve the content.
Provides plug-in options for various browsers like Safari and Chrome.An AI-powered writing assistant is available for checking confusing and hard-to-understand sentences.
No plagiarism checker is availablePlagiarism checker available
Integrates with web apps such as MS WordDetects your writing style and provides suggestions to improve it.
Cannot check wrong formattingOffers formatting suggestions.

Grammarly Pricing (How To Choose The Right Grammarly Plan?

Grammarly offers three pricing plans to its users. While the basic plan is free, you must pay for the other two plans. 

Grammarly - Pricing

Therefore, if you want to use Grammarly for basic grammar improvements, go for the free plan

Nevertheless, if you want to make advanced grammar corrections in your content, you can go for the paid plans. You can check the pricing of paid plans in this table. 

Premium Plan$12.00/month
Business Plan$15.00/month/member

If you are an individual who wants advanced grammar corrections, then you should go for the premium plan of Grammarly. 

Whereas if you are a team leader or an agency owner, you should take the business plan of Grammarly for more advanced features designed for organizations and teams. 

The business plan will help you maintain your brand tone. 

Additionally, you get features like snippets, style guides, analytics dashboards, SAML single sign-on, account roles, and permissions, along with all Premium features. Save on Grammarly with Exclusive Discount Coupon Codes here!

Is Grammarly Premium Worth It For Students?

Grammarly Premium is absolutely worth it for students. If you are writing assignments, research papers, essays, etc., you will find Grammarly Premium comes in handy. It can help in detecting errors and ensure your content is up to the mark.

Furthermore, Grammarly Premium also gives you access to a plagiarism checker. As a student, you’d want to ensure your assignments and content are 100% unique to avoid further consequences. This is where Grammarly Premium’s plagiarism checker can help you.

Rather than paying for a plagiarism checker separately, you can have all the features you need as a student in one tool, eventually saving you time and money!

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Wrapping Up: Grammarly Premium Free Trial (2023)

This article has concluded; hopefully, you now understand how to sign up for Grammarly’s free trial. 

Grammarly’s premium plan is a wonderful option for students as well as writers. As previously stated, it does not provide a free trial. 

Instead, go for a free business trial because the premium and business plans are comparable. Sign in to the business plan by going to the “compare plans” tab. 

That’s all about Grammarly Premium free trial! In case Grammarly decides to roll out the free trial for the premium version, we will be the first one to inform you. So, make sure to keep an eye out on our page!

FAQs On Grammarly Premium

Is there a free trial for Grammarly Premium?

Yes, Grammarly offers a free trial for premium users but periodically. Therefore, check the Grammarly website to know when the free trial comes up.

Can I cancel my Grammarly free trial?

Yes, you can cancel your Grammarly free trial as it’s a no-obligation free trial.

Do you get a discount on Grammarly Premium?

You can enjoy Grammarly at a discount if you choose the annual plan.

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