9+ Best AI Grammar Checkers of 2024 (Reviewed)

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What are the best AI grammar checkers?

In current years, artificial intelligence has made significant advancements in the writing field by generating human-like texts and checking them for errors to help you create the best piece of content. 

The impact of your writing on your audience or readers is drastically reduced if your writing is flooded with grammatical or other errors. 

There are several AI-based grammar checker tools to help you ensure that your writing is error-free and pristine.  

You can review your writing for grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors with the help of the below provided 9 best AI-based grammar checkers.

To get a complete insight into each of them, go through the overview provided below. 

Top 9 AI Grammar Checkers: In A Nutshell (2024)

Sr. No.ToolPricingBest For 
1.Grammarly.$30 per month.Grammar Checker 
2.Ginger.$13.99 per month.AI writing Assistance 
3.ProWritingAid.$30 per month.Casual writing and for corporate use. 
4.Hemingway.$19.99 per month. Readability 
5.Sapling.$25 per month. Punctuation errors. 
6.Trinka.$6.67 per month.Academic and technical writing.
7.Scribendi AI.$4.99 per month.Professional editing and proofreading tool. 
8.Linguix.$30 per month.Grammar Checker. 
9.WhiteSmoke. $6.66 per month. Spellcheck. 

Below are the 9 best AI grammar checkers that you can check out. 

1. Grammarly

Grammarly is among the best AI-based Grammar checker tool that provides access to check 100,000 characters at one time. 

It is one of the most popular Grammar and spelling checker tools that has used AI for about 14 years to check grammatical and spelling errors and to suggest necessary improvements. 

AI Grammar Checkers - Grammarly

You can simply copy the content and paste it into the Grammarly editor to check the content for accuracy, clarity, correctness, delivery, and engagement. 

The AI of Grammarly combines natural language processing and advanced machine learning with human expertise to provide exclusive writing suggestions. 


  • Grammar and Plagiarism checker.
  • It offers a personal dictionary that you can customize by adding your words. 
  • Grammarly desktop application and browser extension for Chrome, Edge, and Safari. 
  • Plagiarism detector and Clarity enhancer. 

Pros of Grammarly.

  • Offers customizable recommendations. 
  • Provide an easy-to-use interface. 
  • Provides flexibility for multiple formats.

Cons of Grammarly.

  • The Grammarly free version offers limited features as compared to the premium version. 
  • The web app of Grammarly lacks a writing tool. 

Pricing: Grammarly offers three pricing plans, i.e., Grammarly free plan, Grammarly premium starting at $12 per month, and Grammarly Business plan starting at $15 for each member per month. 

2. Ginger

Like Grammarly, Ginger is one of the best Grammar checkers offering a proofreading and spelling-checking tool and is accessed by more than 8 million users. 

Ginger is one of the popular AI-based Grammar checker tools around the web and is equipped with many features beneficial for writers, SEO, students, and bloggers.


This AI-based grammar checker has a mobile app, Ginger keyboard, to detect spelling errors in emails, texts, social media posts, etc. 


  • Smart spelling and grammar checker.
  • The three versions of Ginger comprise three writing tools such as a dictionary, a thesaurus, and an editing window along with the translations. 
  • Unlimited synonyms and sentence rephrasing.
  • The language tool offered by Ginger provides translations for more than 40 languages. 

Pros of Ginger.

  • It can work on multiple browsers.
  • Provides support in many languages. 
  • It offers a personal trainer feature that can detect grammatical errors. 
  • Offers individualised practice sessions.

Cons of Ginger.

  • It works with Microsoft word but does not work with Google docs. 
  • Does not provide a plagiarism detector. 
  • The free version provides minimum feedback regarding errors. 

Pricing: Ginger’s annual plan is the most popular one and is offered at $6.99 per month, whereas the quarterly plan is offered at  $11.19 per month. 

You can also purchase the monthly Ginger plan at $13.99 and the Ginger team plan at $4.99 for each member per month. 

3. ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid is one of the robust AI-based Grammar checkers equipped with several reliable features and offers real-time and quick suggestions. 

It offers a tally of redundant sentence starts and phrases, overused words, inconsistencies in punctuation, spelling errors, etc.


This AI-based grammar checker is one of among best platforms offering 3000+ explanations and videos by experts. 


  • ProWritingAid offers a large number of writing reports as compared to other editing software.
  • It integrates with MS. Word/Outlook, Open Office, Google docs, Scrivener, etc. 
  • Provide google docs and word plugins. 
  • Offers Word explorer and thesaurus to find suitable words. 


  • Offer browser integrations for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari.
  • Allows you to create customised dictionaries and style guides.
  • Lifetime subscription at an affordable price. 
  • It also provides Document type customisation. 


  • The free trial offered by ProWritingAid is limited to only up to 500 words in an online tool.
  • No mobile app version for iOS or Android. 

Pricing: ProWritingAid offers a free plan with the basic features, but to access advanced features, you will have to purchase the premium plan that is offered at $30 per month. 

4. Hemingway

Hemingway is one of the most popular editing tools used by many writers to increase the readability of their writing and to make it more clear and more concise.

It is the best style checker that aims for a clear and simple structure of sentences and provides you feedback for easy writing. 


This app highlights lengthy and complex sentences and common errors. The new version of the app offers various features such as offline access, WordPress integration, and dark mode. 


  • Offers offline access on the desktop through a paid subscription. 
  • Provides writing suggestions for complex phrases. 
  • Hemingway provides color-coded reports.
  • You can also check the readability score offered by Hemingway. 


  • Hemingway provides a user-friendly interface.
  • The free version offers all the editing features.
  • It flags complex sentences, phrases, passive voice, and adverbs. 
  • More affordable as compared to other tools. 


  • It does not offer any plugins or extensions. 
  • Has limited features and functions as compared to other AI-based grammar checkers. 

 Pricing: The online version of Hemingway is free; however, if you want to access the app offline, you will have to purchase the subscription at $19.99. 

5. Sapling

Sapling is an AI-powered Grammar checker developed by researchers from Google, Stanford University, and Berkeley University of California. 

This AI-based grammar checker makes autocomplete and grammar suggestions to assist you in writing on-point content. 


It offers an excellent in-built grammar checker that uses natural language processing and deep learning to correct grammatical errors. 


  • Real-time Grammar checker that catches typos and polishes writing.
  • Suggests edits from substantial language models based on neural networks. 
  • Provides online word counters.
  • Secure and online free grammar checker along with punctuation and tense checker. 


  • Crafts concise social media posts and emails. 
  • Customizable personal dictionary. 
  • Provides support for eight distinct languages. 


  • Do not provide advanced suggestions related to tone and clarity.
  • No plagiarism checker is offered by Sapling.
  • The tool does not have a translator. 

Pricing: Sapling offers a free plan, an enterprise plan for teams, and a pro plan for individuals, which is offered at $25 per month. 

6. Trinka

If you are looking to improve your English writing skill, then Trinka is one of the best options to get started with. 

It is an AI-driven Grammar checker specialized in correcting grammatical errors for technical and academic writing. 


Trinka is a first language and grammar enhancement tool with the help of which you can personalize your writing experience by creating your own customizable dictionary. 


  • Provides a powerful grammar and spelling checker. 
  • Offers citation checker to make or conduct premise research.
  • It is equipped with full-fledged tools for writing.
  • Trinka offers an auto file edit feature which is not offered by other tools. 


  • Trinka is easy to access as it provides a user-friendly interface. 
  • It refines the delivery, phrasing, and tone of your content.
  • Helps to manage documents and auto-formatting manuscripts. 


  • The free plan of Trinks has a limit of 10000 words per month. 
  • Offers only two monthly credits on utilization of auto-edit file.

Pricing: Trinka offers two plans, i.e., a basic free plan and a Trinka premium plan which is offered at $6.67 per month. 

7. Scribendi AI

Scribendi AI is one of the most advanced grammar checker tools or error correction tools available in the market.

This AI-based grammar checker is based on a dataset of more than 30 million sentences and 1 billion words offering the most accurate suggestions as compared to other grammar checkers. 

Scribendi AI

Merudio and Scribendi both use Scribendi AI to increase efficiency by providing feedback on your content documents. 


  • Quick and easy-to-use interface. 
  • Provides spelling checker in multiple languages. 
  • Offers automatic and instant alphabetizing of the entries.
  • Allows you to access specialized dictionaries.


  • Scribendi AI provides access to customizable toolbars.
  • Easy upload of online documents. 
  • Compatible with different style guides. 


  • It does not offer a plagiarism checker. 
  • Scribendi AI has no browser extensions 

Pricing: Two pricing plans are offered by Scribendi AI, i.e., a Corporate plan that involves custom pricing and a premium plan which is offered at $4.99 for each user per month. 

8. Linguix

Linguix is one of the exceptional AI-driven spelling and grammar checkers that is equipped with a diverse range of features to help you boost your writing. 

For enterprises, Linguix offers SSO access, on-premise installations, and flexible team management. 


Similar to Grammarly, Linguix also offers an audience tool that allows choosing the traits that are suitable and matches your content’s readability with that of the audience. 


  • The platform provides the document stats and your readability score. 
  • Provides pre-built snippets to avoid task repetition. 
  • Better integration with web-based platforms and MS office.
  • It provides a user-friendly interface. 


  • Offers browser extensions for Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Google Docs, MS Word, MS Outlook, etc. 
  • Provides advanced language insights.
  • Analyzes team performance and provides suggestions on style issues and content quality. 


  • The document editor offered by Linguix does not comprise writing tools. 
  • All the corrections suggested by Linguix or the grammatical errors detected may not be perfect.  

Pricing: Linguix offers a free plan, a pro plan at $30 per month, and a business plan for the entire team. 

9. White Smoke

It is one of the top-notch grammar checkers, which was set up in 2002 to help you detect your content for punctuation, spelling, and style errors. 

WhiteSmoke can work in all the browsers, such as Safari, Chrome, Opera, Firefox, etc. You can download the app for Android and iOS.

 White Smoke

This Grammar checker tool renders you with the finest quality proofreading abilities and word choices, and the premium version allows you to work with MS Office, Windows, Gmail, etc. 


  • The premium version of WhiteSmoke offers an automated translator service for more than 55 languages. 
  • You can access 100 document templates through the paid version of WhiteSmoke.
  • Grammar, Spelling, and Style checker.


  • It provides a plagiarism checker offering 500 credits with a subscription. 
  • WhiteSmoke is one of among affordable grammar checker tools that offers a 31 days money-back guarantee.


  • The free version of WhiteSmoke has a limit of 250 characters.
  • It does not offer a monthly subscription. You will have to opt for an annual subscription. 
  • The web version of WhiteSmoke only works with web browsers. 

Pricing: WhiteSmoke offers a Web plan at $5 per month, a premium plan at $6.66 per month, and a Business plan which is offered at $11.50 each month.  

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Which Is The Best AI Grammar Checker?

All the above AI-based grammar checkers will help improve your content’s productivity and quality by eliminating errors and providing suggestions for improvement. 

Most of them have free versions, but in order to explore the advanced features, I would recommend going for pro or premium versions. 

That’s all for the best AI-based grammar checkers; go through the article and let us know which you are opting for in the comments section below. 


Do grammar checker tools provides 100% accuracy?

The grammar checker software is accurate for spelling and grammar errors but may not provide 100% accuracy for each style of writing. 

Are there any free AI-based grammar checkers?

Many Grammar checker tools offer free versions that allow you to access basic features; in order to have access to more advanced features, you will have to purchase the subscription plans. 

Which is the best Grammar checker for academic writing?

Grammarly, Hemingway, ProWritingAid, etc. are a few Grammar checker tools best for academic writing. 

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