10 Best ACT Prep Courses of 2024 (Reviewed)

You are running out of time and need to choose the best ACT prep courses and start studying religiously to get the best score for your ACT exam. Right?

Um. Stop running. You have reached your final destination, where I have reviewed some of the best ACT prep courses so that you can pick the right ACT prep course.

In this article, I have explained each of the best ACT prep courses, including an overview of the best ACT prep courses, their benefits, duration, and pricing.

If you walk towards the end, you can find my verdict on the best ACT prep courses!

List Of The 10 Best ACT Prep Courses (2024)

Taking several acclaimed best ACT prep courses, I have reviewed each of the best ACT prep courses on various factors that might help you finalize your decision.

I curated the list of the best ACT prep courses with the motive of simplifying your study flow and getting ranked at the top with flying colors. *fingers crossed*

Without further ado, shall we begin? The following are the best ACT prep courses:

  • Magoosh ACT
  • Princeton Review
  • Kaplan Test Prep
  • PrepScholar
  • Testive
  • PrepExpert
  • Green Test Prep
  • Testive
  • ClearPath Advantage
  • UWorld

1. Magoosh ACT 

Pricing: $129-$399 (Free trial is available)

Duration: 12 months

Overview: Magoosh ACT delivers the best quality in all aspects and gives great value for your money. In Magoosh ACT, you are provided 1300+ practice questions with accurate explanations and an excellent course layout. 

Best ACT Prep Courses  - Magoosh

To obtain a pleasant learning experience, you can customize your study schedule with Magoosh ACT and engage in 250+ video lessons that are perfectly crafted. You can revise and take up to 4 practice tests to recall everything you have learned.

Best ACT Prep Courses - Lesson


  • 99th percentile instructors with good quality.
  • In-depth text/video based explanations.
  • Customizable study schedules.
  • 4+ points increase guarantee.
  • Live instructions for 16 hours.
  • Performance analysis.
  • Easy score predictor.
  • A 7-day free trial.

2. Princeton Review

Pricing: $499-$1499 (Private tutoring at $150/hr)

Duration: 12 months 

Overview: Princeton Review has a well-structured curriculum for students hustling hard to get the highest ACT score. With a whopping of 3200+ practice questions, you can revise your learning significantly. Followed by a generous amount of 15 practice exams and excellent self-paced modules, you are in the safe hands to get going. 

PrinceTon Review

Plus, all the instructors in Princeton Review are super engaging so that your hours of studying do not feel like a burden. Thanks to the Princeton Review team!


  • Additional practice questions.
  • Live instructions for 36 hours.
  • Exceptional course quality.
  • 31+ score increase guaranteed.
  • In-person classes are available.
  • 3-4 proctored tests are taken.
  • Shipment of helpful resources. 
  • Strategic study schedules.
  • Engaging instructors.
  • Private tutoring.

3. Kaplan Test Prep

Pricing: $99-$699 (Live-online at $499)

Duration: 6 months

Overview: Kaplan Test Prep is one of the most affordable ACT prep courses that also provide quality content and value for money. In Kaplan Test Prep, you get a customizable Q-bank with 2000+ practice questions and 5 practice exams verified by official ACT experts. With digestible lessons, the instructor quality is top-notch, and each section is well-explained by the instructor. Additionally,  the designated tutor will arrange personalized homework to scale up your study.


Lastly, Kaplan Test Prep gives excellent private one-on-one tutoring sessions as well.


  • Budget-friendly.
  • Customizable Q-banks.
  • Personalized assignments.
  • Official ACT practice exams.
  • Short and digestible content.

4. PrepScholar

Price: $397-$995

Duration: 12 months

Overview: PrepScholar is an underrated ACT prep course that takes customized diagnostic quizzes, 70+ compelling lessons, and 60+ hours of quality content. In PrepScholar, you get more than 4300 practice questions which are comparatively higher than other ACT prep courses. Plus, PrepScholar gives in-depth explanations for each section, including math, science, and English. Regarding practice exams, PrepScholar provides 6 practice exams to get going with your ACT preparations.

Prepscholar - Overview


  • Personalized teaching.
  • 4+ points increase guarantee.
  • Coverage in all tough sections.
  • Customized diagnostic quiz.
  • 4300+ practice questions.
  • 1-year access with no limits.
  • A 5-day free trial is available.

5. Testive 

Price: $399-$699 (Boot camp at $799/-)

Duration: 6 weeks to 5 months

Overview: Testive is indeed a unique ACT prep course where you are given the freedom of fully customizing your study plans, get access to an exclusive Testive test prep software, and regular one-on-one tutoring sessions twice per week. Additionally, Testive extends its course curriculum by appointing a personal coach for you so that an expert provides adequate guidance on the go while you are focussed on your studies. In fact, Testive conducts digitally proctored practice tests to get going with the flow.

Testive -  Overview


  • Boot-camp style learning.
  • Appointment of a personal coach.
  • Multiple practice tests are taken.
  • Dedicated Testive software.
  • Weekly live sessions.
  • Unique approach

6. PrepExpert

Price: $499-$999 

Duration: 12 months

Overview: PrepExpert is an excellent ACT prep course structured as a guaranteed score enhancer through which you can increase up to 200+ points. In PrepExpert, you are taught by 99th percentile instructors and get flexible learning wherein you can learn compelling sections without sitting hours straight. In fact, PrepExpert provides weekend-only courses that will brush up your revisions better. You get 2100+ practice questions which is a decent amount to kickstart learning.

PrepExpert - Overview


  • Easy schedule with flexibility.
  • Excellent self-paced learning.
  • Essay grading is available.
  • 99th percentile instructors.
  • Weekend-only teaching.
  • Maximum score improvement.

7. Green Test Prep

Price: $145-$225 (varies accordingly)

Duration: Green Test Prep is relatively less popular than big competitors like Princeton Review or Kaplan Test Prep, yet it trains you up in excelling in your ACT. The best part about Green Test Prep is that it offers free guides and resources that you can make the utmost use of. It also gives a score increase guarantee, ACT-like practice exams, and strategic solutions on how to better your ACT preparations better easily.

Green Test Prep


  • Easy learning modules. 
  • Live tutoring is available.
  • Boot-camp style learning.
  • Promising course quality. 
  • Expert teaching and guidance. 

8. Testive

Pricing: $99 to $499 (Custom Tutoring $250/hour)

Duration: 2 to 6 Months

Overview: Testive is one of the best platforms to prepare for your ACT test which offers students the proper assistance they need to give their best in the exam. They offer one-on-one coaching to their students. You can also take a practice test before enrolling in their course which will determine how much work you still need to do. You also get the option to choose between online and in-home tutoring.

Testive - Overview

You can schedule a consultation with their team for free which will help you assess your progress.


  • Thousands of practice questions
  • Up to 8 practice tests with detailed score reports
  • Get personal attention and check in every month
  • Weekly meeting with your tutor for one or one & a half hours
  • A textbook that covers most of the content for the test
  • Test-taking strategies 

9. ClearPath Advantage

Pricing: $2550 to $2975

Duration: Six Weeks

Overview: It is a Chicago-based company that offers you a test prep solution keeping in mind that not every student is the same. They offer two types of courses: Small Group Courses and One-on-one online test prep courses. In the small group course, they teach a group of 3-4 students. This is on our list only because they offer personalized attention to students. Many companies on our list offer live online classes, but the number of students is not limited in them on ClearPath Advantage; it is limited to four students.

ClearPath Advantage

They try to create a group of students that are on the same intellectual levels so that they can also communicate among themselves to get the best result.


  • 18 hours of live classes over six weeks, around 1.5 hours for every session
  • Flexible weekly schedule according to the student
  • Instructors who scored in the 99th percentile
  • Up to 15 practice tests are provided
  • Personalized assistance after an initial assessment of the student
  • Unlimited access to instructors outside the classroom

10. UWorld

Pricing: $69 to $199

Duration: One Month to 12 Months

Overview: UWorld is the newest addition to our ACT prep courses list because it is becoming popular among students who want to study on their own at their own pace. The founder of UWorld is also an educator, just like PrepScholar and PrepExpert. UWorld’s ACT prep course focuses on practice exams and questions to help students prepare for the test at their own pace. If you are looking to review your studies and solve more questions of ACT, then UWorld is the best option for you.


All the practice questions in its library also include a video explanation that explains the concept behind that question and how it is solved properly.


  • 2650+ practice questions on ACT subjects
  • Track your performance with the performance tracking feature
  • Self-assessments with score predictor
  • Flashcards to help you learn on the go
  • Set the difficulty level of questions yourself

How to Choose the Best ACT Prep Course? (Guide)

You might have gone through several sites endlessly and still ended up in a situation where you cannot choose from the best ACT prep courses. Ugh, you must be tired.

No issues. I have curated an educational guide that might help you figure out the best ACT prep course without any hassles. I promise you can find the best instantly.

If you lookout for the criterion factors listed below in your best ACT prep course choices, it is a green flag, and you should go for it. Don’t overthink!

Instructors’ Quality

Imagine a classroom without a teacher. Well, it might not even be considered as a “classroom.” Likewise, you need a knowledgeable and well-qualified instructor who has prior experience in the test and preparation. 

Basically, the instructor must have been in your shoes and obtained a convincing ACT score so that they can guarantee that the best-in-class experts will guide you.

Note that 99th percentile instructors are some of the most promising tutors. Keep an eye on ACT prep courses that proclaim that their instructors are high-rank scorers.

Private Tutoring

Although learning is fun and engaging in an open classroom with fellow peers, you need to take live one-on-one sessions in order to grasp the teaching fully. 

For instance, the instructor will focus on you and dedicate their whole time to molding and coaching to sharpen your memorizing skills.

On the other hand, big-crowd classes might not result in complete observation.

Practice Modules

Learning and teaching go hand-in-hand when you are enrolled in ACT prep courses yet you miss out on the revision part where you have to recollect your learning and apply it to practical viva questions and tests. 

The more practice questions you get, the better you can keep revising. Note that the desired ACT prep course has many practice questions to get going.

Score Guarantee

You might have seen comprehensive ads that promise long-lasting, best results and all such clickbaity promises, yet you do not usually see them come through.

Similarly, most ACT prep courses give a guarantee on minimum score improvement. In fact, you can see a fixed point increase. Ensure that you are guaranteed results.

Again, only if you can get quality instructors can such promises be achieved. 

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Which Is The Best ACT Prep Course?

Yeah? If you have come this far, then I am pretty sure you might have picked at least one of the best ACT prep courses listed above. Still, some of them are popular.

That’s where you need to take a stand and ensure that you are not falling into a trap and wasting a lump sum amount of money on an average test prep course. 

I categorized Magoosh, Princeton Review, and Kaplan Test Prep because all three have brilliant instructor quality and offer multiple benefits in a single place. Additionally, Kaplan starts its pricing as low as $99/- only. 

Followed by PrepScholar and Testive, you get extended benefits like weekly live sessions, personalized teaching, and essay grading, making them great options.

Last but not least, PrepExpert and Green Test Prep are two of the lesser-known ACT prep courses. Still, PrepExpert is excellent for self-paced learning, and Green Test Prep is suitable for students looking for a budget-friendly ACT learning boot camp.

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