Pimsleur Review 2024 — Sharing My Verdict!

Being one of the most effective language learning programs in its industry, Pimsleur is known for its spectacular method of teaching and accuracy. 

If you are on a language learning journey and considering Pimsleur as your guide but are not sure about the program and its attributes, we have got you covered!

Pimsleur’s technique is pretty simple and it remained a classic way of learning even after many decades. The solid research of Dr. Paul Pimsleur and his years of studies in linguistics and psychology of languages made him build a comprehensive program that’ll help in memorizing any language. 

In this Pimsleur review, we are going to find out how effective their programs are and how they are so sure that anybody can start speaking any of the languages they offer within 30 days by spending just 30 minutes a day!

So, let’s dig into our detailed review below. 

Pimsleur Review: In a Nutshell (2024)

Allow us to enlighten you with the key features of the Pimsleur if you don’t have time to read everything in detail. Take a look at the table and understand how exactly Pimsleur works.

Method Audio-based learning with a gradual interval of a recall technique.
Countries covered 50+
Languages 50+
Pricing per level 99$-119$
Fluency Moderate 
Free trialYes, for 7 days 
Specs Structural and intensive 
Plans Basic, premium and lifetime premium 
Overall customer review 3.5-4/5
Platforms Website, Mp3 format, app and book 
Other allowances Pdfs and game exercises 
Pros 50 plus languages to speak. 
Structural and comfortable to learn. 
Cons Overpricing. 
Doesn’t help in extensive reading and offers zero writing knowledge. 

Pimsleur: Overview 

Pimsleu Overview 

From offering audio-based learning program cassettes to teaching online with additional exercises and pdfs in almost 50 languages, they sure come a long way in teaching. Their programs contain organic learning with a comprehensive focus on learning the core vocabulary to speak comfortably. Additionally, they offer a few sessions in different formats for the basic acknowledgment of reading the language they desire for. 

Their effective strategy is to teach any language without the usage of any notes for learners.  Every program is audio-based learning with gradual interval recalls. One can simply put on their audio lesson and listen. Programs are designed in such a way that you can stimulate your target language effortlessly in your brain within a short span. 

People can learn the language comfortably by listening to their 30-minute core lesson from anywhere at any time. They help in learning the language according to its nativity by letting the native speakers teach lessons when you are advancing further. 

Pimsleur: Specifications 

Let’s get into the in-detailed review of Pimsleur to start with specifications. 

They offer 50 + which are structured in the same format but are in different levels for different languages. The languages are also taught in different dialects according to the nativity of the region. The different learning specifications for better conversations also include the. 

  • Speakeasy challenge – where you review your conversations in written transcripts while you are role-playing in the exercise. It helps in sharpening your skills to learn. 
  • Voice coach – this provides actual pronunciation feedback by recognizing your voice 
  • Lightbulb moments – connecting the history and its culture while learning the language 
  • Speed round game – in this fast-paced fun game, you can test your conversational knowledge and develop accordingly
  • Building your skills – with the completion of every lesson, earn new skill badges and practice common phrases. 

Every lesson is structured in the same format for better understanding. While this may be boring for some people who learn different languages, it can be easily adaptable for people who want to learn quickly. 

Their digital flashcards contain all the essential vocabulary words, pronunciations, and meanings, which are more than average compared to other language learning programs. Games like speed rounds and quick matches enhance one’s learning skills by keeping one relaxed while practicing.

Pimsleur Review: What Are the Methods?

Pimsleur Method

The important thing to look into before learning any language from Pimsleur is to acknowledge their method of teaching. Philosophical learner and linguist Dr.Paul Pimsleur introduced this method after extensive research and understanding of different languages over the years. The interval recall method works in a way that learners are reminded of new words of the language at increasing levels of intervals with time. This helps in remembering the words longer than before. 

He researched how much time it would take for people to process the information and the interval time to remind the information once again to retain it permanently. He documented every piece of information in order to understand both short-term and long-term memory spaces, which can be eventually implemented in programs. 

To understand pronunciation, command, and rhythm of the grammar, he introduced conversations in the program, which are structured and spoken aloud. It also helps you focus on the language and improves your quick reaction efficiency. 

Organic Learning

The program asks learners to pursue new words and phrases for a better understanding of the language. It helps reinforce the accurate response and accelerates our learning speed every time we pause to ask something. 

Every introduction in the program is linear and provided during the context of the conversation. This method is great for learners and builds a solid foundation for the language. The entire framework is structured to teach students in an appropriate to understand and advance exponentially in the language. The retention rate is higher by the automatic integration of words and their proper pronunciations when compared to other courses available. 

Pimsleur Review: Languages and Their Visualization 

Pimsleur Languages

They offer to teach more than 50+ languages in 50+ different countries at various levels. Some countries may speak different dialects and multiple languages within the country, and Pimsleur precisely helps find the required language you wish to learn. Although programs are designed at various levels, there’s a package available where you can speak the language at an intermediate level for 150$. 

The ESL (English speaking language) category in the interface allows people to learn English who are from different natives and speak different languages. 

Pimsleur Languages

Visualization is important, and indeed it is helpful for anyone to remember the language. Except for a minimal booklet reading, every program is designed in audio-based representation. It may or may not be suitable for everyone but People may find it challenging to learn the language just by listening to the entire course. 

Interestingly, looking from another perspective, the Pimsleur programs can be visualized generically. In the program, the presenter emphasizes people imagine scenarios. With time your thought process will enhance to stimulate more imagination than reading written texts. The visualization may be distractive if you are just reading but not thinking about the actual scenario. 

The speakers pronounce the words in a backward motion addressing every syllable so that people can consistently visualize individual syllables with focus. Just make sure you are free from everything while concentrating on the language you are learning. 

Pimsleur: Course Structure 

Pimsleur Languages

Languages can be accessed immediately after signing up and completing the payment process. The courses are structured from beginning to end, and one must learn only one daily lesson. Every lesson is only 30 min long, and students can speak the basics of the language anywhere between 10-15 days of consistent learning. 

Make sure you pronounce the words loudly when the speaker asks you. This helps in learning proper pronunciation and memorizing the word and information. Some reading lessons also include combining individual letters to pronounce the word and help to retain its meaning after repeating it several times. Every lesson may teach you between 300 – 500 new vocabulary words and their meaning individually or in framed sentences. 

The levels may vary between 2-5 according to language, but every level has 30 lessons which are 30 minutes long. The phrases and words are repeatedly reminded during different levels because every program is designed intentionally to repeat the content at different intervals for better memorization and understanding of the content to its core. Some may find it disturbing, but they’ll react quickly to every word in reality. 

One can be involved with their desired language while commuting to their respective work. As long as you are focused on the interpretation, learning can be possible from anywhere and anytime. You can even download the entire course for offline listening. 

Pimsleur Review: Pricing and Plans 

Pimsleur Price

The prices vary according to the learning level and type of subscription you choose. The monthly subscription can start from 14.95$, and yes, it is costly compared to other language learning courses. 

There is a 7-day trial period available, and one can access all the languages and their individual lessons that are structured in different formats. Also, one can try all the features that are included in the language during the trial period. Remember to cancel the plan within seven days, or you will be automatically charged. 

The audio subscription plan allows you for audio lessons only, starting at 14.95$ per month. Premium subscription is available for selective languages, and one can include all the features like flashcards, quizzes, cultural lessons other interactive game sessions. This plan comes for 19.95$ per month. 

In the case of the Pimsleur lifetime option, you can purchase the entire level in an audio mp3 format or as CDs. With this, you can owe the content for a lifetime, and they are identical to the online monthly subscription learning. One level consists of 30 lessons, and mp3 audio files are available for 120$. On the other hand, CDs are 345$ per level, which is highly expensive. 

Pimsleur Book -What is it?

The majority of the books are handwritten by Dr. Paul Pimsleur, and it has more elaborations and a few unfamiliar techniques for better understanding and speaking of a new language. Even though they are short in content, they can be highly effective for your learning. The book is available on Amazon in both audio and literary format as of now. 

Pimsleur: Customer Reviews

In our research, we found out that the reviews are pretty much mixed on different platforms, but the majority of the people do like Pimsleur’s language programs and their detailed explanations in audio format. Considering all platforms, the cumulative average rating for Pimsleur would be between 3.5-4/5.

Who Should Use Pimsleur?

The Pimsleur method is great for anyone who wants to learn a new language from the very beginning. It is also good for those who know a little bit about a language and want to become fluent. Pimsleur’s methods help you learn a new language through repetition so that you can remember the specific terms and practice them yourself.

Pimsleur improves your reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills in any particular language. This is a great platform for beginners who have always wanted to learn a new language but don’t know where to begin. From the very beginning, Pimsleur will engage you in practicing speaking and listening to a new language.

Pimsleur: Pros 

  • Pimsleur provides additional pdfs and booklets within its audio course, but they are limited. 
  • They offer to teach 50+ languages and also offer to learn the English language for native speakers.
  • The structure is impressive in its format and intensive within the designed limits. 
  • The languages are taught very politely, and every program is highly effective for the comprehensive understanding of every word they teach. 
  • Pimsleur courses can be cost-effective because it allows sharing a single account with multiple users. 

Pimsleur: Cons 

  • Vocabulary limitation 

Teaching a few hundred words in every lesson may result in understanding the language minimally and eventually makes you speak less. However, the courses are designed to understand the framework of the language instead of spoon-feeding everything. 

  • Pimsleur programs are highly expensive. 

My Verdict: Is Pimsleur Worth It?

With Pimsleur, one cannot be as fluent as a native speaker in their new language but can understand the language for day-to-day personal and professional interactions with people. Socializing can be pretty normal with their solid content framework. The interpretation of the language can become very quick and easy when you travel simultaneously while you are learning. 

Without understanding the in-depth grammar, one can become very responsive to the language and can able to speak at every encounter. Pimsleur is the most effective way to learn a new language within a short span, but it is limited to only speaking.

FAQs On Pimsleur Review

How do I access the audio-based learnings with Alexa?

Connect your Alexa with the device you use for playing the audio and use phrases like launch Pimsleur or begin Pimsleur to start the lessons. It will detail every level and lesson of the program, or you can pick any level or lesson by naming it. 

Will they allow me to share courses with others?

Premium user can share their course with three of their family members and can track their individual progress. The user ID and password will remain the same for all. 

Can I cancel my subscription in between? 

Customers can subscribe to or cancel any program, and customer support is available 24/7 for information on any type of cancellation or refund processing 

Can I learn more than one lesson per day?

You can learn as many lessons as you wish, but Pimsleur suggests you learn only one each day. By this, you can involve more with the content and can remember for longer periods. 

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