9 Best MBA Admission Consultants for 2024

Admission into desired MBA program can be a challenging task considering the increasing competition. 

It not only depends on your GMT scores but several other factors like the application essays, recommendation letters, MBA admission interviews etc. 

To help guide you throughout your admission process, a number of the best MBA consultants are available, offering the best services at affordable prices. 

In this article, I have compiled a list of the top 9 best MBA consultants that you can check out. 

Top 9 MBA Admissions Consultants (Handpicked)

The table provided below demonstrates the top 9 MBA consultants, along with their pricing and ratings. 

Sr. No.Name Of The FirmPricingRatings
1.Stacy Blackman ConsultingStarts at $3,850 and $4,7505
2.Admissionado Silver pricing plan: $3,250
Golden pricing plan: $5,850. 
3.Personal MBA CoachStarts at $5,500. 4.9
4.AringoStarts at $5,200.4.8 
5.mbaMissionStarts at $5,900 4.5 
6.The MBA ExchangeStarts at $4,9004.0
7.AcceptedStarts at $4,9954.5
8.MBA Prep SchoolStarts at $4,7954.8
9.MBA Admit $5,200 per MBA application. 4.4

To know more about each Consultancy firm, let us glance through the overview of each of them.

1. Stacy Blackman Consulting

Stacy Blackman Consulting is the top MBA consulting firm founded in the year 2001 by Stacy Sukov Blackman. 

It comprises of complete Panel of MBA admission officers that have experience working in the top tier programs in nations such as Stanford GSB, Harvard HBS, and Wharton. 

 Best MBA Consultants  - Stacy Blackman Consulting

The firm has helped a number of MBA applicants to get admission into top-notch business schools in the world. 


  • Helps in interview preparation.
  • Easy and resume review.
  • Application strategies.
  • Payment Plan options.
  • Unlimited time service options. 

Pricing: The pricing of Stacy Blackman Consulting starts at $3,850 and $4,750

2. Admissionado

Admissionado is one of the best and result-driven MBA admission firms or Consultancy that has been helping MBA applicants to recognize and stretch their potential in order to opt for the best MBA programs. 

So far, it has helped over 35,000 MBA applicants, and around 99.3% of its offers are accepted.


Because of its personalized approach and spectacular customer support, it has demonstrated the top acceptance rates.


  • Free initial consultation.
  • Interview preparation guidance.
  • Career coaching.
  • Advanced application strategies.
  • Client Questionnaire
  • Resume report. 

Pricing: The pricing plan of Admissionado is very competitive; it offers two types of plans, i.e., the Golden pricing plan and the Silver pricing plan.

The starting price for the Silver pricing plan is $3,250, and that of the Golden pricing plan is $5,850. 

3. Personal MBA Coach

The Personal MBA Coach is a boutique firm that provides a customized and personal approach to MBA applicants and guides them through the demanding business school and college application process. 

This firm has over 96% of admission success rate and 16 years of experience as an admission consultant. 

Personal MBA Coach

The Personal MBA Coach works one to one with the experts in order to navigate all the aspects of the application process for an MBA right from beginning to end. 


  • Comprehensive application support
  • GMAT/GRE/EA tutoring.
  • Profile development, i.e., early MBA planning services. 
  • Interview support.
  • Waitlist strategy and post-acceptance support. 

Pricing: The pricing plan of Personal MBA Coach starts at $5,500. 

4. Aringo

Aringo is an MBA admission consultancy that helps MBA candidates to get admission into top MBA colleges. 

This Consultancy helps MBA applicants having less than-ideal GMAT scores gain admission to top business schools or colleges. 


It offers mini packages, pay-as-you-go packages, school packages, and customized hourly packages. 


  • MBA application materials.
  • Resume tips and requirements.
  • Essay tips and samples.
  • Interview preparation.

Pricing: The pricing of the Aringo consultancy firm starts from $5,200.

5. mbaMission

mbaMission is a top-ranked MBA consultant that has helped over 10,000 MBA aspirants to gain acceptance into the world’s top business schools or colleges. 

It has the experience of around 20 years in MBA admission consulting and has a $20 million scholarship that is earned by clients every year. 


The mbaMisson offers solid support throughout the application process, and the main area where they stand out is competency in unconventional essay constructions. 


  • Pre-application strategies.
  • Mock MBA interview sessions. 
  • Expedited services. 
  • Hourly career coaching 
  • MBA profile assessments.

Pricing: The pricing plan of mbaMission starts at $5,900 for one school package. 

6. The MBA Exchange

The MBA Exchange is an MBA admission consultancy founded by Harvard Grad. It comprises a panel of several former MBA admission officers to help and guide MBA applicants through the admission process.

The MBA Exchange stands out from the crowd by its dedicated focus on honing the craft through extensive training sessions. 

The MBA Exchange

Along with MBA admission consulting, the firm also has authority in joint degree programs, Master’s or PhD programs. 


  • Video essay coaching.
  • Social media audit.
  • Preparation of team-based discussion. 
  • GMAT/EA and GRE preparation. 
  • Waitlist coaching and support.
  • Ding analysis and feedback. 

Pricing:  The MBA Exchange charges a one-time fee for their services and no subscription price that adds over time.  

7. Accepted

Accepted is one of the leading MBA consulting firms that offer a diverse range of services. The firm has around 80% of the admission team that are former admission directors and faculty members.  

Along with the MBA and business school, Accepted also offers to consult for law school, medical school, grad school programs, etc.


The asset of the firm is that it has a top-tier committee for admission and top consultants. Different applicants are assigned to each consultant. 


  • MBA application assistance.
  • Resume reviews.
  • Essay analysis and editing.
  • Interview preparation tips. 
  • Recommendation letters. 

Pricing: Accepted offers comprehensive packages starting at $4,995

8. MBA Prep School

It is a full-service consulting firm that serves clients by helping them to apply for MBA programs in the topmost business schools and has a 90% success rate in doing so. 

The firm offers choices to the applicants to work with the principal consultants that are senior members of the company with additional expertise.

MBA Prep School

Different service packages like complete MBA admission package, Targeted MBA admission services, MBA prep school digital video, and ebook


  • Admission consulting services.
  • Essay and Resume editing.
  • Admission interview preparation.

Pricing: The pricing of MBA Prep School is around $6,995 for two school packages. 

9. MBA Admit

The MBA Admit is one of the best MBA admission consultants that is led by a team of advisors who are MBA graduates from the Yale school of management, Columbia Business school, Harvard Business school etc.  

They have a 95% of admission success rate and provide opportunities for the clients to work directly with the President of the company, Dr Shelly Watts.

MBA Admit


The MBA Admit offers four different types of service packages as follows. 

Basic package: It is an introductory package and covers strategy sessions, essay brainstorming and two editing rounds. It also offers phone and email support. 

Gold Package: With all the inclusions of the basic package, the gold package also comprises third essay editing and feedback round.

Gold Plus Package: It is the most popular option and covers all the services included in the above two packages. Along with that, it also covers the application and resume editing. 

Platinum Package: It is the complete service package offered by MBA Admit and covers unlimited strategy calls and interview help. 

Pricing: The pricing offered by MBA Admit is $5,200 per MBA application. 

Benefits Of Working With MBA Consulting Firms

MBA consultants play a crucial role in helping candidates develop strong strategies to increase their chances of gaining the MBA programs of their choice. 

Below are some of the benefits offered by MBA consultants. 

Help To Develop Application Strategies

Applications play a vital role as they comprise official transcripts, letters of recommendation, GMAT or GRE scores etc. Once you opt to pursue MBA, the next step is to develop an educated MBA application strategy. 

MBA consultants help applicants develop application strategies to make them stand out from the crowd and make their application competitive compared to other MBA applicants. 

Create Strategies For Essays

Apart from your GMAT scores and your GPA, the admission representatives from different business schools require your detailed information that is covered in the essays. 

It includes all the information like who you are, what you have done, what your achievements are, passion, goals etc. MBA Consultants help you create essay strategies.  

Help To Prepare For Interviews

Most of the top-notch business schools have more significance on the admission interview of the candidates. 

The admission interviews are often used to determine the applicants’ personality traits, such as sincerity, humility, self-awareness etc., that benefit future executives. 

Selection Criteria For Best MBA Consultants

Now that we have gone through different MBA consultants, on what basis should we decide which one is better? 

If you are wondering the same question, let us look at some of the criteria to help you select the best one. 

  • Years of experience.

The years of admission experience play a vital role in the selection of the Consultancy.

 If a firm or Consultancy has been able to stay on the top in spite of competition for a long run of time, then it can be clearly demonstrated that the firm has a long run.

  • Availability of consultants and services. 

Partnering with an admission consultant will definitely help through the selection process.

While selecting a consultant or firm, it is necessary to determine whether the firm offers dedicated services and has experienced consultants to help you throughout the admission process. 

  • Personalized approach. 

Ideally, working with a primary consultant throughout the admission process, along with the backing of the expert team for additional support and special services, is the best approach. 

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Conclusion: Best MBA Consultants of 2024

 MBA consultants are the best option to go for MBA applicants who require good and complete information and guidance regarding the admission process, application, admission interview etc.

The consultants provide an assessment of your admission chances, provide various services and offer recommendations on where to apply. 

That’s it for Best MBA Consultants. Go through the article, and if you have any doubts, feel free to drop them in the comments section below.


Is hiring an MBA consultant worth it?

Yes, hiring an MBA consultant is worth it to help you gain acceptance into a top-notch business school and can make a big difference in your career and salary. 

How to choose the best MBA consultant?

Apart from the selection mentioned above criteria, below are some of the tips you can follow before opting for an MBA consultant. 
Do the research.
Determine your budget and timeline.
Read the reviews.
Take advantage of free consultations. 

Who should hire an MBA consultant? 

Hiring an MBA consultant is a monetary investment, but if you are facing difficulty regarding admission to an MBA program, then it would definitely turn out to be valuable.  

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