Lifebook Online Review 2024: Is It Worth It? (My Experience)

This is my honest Lifebook online review, where I have shared my experience with the course.

When I first heard about Lifebook Online, I couldn’t help but wonder, “What is it? A book on life?” Little did I know, that’s precisely what this is. 

However, unlike video games we play, which contain the same rules for everyone, this 21-lesson Masterclass lets you create your own workbook. It discusses your individual struggles, views/ vision for the future, how you want to go about it, and so on.

In this article, I will share my experience with the Lifebook online and how it changed my life. Besides the good part, I’ll also talk about the shortcomings that I faced while doing the course.

By the end, you can know if Lifebook Online is worth it!

Quick Verdict On Lifebook Online (2024)

The six-week module was created by Jon & Missy Butcher, who guide you to make your very own Lifebook Online book. The process aims to offer mental clarity and give concrete direction in meeting your higher goals.

CourseLifebook Online – Gift Edition
Modules6 Weeks
Duration30 Hours 50 minutes
Student Enrollment214
Price$299/ Year
My Ratings4.5/5

What Did I Like About Lifebook Online?

  • The dashboard is easy to navigate
  • Jon teaches lessons in a great way that is engaging and easy to understand.
  • You will get live calls directly from Jon and Missy
  • By the end of this course, you will be able to create your own life book where your goals and vision will be there to help you guide your life.
  • They do a pre and post-assessment of all the students

What Did I Not Like About Lifebook Online?

  • There are fixed dates on the course, which makes it difficult for you to go through it at your own pace.
  • The price of this course is a bit expensive.

Who Is Lifebook Online Best For?

Lifebook Online is apt for anyone who wants to change your life positively. In addition, if the following checkmarks resonate with you, then you must take up this course:

  • You feel stuck in life
  • Don’t know what your future holds
  • Exhausted by the race of life and want to step away
  • Looking for practical steps to pursue your goals
  • Learn to organize or plan
  • Complete your to-do lists
  • Find your life’s vision/ purpose

Who is Lifebook Not Right For?

Likewise, you can stay away from the 6-week module in case you:-

  • Never implement the learnings
  • Hates practising
  • Looking for a quick solution

Mindvalley, in general, is ideal for people who want to work on themselves. You can check out my detailed review on Mindvalley, too!

What Is a Lifebook Online? 

Lifebook is one of the many popular courses offered By Mindvalley. This masterclass or the six-week program aims to teach how to envision and reach your highest self. 

Lifebook coaches John and Missy Butcher will help you realize your highest self-esteem and how to work towards achieving that. Oftentimes, we feel disappointed with our lives, careers, and family expectations. 

This quest helps us realize how to not live a life based on others’ expectations and societal rules. The course leads you to a thinking phase where you get in touch with your highest vision of life and who you are. 

Lifebook Online Review - Overview

Lifebook is all about helping you live a life full of prosperity, success, and abundance. Usually, we relate prosperity to material or monetary success; while that’s important in life, you must have mental peace and happiness too. 

The course has different categories, and each category will guide you on how to turn your vision, dreams, and purpose into reality. I’ll take into detail about the course as we proceed further. 

Let’s Take A Look At The Lifebook Coaches John And Missy Butcher 

John and Missy Butcher call themselves artist entrepreneurs who have together not only found immense success in life but know how to live in prosperity without compromising on inner happiness. 

Together, they have founded 19 companies, and they are also the creators of the Lifebook. They were not born and brought up in families with abundant fortune. Instead, their rebellious nature has helped them carve out a life full of adventure that does not seek validation from society. 

John and Missy Butcher

They know how to not give in to the everyday obstacles of life and make the most out of everyday activities. For example, even after earning millions of dollars, they decided to build their home themselves. They have also been married for years, yet their married life is far from boring or average. 

And these are exactly the things they teach us through the Lifebook and how to live a life of uncompromised happiness. 

Weekly Modules Breakdown 

The 21-lesson course started with a 20-minute pre-assessment, and after answering a series of questions, I got a score that gave me an idea of where I am currently in life.

Afterward, I went through weekly modules with daily lessons between 1.5 to 2.5 hours.

Each of these lessons focused on the following areas:-

  1. Emotions
  2. Health and Fitness
  3. Parenting
  4. Intellect
  5. Social Life
  6. Finances
  7. Character
  8. Love Life
  9. Vision
  10. Quality of Life
  11. Career
  12. Spiritual Life

Not only that, but each of these categories asked me repetitive questions: 

What am I expecting out of this course? Do I have a set vision? Can you elaborate on your empowering beliefs? And, of course, how will I achieve them?

The key to achieving excellent results is how you choose to answer these questions. 

One thing about me is I always elaborate. 

Partly because I understand what goes into my mind when I pen it down, considering my rapid thought process, I keep interlinking all the thoughts, which helps me achieve the well-mapped procedure. 

NOTE: This is the process of creating your personal Lifebook. 

So, ensure you’re being as honest and detailed as possible because your future self will be grateful for the thorough guidance. (Trust me.)

Lastly, I got another assessment that had similar basic and deep questions. 

However, this time, the goal is to score better and higher than the pre-assessment. 

What Will You Learn From Lifebook Online Quest?

For most people, Lifebook talks about the ideal and romanticizing concepts that are not practical. 

Well, I also thought the same until I took the course and went through the amazing experience of discovering my higher self. 

But I also understand there are people who do not believe in spirituality, the power of energies, and how manifestation works. If you, too, are one of them, then I’m not sure whether Lifebook will work for you or not. 

But for your understanding and to help you make an informed decision before buying the course, I’ll give you a complete breakdown of the entire six weeks of Lifebook. 

I have jotted down the programs week-wise. But before actually starting with week one exercises, there is a Preparation class which has an overview of the quest, an introductory video, a Lifebook assessment, a tutorial on how to use the Lifebook, and they also show us John Butcher’s personal Lifebook, which is very inspiring. 

Here is a glimpse of what John Butcher’s personal Lifebook looks like- 

my Lifebook

Now, let’s go ahead and see all the programs week-wise. 

Please note that these programs’ lessons are a bit longer (1 to 2 hours) compared to other Mindvalley quests like the Silva Ultramind or Duality by Jeffery Allen. You can continue at your own pace, there is never a rush. 

Week 1

  • Lesson 1: Health & Fitness 
  • Lesson 2: Intellectual life 
  • Lesson 3: FAQs on Health & Fitness and Intellectual life 

Key takeaways from Week 1: 

The very first lesson makes us aware of how health and fitness play a primary role in our overall development. And how it’s important to be mindful of how we are taking care of our bodies. Additionally, we learn how to use our most powerful asset, our brain, to manifest the dream life we want to live. 

Week 1

There are separate pages for each lesson in the digital Lifebook. Use these pages to write down your Premise, Vision, Purpose, and Strategy (PVPS) whenever prompted. 

Week 2

  • Lesson 4: Emotional life 
  • Lesson 5: Character 
  • Lesson 6: FAQs on Emotional life and Character 

Key takeaways from Week 2: 

I found week two very important because I always give in to my emotions, leading to overthinking and anxiety. But the lesson on Emotional Life teaches how to develop emotional intelligence and take charge of my own emotions. I also learned how to develop the character traits of the ideal person I want to be to live the life I want. 

Week 2

Week 3

  • Lesson 7: Spiritual life 
  • Lesson 8: Love relationship 
  • Lesson 9: FAQs on Spiritual life and Love relationship 

Key takeaways from Week 3: 

Week three begins with understanding our truest selves, our beliefs about life, and what is the main purpose of our existence.

We all know that love and relationships play a great role in how we function in our day-to-day lives; therefore, it’s crucial to understand our values and expectations for our love life. And how it’s equally important to work on ourselves for a healthy and happy love life. 

Week 3

Week 4

  • Lesson 10: Parenting 
  • Lesson 11: Social life 
  • Lesson 12: FAQs on Parenting and Social life 

Key takeaways from Week 4: 

These lessons are important for parents who are struggling to communicate with their children. Again it’s important to visualize the role you want to play as a parent and the values you want to impart to your child. John and Missy give some important parenting tips for a healthy and lively family. You can use these notes to fill the Parenting category in the digital Lifebook. 

Week 5

  • Lesson 13: Financial life 
  • Lesson 14: Career 
  • Lesson 15: FAQs on Financial Life & Career 

Key takeaways from Week 5: 

As we are nearing the end of the Lifebook online quest, we are taught some really important values of life. For example, what is the nature of money, how to use it the right way, and clear our limiting thoughts about wealth and money? The lessons on careers tell us about the three most essential pillars to creating a successful and satisfactory career that will lead to financial fulfilment as well. 

Week 6

  • Lesson 16: Quality of life 
  • Lesson 17: Life vision 
  • Lesson 18: FAQs on Quality of life and Life vision 
  • Lesson 19: The journey continues 

Key takeaways from the final week 

The final week is all about manifesting the quality of life we want to live. The environment we want to be surrounded by, the possessions we want to have, and the exercises we have done till now have one purpose: to increase the quality of our lives.

How to combine all the eleven categories of Lifebook; we were introduced to one vivid goal or life vision. 

Week 6

And that’s a wrap-up for the six-week Lifebook online masterclass. However, if you are thinking after these six weeks, you’ll stop envisioning and working towards the goals you have set up. The quest won’t work for you. 

Lifebook shows us a direction of how to set goals, manifest, and work towards the things we want in life. Ultimately, we have to do the hard work ourselves, without which achieving anything isn’t possible.  

What Are Some Of Lifebook Questions?

As you already know, Lifebook asks you a list of personal questions to help you dig deeper into what you are lacking. In fact, the more you understand how to improve, the more you answer these questions and as elaboratively as possible. 

However, before financially committing to the program, you must be curious about these questions. If so, the following are the 21 Lifebook questions that Jon & Missy require you to answer:


1. What deeply held beliefs shaped my life?

2. Are these beliefs empowering?

3. Do they move me at a deep level, or are they holding me back?


4. How do I want this area of my life to feel?

5. What do I want it to look like?

6. What do I want to be doing consistently?

7. If my life was exactly how I wanted it to be in each category, what would it consist of?


8. What does my life look like five years from now if all my goals and dreams in each category come true?

9.  What will my dream house, my ideal day, my level of health and fitness, my ideal love relationships and social life, my dream family, my dream career, and my high-quality lifestyle look like?

10. How do I push myself intellectually?

11. What emotions am I experiencing consistently?

12. What specific characteristic traits have I cultivated?

13. What does my spiritual life look like, and how do I integrate spirituality into my daily life?


14. Why is it important to me?

15. What motivates me to achieve my vision?

16. What energizes me?

17. What empowers me to take an action?

18. What will I gain if I achieve it, and what will I lose if I don’t?


19. What kind of positive habits, attitudes, and actions can I implement?

20. What is the recipe for the vision I want to create in each category?

21. What support do I need on this journey?

Longterm Impacts Of Lifebook Online

Once I designed my book of life, I had answers to many questions. Not only that, but now I have a well-curated map of how to reach my goals. My vision is much clearer, and I now know how to move ahead. 

For anyone wondering whether the course is sustainable and can be used in the long term, the answer is uncertain. 

As you know, when you grow up, the way you look at things, your actions, your attitude, everything shifts (maybe for better or worse). So, in my opinion, Lifebook Online is only impactful till the goals you have set align with the future you have. 

The second it stops aligning, you need to create a new Lifebook. 

LifeBook Online Templates

Goal setting can be a hassle for some tasks if you do not have a format. One thing I have observed in many beginners is that they require basic structure to move ahead in the proper direction. 

Therefore, I have added seven ready-made templates below that cater to your specific designation/ niche to simplify your Lifebook-creating process. All you need to do is fill it out with the steps you plan to take. On that note, I have listed those seven templates below:-

1. Employee Goal-Setting Template

Entering corporate or professional work settings requires you to have clear goals. If you blindly enter a setting with no breakdown of your tasks, executing your goals gets overwhelming. 

Therefore, use the ready-made template I have attached below and save yourself from some of the future hassle. Even if you are not new to professional settings, you can still use the given template and save yourself from creating a manual to-do list.  

Lifebook Online Review - Employee Goal-Setting Template
(Source: Mindvalley Blog)

2. Student Goal-Setting Template

Being a student requires constant motivation and zeal to get your tasks done. Having an organized breakdown of your short-term and long-term goals can be one of the factors. 

So, what are you waiting for? Jot down the goals in the template attached below and start working on the tasks that would take you a step closer to your dreams. 

Student Goal-Setting Template
(Source: Mindvalley Blog)

3. Excel Goal-Setting Template

The Excel goal-setting template is ideal for you if you require a proper goal chart. All you need to do is mention your simple habits or daily tasks in the first column, and depending on whether you have done the task daily, you tick the box. 

This is incredible for tracking your day-to-day progress, as one cross mark will also fuel you up. Thus making you work twice as hard and effectively.

Excel Goal-Setting Template
(Source: Mindvalley Blog)

4. Word Goal-Setting Template

If you are driven by reason, then the Word goal-setting template is best for you! 

All you need to do is state your goal, elaborate on how that particular goal would benefit you, jot down the necessary steps you would take in order to achieve it, and lastly, the duration of when you want to achieve the same. 

Personally, this format works for me and drives me to do better.

Word Goal-Setting Template
(Source: Mindvalley Blog)

5. Smart Goal Setting Template

The word smart is not an adjective but an abbreviation for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound. Each blank space asks you a question, and by answering them, you will get a clearer idea of your goals and whether they are sustainable. 

One tip is to be specific with your goal. Instead of “I want to lose weight,” mention the steps you would take to achieve the goal: I would take stairs daily.

This makes your goal concrete and a lot more achievable. 

Smart Goal Setting Template
(Source: Mindvalley Blog)

6. Monthly Goal Setting Template

This template is ideal for long-term goals and breaking down your goals into smaller manageable tasks. You only need to mention the date and the major goal you want to achieve. 

After that, break it down and write smaller goals that you can achieve on a daily basis.

Monthly Goal Setting Template
(Source: Mindvalley Blog)

7. Yearly Goal Setting Template

The following template is best for goals that are not achieved in a month or two. 

You can simply mention the yearly plans in the blank spaces. Additionally, you can also use the monthly goal-setting list to break down your annual plan further. 

Yearly Goal Setting Template
(Source: Mindvalley Blog)

Community, Testimonials, & Customer Support

Lifebook Online is indeed a community-focused platform that lets you interact with a wide range of people. 

With the help of discussion boards and live Q&A, you can share your journey and simultaneously take insights. Following are some of the user experiences with the Jon & Missy curated masterclass:-

1. Karen Lanza, Health Coach

Karen Lanza, Health Coach
Source: Mindvalley, Lifebook

“Retirement is just around the corner for me, and Lifebook has helped me envision the life I want to lead further. Right from the people I want around to the affordability factor in accomplishing the life I want, Lifebook has sorted everything!”

2. Marianne Clyde, Retired 

Marianne Clyde
Source: Mindvalley, Lifebook

“Thanks to Lifebook, I have a much more organized thought process, renewed vision, and clarity on my relationships and life purpose. Which further makes me feel younger, stronger, and more empowered to lead a life full of wisdom rather than running behind things that do not matter in the long run.”

3. Courtiante, Reddit

Source: Reddit

“Just four Lifebook categories, and yet, I experienced many shifts in my relationships, especially in my health & fitness. I broke down the cost of the program by category… $42 each.

It’s been a couple of years since, and I have revisited the content annually. This program has paid for itself many times over. It prompted me to pay attention to things that I had settled on and inspired me to push myself more!”

How Much Does Lifebook Online Cost? 

Unlike the other Mindvalley courses, which generally fall under the platform’s all-access plan, Lifebook Online (unfortunately) doesn’t. 

To purchase the gift edition, you must opt for the course’s individual subscription, which is $499/ Year. The original cost used to be $1250, but with the flat discount, you can grab the course at a pocket-friendly price. 

Lifebook Online Pricing

It wouldn’t be awkward when $499  seems expensive for some people, considering the fact that you are paying this amount for a single course. But definitely, there is one thing that would surprise you.

Apart from that, the course also offers additional benefits, which are:

  • Lifetime access
  • Limited Time Discount
  • 15-day money-back guarantee
  • Free upgrades

Would you believe my words when I disclosed this one thing to you that “Pay an additional $50 to access all other Mindvalley Programs” is real?

Mindvalley also offers a whopping 60% discount on its annual plans. If you are curious about the details, check out my article covering the same.

Here is the current pricing plan:

Membership typePrice 
Mindvalley Yearly Membership $499/ year 
Mindvalley Yearly Membership Pro $699/year 

You can also read detailed Mindvalley pricing with our article and get an idea about the perks you get with membership.

Additionally, you can also check out Black Friday discounts by Mindvalley!

How Was My Experience With Lifebook Online? Here Is What I Learned 

Do you ever feel that your hope is dangling on a string? That’s how I felt. Despite having people who claimed to care for me, I couldn’t exactly express what I was feeling. The only thing I felt was maybe the only person I could rely on, was me. 

As much as that thought was supposed to be empowering, I felt… lonely. 

I started taking up Lifetime Online lessons. The module consisted of too many thoughtful questions. It helped me dive deep into my soul. Of course, it was uncomfortable at first. I sat for minutes on end, and my brain still had no answers. 

Eventually, the fog cleared up. I understood the reason behind a lot of my feelings. 

I understood what triggers, especially the reason behind those trigger.

The more I started understanding myself, the more I could come up with solutions to stop feeling that way. Finally, when my personal Lifebook was ready, I would use it as a medium to be better. 

One suggestion I would give is just the process. The start can be frustrating, but you eventually get used to it. 

Mindvalley Lifebook Online Alternatives

Since Lifebook Online is curated by considering 12 areas of life, let’s check out the best three alternatives from different Mindvalley categories and the recent Global trends:-

Mindvalley Lifebook Online Alternatives
(Source: Mindvalley Official Website)

1. The Art of Manifesting – Regan Hillyer

Whether you are a natural manifester or do not know how to bring your thoughts into reality, Regan Hillyer’s five techniques will help you effortlessly. 

The course helps you visualize, expand your energetic shields, make space for your desires, break free from self-limiting beliefs, and lastly, press an accelerator on your desires and manifest them faster. 

VERDICT: The motive of Lifebook Online and The Art of Manifesting is the same: Get you what you desire. However, the first process simply lies in your own hands and how you create the map to achieve the goals manually. 

Meanwhile, the second process is, to an extent, subconscious and bending your mind to trick you into believing what you want exists in reality already. 

2. The Silva Ultramind System – Vishen

Jose Silva’s practices mostly tap into popular scientific methods such as visualization, incorporating a positive mind to improve immunity, and meditating to enter a subconscious state of mind like alpha/ theta waves. 

Once you implement these practices, you will be less stressed out, more creative, and focused on solutions rather than “what is going wrong?” and many other things. 

VERDICT: What differentiates Lifebook Online and The Silva Ultramind System is the former is based on your conscience and gets you to create achievable goals for yourself manually.

Meanwhile, the latter works with your subconscious and indirectly pushes you to improve.

3. Duality – Jeffrey Allen

The energy healing course mostly focuses on different chakras from root to crown. You get a series of techniques that directly tackle your self-esteem/ worth issues, confidence, intuition, creativity, sensuality, sub-conscious, and more. 

Once your unbalanced chakras are back in alignment, you observe that you are no longer mentally distracted, holding yourself back, ashamed of embracing your sensuality, more in touch with your intuition, less afraid of the unknown, etc. 

VERDICT: The key difference between Duality and Silva Ultramind System is that the former deals with energy healing and balancing the chakras, whereas the latter teaches you about mind control and developing psychic abilities. 

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Conclusion: Lifebook Online Review (Is It Worth It?)

The best part about Lifebook Online is that it is unlike the other Mindvalley courses that give you different techniques to be better. You get inspired to create your own solutions. 

The instructors have created the program so that you get asked a series of thought-provoking questions. In fact, once you answer the list of “whys” and “hows” (as elaborative as possible), you end up giving yourself a detailed cheat sheet to move ahead in life. 

So, yes, Lifebook is indeed worth the money!

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