Lifebook Online Review (2022): Is It Right For You? (My Experience)

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Are you planning to take up the Lifebook Online program and wondering whether it’s the right course for you or not? 

If that’s the reason you clicked on this Lifebook Online review, I’m sure you’ll be able to decide once you read the entire review. 

Let’s jump straight in and see what this six-week-long Lifebook Online quest has to offer.  

Quick Look At the Lifebook Online Quest 

Often in life, we go through disappointment because we don’t get to live our life on our own terms. The pressure and validation of society and family compel us to give up our dreams. This is where Lifebook comes in between. During the six weeks, the quest teaches us how to envision, manifest, and work towards living our dream life without caring for any third-person opinion. 

What Is a Lifebook Online? 

Lifebook is one of the many popular courses offered By Mindvalley. This masterclass or the six-week program aims to teach how to envision and reach your highest self. 

Lifebook coaches John and Missy Butcher will help you realize your highest self-esteem and how to work towards achieving that. Oftentimes we feel disappointed with our lives, career, and family expectations. 

And this quest helps us realize how to not live a life based on others’ expectations and societal rules. The course leads you to a thinking phase where you get in touch with your highest vision of life and who you are. 

Lifebook Online Review - Overview

Lifebook is all about helping you live a life full of prosperity, success, and abundance. Usually, we relate prosperity to material or monetary success; while that’s important in life, you must have mental peace and happiness too. 

The course has different categories, and each category will guide you on how to turn your vision, dreams, and purpose into reality. I’ll take into detail about the course as we proceed further. 

Let’s Take A Look At The Lifebook Coaches John And Missy Butcher 

John and Missy Butcher call themselves artist entrepreneurs who have together not only found immense success in life but know how to live in prosperity without compromising on inner happiness. 

Together they have founded 19 companies, and they are also the creators of the Lifebook. They were not born and brought up in families with abundant fortune. Instead, their rebellious nature has helped them carve out a life full of adventure that does not seek validation from society. 

John and Missy Butcher

They know how to not give in to the everyday obstacles of life and make the most out of everyday activities. For example, even after earning millions of dollars, they decided to build their home themselves. They are also married for years, yet their married life is far from boring or average. 

And these are exactly the things they teach us through the Lifebook and how to live a life of uncompromised happiness. 

What Will You Learn From Lifebook Online Quest? Detailed Breakdown Of The 6 Week Program 

For most people, Lifebook talks about the ideal and romanticizing concepts that are not practical. 

Well, I also thought the same until I took the course and went through the amazing experience of discovering my higher self. 

But I also understand there are people who do not believe in spirituality, the power of energies, and how manifestation works. If you, too, are one of them, then I’m not sure whether Lifebook will work for you or not. 

But for your understanding and to help you make an informed decision before buying the course, I’ll give you a complete breakdown of the entire six weeks of Lifebook. 

I have jotted down the programs week wise. But before actually starting with week one exercises, there is a Preparation class which has an overview of the quest, an introductory video, a Lifebook assessment, a tutorial on how to use the Lifebook, and they also show us John Butcher’s personal Lifebook, which is very inspiring. 

Here is a glimpse of what John Butcher’s personal Lifebook looks like- 

my Lifebook

Now let’s go ahead and see all the programs week wise. 

Please note that these programs’ lessons are a bit longer (1 to 2 hours) compared to other Mindvalley quests like the Silva Ultramind or Duality by Jeffery Allen. You can continue at your own pace, there is never a rush. 

Week 1

  • Lesson 1: Health & Fitness 
  • Lesson 2: Intellectual life 
  • Lesson 3: FAQs on Health & Fitness and Intellectual life 

Key takeaways from week 1: 

The very first lesson makes us aware of how health and fitness play a primary role in our overall development. And how it’s important to be mindful of how we are taking care of our bodies. Additionally, we learn how to use our most powerful asset, our brain, to manifest the dream life we want to live. 

Week 1

There are separate pages for each lesson in the digital Lifebook. Use these pages to write down your Premise, Vision, Purpose, and Strategy (PVPS) whenever prompted. 

Week 2

  • Lesson 4: Emotional life 
  • Lesson 5: Character 
  • Lesson 6: FAQs on Emotional life and Character 

Key takeaways from week 2: 

I found week two very important because I always give in to my emotions leading to overthinking and anxiety. But the lesson on Emotional Life teaches how to develop emotional intelligence and take charge of my own emotions. I also learn how to develop the character traits of the ideal person I want to be to live the life I want. 

Week 2

Week 3

  • Lesson 7: Spiritual life 
  • Lesson 8: Love relationship 
  • Lesson 9: FAQs on Spiritual life and Love relationship 

Key takeaways from week 3: 

Week three begins with understanding our truest selves, our beliefs about life, and what is the main purpose of our existence. And we all know that love and relationships play a great role in how we function in our day-to-day lives; therefore, it’s crucial to understand our values and expectations for our love life. And how it’s equally important to work on ourselves for a healthy and happy love life. 

Week 3

Week 4

  • Lesson 10: Parenting 
  • Lesson 11: Social life 
  • Lesson 12: FAQs on Parenting and Social life 

Key takeaways from week 4: 

These lessons are important for parents who are struggling to communicate with their children. Again it’s important to visualize the role you want to play as a parent and the values you want to impart to your child. John and Missy give some important parenting tips for a healthy and lively family. You can use these notes to fill the Parenting category in the digital Lifebook. 

Week 5

  • Lesson 13: Financial life 
  • Lesson 14: Career 
  • Lesson 15: FAQs on Financial Life & Career 

Key takeaways from week 5: 

As we are nearing the end of the Lifebook online quest, we are taught some really important values of life. For example, what is the nature of money, how to use it the right way, and clear our limiting thoughts about wealth and money? The lessons on careers tell us about the three most essential pillars to creating a successful and satisfactory career that will lead to financial fulfillment as well. 

Week 6

  • Lesson 16: Quality of life 
  • Lesson 17: Life vision 
  • Lesson 18: FAQs on Quality of life and Life vision 
  • Lesson 19: The journey continues 

Key takeaways from the final week 

The final week is all about manifesting the quality of life we want to live. The environment we want to be surrounded by, the possessions we want to have, and the exercises we have done till now have one purpose: to increase the quality of our lives. And how to combine all the eleven categories of Lifebook; we were introduced to one vivid goal or life vision. 

Week 6

And that’s a wrap-up for the six-week Lifebook online masterclass. However, if you are thinking after these six weeks, you’ll stop envisioning and working towards the goals you have set up. The quest won’t work for you. 

Lifebook shows us a direction of how to set goals, manifest, and work towards the things we want in life. Ultimately, we have to do the hard work ourselves, without which achieving anything isn’t possible.  

Who Is Lifebook Online For? 

Lifebook Online is for anyone feeling demotivated with their career, life, and everything in general. Moreover, if you’re confused about your life’s vision and mission, Lifebook will definitely help you find out what is the higher purpose of life. 

If you’re not able to turn your dreams into reality, Lifebook definitely helps you find what is wrong and how to work the right way. However, if you are expecting instant results, Lifebook isn’t for you. 

You have to be patient with everything and need to give yourself time. Moreover, John and Missy can help us show the way to approach things in life but there should be hard work and  extra effort coming our side. 

We have to consider implementing the key takeaways from all classes into action to achieve our higher visions of life. Also, if you are over analytical and judge every concept, Lifebook isn’t the quest for you. 

These programs work best for people who have a spiritual side and believe in the power of the right energy and manifestation. 

How Much Does Lifebook Online Cost? 

The original price of Lifebook Online was $1250, but currently, they are running an offer where you can buy the course at a huge discount and pay only $249. This discount is for a limited period therefore if you are interested you should get the course now. 

It wouldn’t be awkward when $249  seems expensive for some people, considering the fact that you are paying this amount for a single course. But definitely, there is one thing that would surprise you. Would you believe my words when I disclose this one thing to you that “Pay an additional $50 to access all other Mindvalley Programs” is real?

No, I’m not kidding. Mindvalley is offering special yearly memberships at a slashed price. Here is the current pricing plan- 

Membership typePrice 
Mindvalley Yearly Membership $299/ year 
Mindvalley Yearly Membership Pro $599/year 
Lifebook Online - Pricing

How Was My Experience With Lifebook Online? Here Is What I Learned 

I know you have been waiting for this part since the beginning of this review. In short, my Lifebook Online experience was very positive, and I can positively apply the things John and Missy Butcher thought during the session. 

I decided to join Lifebook because I was having double thoughts about my career. And like all our families, my parents weren’t happy with my work, and they wanted me to take up a 9 to 5 job. 

I was wondering if it is necessary to live life on others’ wishes. Will I disappoint my parents if I don’t meet their expectations? 

I have heard a lot about Mindvalley, and at first, I was confused about which course would be best for me. I shortlisted 3 to 4 courses, did some research, and finally went for Lifebook Online, and I could not be happier. 

I have made the right decision by dedicating the six weeks to this amazing program, where I realize what the ultimate purpose of my life is, how successful I want to be and how lead my life in a better way. 

But of course, like Rome was not built in a day, I didn’t see changes overnight. I’m writing this review after four months of completing my Lifebook Online course. I feel I’m on the right track in life now, but I know I have a long way to go. But the best part is Lifebook teaches us to live a successful life without compromising on happiness and peace of mind. 

Lifebook Online - Experience

But I feel the quest worked for me because I’m a spiritual person by nature. I believe in the power of energy and manifestation. If you are not into these things and are skeptical of whether these things even work or not, this course may not be for you. 

Faith and belief are the foundations of all the Mindvalley courses; always questioning the process won’t work in your favor. Also, there are a couple of categories, like the lesson on Parenting isn’t applicable to my situation yet. Similarly, not all 12 categories will be familiar with everyone’s life. 

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Final Thoughts: Lifebook Online Review (2022)

I hope sharing my personal experience with Lifebook Online has helped you decide whether this course is for you or not. If you are facing a tough time and are not sure where your life is heading, Lifebook may help you find a direction. 

Let me know if you have any further questions; I’ll be happy to help. 

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