Jim Kwik Superbrain Review 2024: Is It Worth Taking?

Here’s the ultimate Jim Kwik Superbrain review!

After implementing Jim Kwik Superbrain learnings, I have seen a significant change in my “I will do it later” mentality. 

I am a lot more focused, I don’t need too much time grasping a large set of information, my reading speed has increased tremendously, and I no longer forget things. 

The point is the course has helped me unlearn my limiting beliefs about things and further adapt to new, helpful, practical ways. 

In this article, I will discuss my experience with Jim Kwik’s Superbrain course, and I hope that will help you, too.

So, let’s dive into the details below!

Superbrain By Jim Kwik: A Quick Glance (2024)

Considering how so many big names (Barack Obama, Elon Musk, Fox Studios, Harvard, etc) are associated with Jim Kwik, it’s natural to be curious about the masterclass he offers. 

Is Superbrain really worth the hype? In my personal experience, yes, Superbrain is worth it. 

Of course, I will discuss my learnings more in the article, but before that, you can check out the course’s key parameters in the table below:

InstructorJim Kwik
Mindvalley All-Access Pass$99/Month
Mindvalley Discount 60% OFF 
Mindvalley Free TrialSeven Days
Mindvalley Refund PolicyWithin 15 Days of Purchase
Superbrain Rating4.8/5

Superbrain Pros and Cons

I have already discussed Superbrain’s benefits and drawbacks in my quick verdict. However, if you’re looking for some additional pointers, then check out my pros and cons below:

What I Liked About Superbrain – Pros

Superbrain is full of learnings and practical techniques that, upon implementation, I observe immediate results. Therefore, the following are some of my favorite things about Jim Kwik’s brain-stimulating masterclass:-

  • The lessons are flexible, and I can learn them independently.
  • The instructor slowly walks me through new practices, ensuring I understand each concept.
  • Abbreviation techniques (F.A.S.T and M.O.M) that give me simplified insights and solutions that are immediately implementable. 
  • The exercises are not just brain-limited, as Kwik pushed me to perform physical exercises that get my heart pumping. (This taught me how your mind is directly proportional to your physical health and vice versa.)
  • Considering the lessons keep building up, that helped me revise the concepts and further instill them in my brain repeatedly.
  • Along with building positive habits and brain functioning, my confidence has immensely improved, too. 
  • The learning experience is immersive. 

What I Did Not Like About Superbrain – Cons

Despite the incredible benefits, some things could have been better in Superbrain. So, the following are some of those suggestions from my end:- 

  • The techniques offered are generalized. Instead, Jim Kwik should have suggested solutions depending on each user’s cognitive needs.
  • The course is tailored to normal individuals’ basic needs. However, professionals such as scientists, Ph.D. students, and doctors would need more advanced practices that Superbrain does not provide.
  • You cannot purchase the course individually, which leaves you no choice but to subscribe to Mindvalley’s membership ($299/year – discount) to access it.

Who Should Go For The Superbrain Course?

In my opinion, everybody should try out Superbrain at least once. (Because you can never be TOO bright. It’s a parallel process, and you will keep growing till the day you die.)

Having said that, the people resonating with the bullet points below should especially check out Jim Kwik’s 34-lesson module:-

  • Process a vast amount of knowledge in little time
  • Forget things easily
  • Procrastinate 
  • Improve your focus
  • Learn any skill/ language/ subject easier and faster
  • Read faster

Who Isn’t Suitable For The Superbrain Course?

Superbrain emphasizes providing practical solutions that make it easier to implement in daily life. 

So, if you’re not looking to perform daily quests and prefer getting the knowledge in abundance and never applying it, then Superbrain is unfortunately not for you.

Superbrain By Jim Kwik: Overview

Superbrain by Jim Kwik is designed to help people boost their cognitive functions, such as memory, focus, and learning capacity. The course occupies only 15-20 minutes of your day and provides the tools and techniques needed to supercharge your brain. 

With Superbrain, Jim Kwik aims to help people remember things better, improve their learning speed, and activate the brain’s full potential. Jim believes that the human brain is capable of great things, but most people lack the right techniques he teaches in this program. 

In brief, Superbrain is supposed to elevate your mind power. We will learn about the course in detail later in the article. 

Editor’s note: We have done a detailed Mindvalley review that you can check out.

Who Is Jim Kwik?

Jim Kwik is the founder of Kwik Learning and has a master’s degree in speed reading, brain performance, memory improvement, and accelerated learning.

He has been a mentor to many, teaching strategies and techniques for improving the powers of the human mind for over 20 years. 

When he was a child, Jim was in an accident that left him learning challenged. Since then, he started developing strategies to learn and improve his memory power, which proved revolutionary.

Now, Kwik teaches the same self-learned strategies to actors, CEOs, entrepreneurs, educators, students, etc. 

Jim Kwik

Jim has been featured in globally popular media channels, including Vogue, CNBC, HuffPost, Fast Company, etc. His featured online videos exceed 100 million views. 

Superbrain is a masterclass by Jim Kwik on Mindvalley, where he teaches the tricks and tips to a sharper mind. Continue reading to take an inside look at the coaching program. 

Superbrain: Eight-Part Modules (Breakdown)

The 30-day module is divided into daily quests that you can read or watch. 

After that, you must perform a task that tests your knowledge of what you just learned. (Basically, you need to implement your learnings.) For example:

Whenever you’re going through a lesson, the instructor would ask you to remember the specifics, as there will be a test. Now that you know how the learnings work, let’s check out the eight-part modules in much detail:

The masterclass is divided into 35 lessons, which begin by asking me to unlearn a behavior/ thought pattern. While taking the course, Jim also emphasized the following points:

  • Eliminating the negative inner voice 
  • Incorporating food items rich in Omega and Vitamin B
  • Indulging in heart-pumping exercise
  • Getting better, deeper, and uninterrupted sleep
  • Avoid Stress causing emotions
  • Learning a new word every day and implementing it
  • Understanding what you’re trying to learn

Now, you might be wondering why Kwik emphasized the above pointers. Well, those takeaways are highly beneficial if you’re trying to: 

  • Improve your memory, productivity, and focus
  • Reduce procrastination
  • Learn quickly
  • Build habits (efficiently)
  • Increase confidence and self-esteem

As you can tell, Superbrain doesn’t believe in overwhelming your theory-based knowledge. Instead, the module is all about practical based tools.

Superbrain By Jim Kwik: The Curriculum 

Superbrain’s curriculum is divided into eight parts, where he essentially teaches eight main concepts of supercharging your brain. 

Here is a quick overview of the curriculum! 

PART Overview
Welcome To The FundamentalsLearn strategies of memorization 
LifestyleLearn techniques improve learning
Remembering Lost ListsDiscover the trick to memorize any list
Remembering NamesPut an end to forgetting names
Vocabulary & LanguagesTips to learn any language or word fast
Memorizing Speeches & TextsTips to memorize speeches word by word
NumbersRemember even the longest string of digits
Lifestyle IntegrationLearn to apply these skills in real life

The course proceeds with a day-by-day schedule, meaning you cannot binge-learn the content in one go. Once you complete one lesson or quest, you need to wait for the next day for your next lesson. This ensures that you learn step by step instead of cramming it all at once. 

As already mentioned in the article, the coaching program is 30 days, but there are 4 additional bonus lessons at the end, making it a 34-day program.

Bonus Courses

After the completion of the 30-day day course, you get 4 additional bonus courses. The bonus courses are to be completed one day at a time, similar to the main course. Here is what you learn in the free programs: 

Jim Kwik Superbrain Review - Course

Overcoming Procrastination 

The human brain is stubborn and keeps delaying tasks until the very last moment. Such a habit can be harmful because you could end up with too many tasks to do in little time.

The first bonus course teaches you how to beat procrastination and become more productive. 

Your 8 Cs With Muscle Memory

Jim Kwik teaches how to use your muscle memory to your advantage and process more information on the go, and that too with less energy consumption. 

Remembering Your Dreams

If you’ve ever had a dream, you may know how difficult it is to remember the details after you wake up. This can be frustrating, especially if you think your dream has a secret message. This bonus course helps you remember your dreams and decipher those messages in just 6 steps!

Speed Reading 

Jim Kwik’s tips and tricks help you increase your reading speed instantly by 25-50%!

Jim Kwik’s F.A.S.T. system

Jim Kwik teaches a number of techniques in his coaching program, one of which is the F.A.S.T. system. It’s a unique method developed by Jim himself to help you learn anything faster. 

  • Forget everything you already know and let go of limitations and distractions to acquire knowledge. 
  • Activate your mind. Be active in learning by applying your new skills instead of taking notes.
  • State of mind should be positive. Let go of negative energy and ensure you’re in a good mood before beginning any lesson. 
  • Teach what you have learned. Teaching someone else is the best way to revise your lessons and prevent forgetfulness. 

My Learnings After Taking The Masterclass

I have learned so much after taking Jim Kwik’s Superbrain. Hence, the following are some of my learnings (as I cannot fit in everything):-

  • Overcame procrastination
  • Unlearned limited patterns/ beliefs
  • Active listening or consuming media
  • Being interactive and taking notes
  • My brain automatically comes up with a solution now
  • Attaching positive emotions while learning something
  • Filling myself with positive thoughts, feelings, and behaviors
  • Breathing deeply, Moving my body, and SMILING
  • Teaching others, as when I teach, I learn twice
  • Keeping myself motivated
  • Associate multiple things with each other to remember it
  • Regular journaling
  • A healthy diet and intense workout

Longterm Effects Of Superbrain: My Experience

Before signing up with Jim Kwik’s Superbrain, the major struggle of my life was procrastination. I was used to keeping tasks to the last minute and then overextending myself to the point of exhaustion and getting average results. 

That got me thinking: what if I use my fullest potential? That could solve my self-esteem issues, too. In fact, I would take up more responsibilities, opening up more opportunity-based doors.

Once I started implementing the Jim Kwik recommended techniques, I benefitted from the following results:-

  • I no longer cram information at the last minute.
  • Being 100% active while taking up information helps me understand the concept much better. 
  • My reading speed has increased tremendously. 
  • I have learned that utilizing my peripheral vision helps me grasp more information quickly. 
  • Unlearning what I am aware of before learning a new skill has made me more open to understanding a skill or q concept from a fresher perspective. 
  • Incorporating positive thoughts and behavior into my lifestyle has helped me become more happy and confident. 
  • The energy I exhibit is also more warm and welcoming. 

Overall, these things have made a greater impact on me. Since I have become more productive, I have been more satisfied with myself. In fact, the more I am filled with positive and happier thoughts, the more my bond with other people improves. 

If I compare myself from a few years ago to the present self, I am comparatively more outspoken, open to people, and jolly. 

In fact, if I continue the practices I have learned so far, I am sure I will improve even more in the long run. Taking up more skills would benefit me both personally and professionally.

Superbrain By Jim Kwik: Pricing 

Jim Kwik’s Super Brain has no individual subscription plan, and you will need to purchase Mindvalley’s All-Access plan, which starts for as little as $1/Day. 

You can also go for either one of the following plans:

  1. Mindvalley monthly: $99/month
  2. Mindvalley annual: $499/year

You can read Mindvalley’s detailed cost breakdown to explore all the options!

Mindvalley pricing

Mindvalley offers a seven-day free trial to new users. So, if you fit the criteria, you can go for the same.

Besides, Mindvalley is currently offering great discounts where you can save up to 60% on membership. If you’re looking to take the course, this is the best time to buy it and save a few bucks! 

Can You Try Superbrain For Free?

Jim Kwik has curated a free Superbrain version. In this one-hour-long course, the instructor will discuss the series of topics covered in the Superbrain Quest on the Mindvalley platform.

However, if you thought this free version would provide a piece of comprehensive information, then you’re wrong. The most you will get is the introduction on each of these topics. 

So, if you’re looking for a detailed guide, I am afraid you would need to invest in the full-time course.

Jim Kwik Super Brain: Testimonials

Currently, over 2.7 Million users have signed up for Superbrain. While some online discussions had an issue with the price Jim Kwik charges compared to what he delivers, other users were more than happy with the services. 

You can check out the respective testimonials below:-

  1. “I just finished it. I’d strongly recommend looking up this elsewhere for the price he is asking. What he explains is (incredibly) easily found elsewhere.”
  1. “Paid the exact same amount as you (thank the internet), but the course was really helpful for me…”
Jim Kwik Superbrain Review - Testimonials
(Source: Reddit)
Jim Kwik Superbrain Review - Customer Review
(Source: Reddit)

On the other hand, if you go to the course’s “stories” section, you will find plenty of detailed case studies. So, if you are interested in how users have benefited from Jim Kwik’s Superbrain, then the following are some of their personal experiences:

Superbrain Lesson
(Source: Mindvalley, Superbrain)

Jim Kwik’s Superbrain Mindvalley Alternatives

As you know, Mindvalley offers a wide range of courses that cater to different areas of life. Superbrain, in particular, falls under the Mind category. 

While Jim Kwik’s masterclass is incredible for reaching your brain’s highest potential, other courses on the platform also boost your mind for utmost productivity. 

So, let’s check out some of Superbrain’s alternatives and see how they are different than the former:

1. The 6-Phase Meditation – Vishen Lakhiani

Vishen emphasizes incorporating five important things in your daily life: practicing gratitude, forgiveness, compassion, envisioning your future, and counting your blessings. 

Once you start being mindful of these things, you observe positive changes in your life in terms of improved clarity, radiating positive energy, a happier state of mind, no more self-limiting thoughts or behavior, enhanced confidence, and so on. 

2. Super Reading – Jim Kwik

Jim Kwik’s Super Reading first introduces you to the F.A.S.T method.

The method pushes you to Forget your previous learnings, be 100% Active while learning or reading any piece of information, maintain a positive State of mind, and finally, pass down the learned information by Teaching someone. 

As you move ahead into the course, you get several other tools and techniques that help you achieve the following benefits: Overcoming your habit of procrastination, building a muscle memory that helps your body do something automatically (upon trigger), having the ability to read faster, and keeping track of dreams better. 

3. Uncompromised Life – Marissa Peer

The course focuses on scientific practice, that is, hypnotherapy. Once you get a grip on how to tap into your subconscious (with a guided Marissa Peer mediation), your awareness starts rising. 

Speech therapy guides your brain to connect with the alpha waves slowly. This helps you recognize your toxic thought patterns and behaviors and further replace them with positive ones. You also develop a positive sense of self that feeds motivating words to your brain. 

And as you know, thoughts become a reality!

4. The Silva Ultramind – Jose Silva and Vishen Lakhiani

One of the most high-demand Mindvalley courses, aka. Silva Ultramind is known for its scientific-based practices. Jose Silva has curated some techniques, including three fingers, three scenes, visualization, etc. 

Most of these techniques help you improve your immunity by incorporating a positive mindset, heightened manifesting skills, reducing stress, lower blood pressure, better attention span, enhanced creativity, developing a solution-oriented mindset, and more.

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Conclusion: Jim Kwik Superbrain Review (2024)

The masterclass doesn’t scam you, as Jim Kwik thoroughly helps your brain to reach its fullest potential by giving you practical techniques like F.A.S.T and M.O.M. 

Not only that, but after going through the modules, I have seen a significant change in how I look at things. Before, I would forget quickly and sometimes essential schedules, too. 

However, ever since I came into contact with Superbrain, my life has improved. 

So, speaking from a personal experience, Jim Kwik Superbrain doesn’t scam you. Instead, it delivers more than what it has promised. 

The only people who won’t be satisfied with the course are those who refuse to take the necessary measures to improve. Remember, it’s a two-way street. No amount of Jim Kwik’s effort will work if you’re not willing to bring a change.

You can also check out Mindvalley’s Best Courses in case you’re curious about other courses you can listen to!

FAQs On Jim Kwik Superbrain

Is the Superbrain course worth it?

Superbrain is worth it as the platform teaches you to take advantage of peripheral vision while reading, thus consuming more information faster. Apart from that, you also easily build new skills/ habits, learn a foreign language, and a few other things.

How much is super brain?

Superbrain is currently available at $299/year, a Mindvalley’s discounted subscription plan. Unfortunately, Jim Kwik’s masterclass is not available for purchase. 

Is Kwik learning legit?

Jim Kwik’s brain exercises, like F.A.S.T., M.O.M., Chain Linking, FDR, etc., help you activate certain muscles that help you grasp better information, reduce procrastination, and build new habits efficiently. So, yes, Kwik’s learning is indeed beneficial and legitimate.

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