Mindvalley vs Masterclass: Which One Is Better? (2024)

Mindvalley vs Masterclass is always the most debated conversation. But how do you know which e-learning platform is the most suitable for you? Moreover, is it affordable? Does it offer any demos? And the list of queries goes on. 

As someone who has tried and tested Mindvalley and Masterclass, I can tell you that both e-learning platforms help you develop soft and hard skills.

Mindvalley vs Masterclass: Quick Verdict!

  • Mindvalley helps you evolve in 12 personal areas of life, including mind, body, soul, relationships, career, and more. On the other hand, Masterclass teaches you life skills, be it cooking, basketball, videography, marketing, financial planning, etc. 
  • Mindvalley is a community-based platform, whereas Masterclass focuses on individual growth and learning more. 
  • A Mindvalley subscription starts from $42/month, whereas a Masterclass subscription is $10/month.
  • While instructors on both platforms are experts in their respective fields, Masterclass mentors are legit celebrities. On the other hand, Mindvalley’s mentors are more like practitioners. 
  • Mindvalley is comparatively expensive yet gives you in-depth knowledge and helps you connect with like-minded people. Masterclass, on the other hand, is more focused on individual learning. 

Keep reading for detailed information on which e-learning platform is better for you!

A Comparison Chart Between Mindvalley And Masterclass 

Here is a quick comparison chart highlighting and differentiating between the key features of Mindvalley and Masterclass. This chart will give you a quick understanding of how the platforms work. 

Parameters Mindvalley Masterclass 
Core Idea Self-improvement and lifestyle improvement Learning creative skills in various fields like acting, singing, cooking, writing, etc. 
Number Of Courses 50+150+
Course Format Pre-recorded short-form videos Pre-recorded long videos divided into small parts 
Ease Of Use Very user-friendly with easy to-navigate platform Great user interface and simple navigation 
Instructors Industry experts in the respective categories Celebrities who have gained immense success and popularity in their areas 
Price Starts from $59 Starts from $15 
Return Policy 15-days return policy 30-day money-back guarantee 
Additional Support Call, Email, and Live support Call, Email, and Live support 

Mindvalley Vs Masterclass: Pros & Cons 

No platform is without its flaws, and the same goes for Mindvalley and Masterclass. I have discussed all major factors distinguishing the two institutes. Now let’s consider their pros and cons as well, 

Mindvalley Pros & Cons 

Pros Cons 
Easy-to-digest quests Price is a constraint for some people 
Short form content Does not have a very flexible refund policy 
Unlimited access to all quests in the All-Access plan 
Teaches real-life skills and hacks 
Quests are reliable and really help improve quality of life 

Masterclass Pros & Cons 

Pros Cons 
Wide range of course categories No segregation of course levels from beginner to advanced 
Opportunity to learn from celebrities The monthly subscription is not available 
Allows self-paced learning Allows downloading course content Don’t provides certificates upon course completion 
Flexible refund policy 
Affordable than offline or in-person coaching 

Who Is Mindvalley Right For?

Mindvalley would suggest to anyone who wants to grow on a personal level and requires practical techniques in areas focusing on mind, body, soul, relationship, etc. 

In case you need more confirmation on whether Vishen Lakhiani’s co-founded platform is truly ideal for you, then check out the bullet points below:-

  • Improving confidence/self-esteem
  • Learn to grasp big chunks of information in a short duration
  • Understanding your relationship with food
  • If you forget things easily
  • Reprogram your cognitive abilities
  • Improve breathwork
  • Develop an energetic shield around you to protect yourself
  • Break the stagnant money curse
  • Rebuilding your sense of self and boundaries
  • Going through a rough breakup 
  • Learn how to let go of things that no longer serve you
  • Become physically fit and improve your posture

You can read my detailed Mindvalley review to learn more!

Who Is Masterclass Right For?

Masterclass emphasizes learning life-based skills, be it photography, dancing, film-making, cooking, or basically, anything that requires skills to lead a seamless life. 

The platform is more linked with hobbies that can help you earn money, whereas Mindvalley’s whole motive is to help YOU grow as a person and not for the service you provide. 

Now, one can learn many life skills, which is why the platform is ideal for almost everybody! Yet, if you have doubts regarding your suitability with the platform, then check out the pointers below:-

  • Prefers learning in a visual manner
  • Looking for well-known instructors with decades-old experience
  • Enjoys learning as a hobby
  • Likes high-production learning resources – professional shot and edited videos
  • Prefer learning at your own pace.
  • Wants to develop life-based yet practical skills such as cooking, music production, car building, painting, etc. 
  • Enjoy story-telling while learning, as Masterclass instructors tend to share their personal experiences.

Difference Between Mindvalley & Masterclass: Key Features

Mindvalley and Masterclass both help you with your self-development by offering niche-specific courses. After personally trying both platforms, I have come up with a few pointers that differentiate each platform and enhance what I like about them. 

So, let’s check out those pointers:-

  1. Teaching Styles and Instructors

Experts with decades-long experience in that particular niche teach courses on both platforms. 

While Masterclass instructors are world-renowned celebrities, the Mindvalley instructors are more like practitioners who have honed their skills over many years. Now, if I discuss the teaching style, I prefer to implement Mindvalley’s practical tips in my daily life. 

On the other hand, Masterclass teaching is pretty much the cheat codes that instructors have learned in their journey. In fact, at times, the learnings are not that simple to execute. 

Verdict: Mindvalley’s easy-to-implement practical teachings are better than Masterclass’s, whose learnings are difficult to execute. 

  1. User Interface

Exploring Mindvalley does not require you to have prior knowledge of the platform at all. When you sign up on the platform, you will observe the clean and organized interface. 

Mindvalley vs Masterclass - User Interface

Each category gives you niche-specific insight. For instance, the main dashboard gives you a disclaimer about what’s trending today: Meditation, live Events, Insights, and, of course, recommendations on some of the popular courses. 

Mindvalley vs Masterclass - Take Assessment

You also get to take an assessment test to get more personalized recommendations. 

Apart from that, the search courses and changing the language mode are available right in front of your eyes. 

Mindvalley - Search Bar

Masterclass, on the other hand, has a much more organized interface. Unlike Mindvalley, it does not require too much scrolling. Everything that you need is available at the same place.

MasterClass Interface

Verdict: Overall, I prefer Masterclass Interface because everything is available in one place. Mindvalley’s interface is clean, too. However, Masterclass is slightly better. 

  1. Category – added existing content in this section

The next differential factor is the course category. You may already have got an idea that both platforms will vary greatly in their course categories. Let’s take a broader look at them- 

MasterClass Category

Masterclass Course Categories Are- 

  1. Music: Included playing different instruments, music production, singing, songwriting, the art of performance, etc. 
  2. Art & Entertainment: Acting, directing, filmmaking, screenwriting, choreography, photography, investigative journalism, comedy, and more. 
  3. Writing: Poetry, creative writing, scriptwriting, songwriting, etc. 
  4. Home & Lifestyle: Gardening, dog training, the art of magic, wine appreciation, different cooking techniques, the science of better sleep, interior designing, etc. 
  5. Business: Campaign strategy & messaging, sales & persuasion, economics & society, self-made entrepreneurship, creativity & leadership, business leadership, advertising & creativity, and there are more options to choose from. 
  6. Culinary Arts: The art of home cooking, cooking in general, secrets of restaurant-style cooking, French pastry fundamentals, and there are other courses that cater to different intricacies of cooking. 
  7. Sports & Gaming: Tennis, chess, poker strategy, shooting, ball handling, scoring, game design and theory, skateboarding, etc. 
  8. Design & Style: Fashion design, design & architecture, makeup & beauty, interior design, etc. 
  9. Science & Tech: Scientific thinking & exploration, conservation, science & problem solving, space exploration, etc. 
  10. Wellness: Yoga foundation, mindfulness & Meditation, fitness & wellness fundamentals, wilderness survivals, etc. 
  11. Community & Government: Presidential history, campaign strategy, diplomacy, etc. 

Mindvalley Course Categories Are- 

  • Body: 10X Fitness, The Longevity Blueprint, Wildfit, and 7 Days To Breakup With Sugar. 
  • Entrepreneurship: The Quest For Personal Mastery, Zero To $100 Million, Ultimate Leadership, The Power of Boldness, etc. 
  • Mind: Super Reading, Silva Ultramind System, and Super Brain.
  • Partner Programs: Lifebook Online and Wildfit.
  • Parenting: Conscious Parenting Mastery. 
  • Soul: Duality, Energy Medicine, and Silva Ultramind.
  • Career Growth: Feng Shui For Life, Success Magic, Speak & Inspire, Mastering Authentic Networking, etc. 
  • Relationships: Lifebook Online, Conscious Uncoupling, Tantra Touch, and Magnetic Charisma.
  1. Content quality:

The content quality of both Mindvalley and Masterclass is exceptional. 

Where Mindvalley offers comprehensive months-long courses that are divided into weekly modules (10 minutes to 2 Hours each), Masterclass courses are hardly 3-4 hours overall, which again are divided into small chapters. 

What I love about Masterclass is that a known celebrity teaches each course, and the sense of presentation is similar to a TED Talk. Unlike Mindvalley, you also get a free sample and trailer that helps you decide whether the course is worth the purchase. 

Mindvalley, on the other hand, gives you detailed and practical techniques to embed that particular skill into your life with day-to-day implementation. Lastly, both platforms offer assignments and additional resource materials for your betterment. 

Click here to check out the hand-picked best Mindvalley courses.

Verdict: Mindvalley’s content library is detailed and offers longer-duration courses, whereas Masterclass’s content library offers 2-4 hours of courses max. 

How Is Mindvalley Better Than Masterclass?

When learning personal development skills that reflect how you handle things/ people, Mindvalley is untouchable. 

It helps you break free from self-limiting voices and procrastination and thus motivates your brain to work at its fullest potential. So, irrespective of what you are struggling with in personal areas of your life, you bet Mindvalley offers you practical and flexible learning to surpass the obstacle. 

One point Mindvalley beats Masterclass is the habits, behavior, and thought processes that Masterclass courses require you to have developed through Mindvalley! 

Therefore, you can say if there is no Mindvalley, the Masterclass courses will not be as effective and beneficial. It will only work for people who naturally do not struggle with negative emotions/ behavior and, hence, does not require Mindvalley’s redirection. 

The platform offers a wide range of resources, be it Mindvalley University, Global Events, Certification courses from high-end organizations, networking opportunities, and more. Mindvalley is no less than a cult if you ask me, and I would happily be a part of it!

How Is Masterclass Better Than Mindvalley?

Masterclass is known for its high-production videos that are professionally shot and edited. 

So, when you are taking the masterclass, you will get a cinematic experience, which makes the classes more engaging. The content quality is next level, too. 

Not only are the lessons taught by legit celebrities, but they have put their years-long experience in that module along with some cheat codes for you to avoid the mistakes they have made. 

In fact, unlike Mindvalley instructors, you get to hear personal stories that add up to the resonance that I personally look for. Lastly, the subscription plans are way cheaper than Mindvalley and currently offer 2 Memberships at the price of one. 

Subscription Plans & Free Courses: Mindvalley vs Masterclass

Unlike Masterclass, Mindvalley offers 60-90-minute free courses that are released on a weekly basis. Each free course features in-depth knowledge that instigates powerful transformation within you. 

Keep in mind that these free-of-cost classes are available for only a limited period. 

So, without wasting any more time, go and reserve your spot for available courses.

Now, let us go through each platform’s subscription plans:-

  • Mindvalley Price

Currently, Mindvalley is offering $100 OFF on its Annual All-Access Plan. That makes the discounted price $399/ Year. For more details on Mindvalley Discount deals, you can head to my separate article covering the same. 

Mindvalley Price

However, for now, check out the standard Mindvalley rates in the table below:-

Subscription PlanMonthly SubscriptionAnnual Subscription
All-Access Plan$99$499
Pro Membership$698

On the other hand, the mind wellness platform also offers a Business plan. The annual subscription is currently getting 60% OFF on both of its plans:

Mindvalley Business Subscription PlansTeam MembersOriginal PriceDiscounted Price
Annual Subscription5 to 19 Members$499/ Year$299/ Year
Annual Subscription20 to 200 Members$499/ Year$299/ Year

Dive into a detailed Mindvalley price breakdown to understand the pricing.

  • Masterclass Price

As of now, Masterclass is offering a Winter discount, which gives 2 Memberships at the price of 1. By redeeming this offer, you keep one Membership for your own self and gift the second one to your loved one. 

Masterclass Price

Keep in mind that this offer is only valid till December 24th, 2023, and that too, only on its Annual Subscriptions. So, hurry up before the offer expires. 

Now, let’s go through the platform’s standard subscription plans in the table below:-

Subscription PlansPriceAccountsDevices
2 Individual Memberships$1011
2 Duo Memberships$1512
2 Family Memberships$2016

MY VERDICT: The monthly subscription to Masterclass is way cheaper than that of Mindvalley’s.

Long-Term Impacts On Learners: Mindvalley vs Masterclass

Mindvalley and Masterclass are personal development e-learning platforms catering to different audiences. So, it’s natural that the impact of both platforms will differ, too.

Following are the specific long-term impacts on learners depending on whether they have taken Mindvalley or Masterclass:

Mindvalley Learners

  • Heightened awareness
  • Better mental and emotional regulation
  • Timely eating and sleeping
  • Better relationship with food, so no more sensitivities
  • No more chronic pain
  • Better personal, professional, and social relationships
  • Learn to respond rather than react
  • Better networking skills
  • No longer existing from a place of anxiety 
  • Strong sense of self which is not shaken by external negative opinions
  • Optimistic enough to have high goals but hardworking enough to make them a reality

Masterclass Learners

  • In-depth and practical knowledge in specific niches
  • Using these learning to become an expert yourself
  • Develop leadership qualities
  • The networks built here help you in the long term, be it professionally/ personally.
  • Better mental and physical health
  • Mastering a skill and honing it thoroughly will lead you to good places in the long haul.

Mindvalley vs Masterclass: Networking and Community

In terms of networking and community, Mindvalley is much more community-focused, be it with features like live events, global community, or even interactions. 

Masterclass, on the other hand, emphasizes expert-led high-production courses rather than building a community. Let’s check out specific pointers elaborating on what I briefly mentioned:-

Mindvalley Community

  • Mindvalley focuses on building a global community by partaking in self-developing learnings/ activities rather than individual ones. 
  • You get access to social media pages, forums, and live events to interact and share your experiences with fellow learners. 
  • Global events are another opportunity for people across various cultural backgrounds to connect. 
  • You can develop personal and meaningful relationships, considering Mindvalley focuses on personal development in different aspects of your life. 

Masterclass Community

  • The networking opportunity is limited, considering the platform is more focused on providing you with quality programs, be it in terms of high production or celebrity instructors rather than building networks. 
  • You can share your queries and insights in the discussion board.
  • The learning is more individual-focused than “tribe,” as Mindvalley offers.

Conclusion: Mindvalley vs Masterclass

Mindvalley is best suited for users who want to evolve in areas concerning self-development, be it mentally, physically, spiritually, career-wise, and relationship-wise. 

The platform gives you an assessment that gauges which area of your life you need the most help with. According to that, the mind wellness platform suggests the courses. 

On the other hand, Masterclass offers personal development, too, but the courses available teach you life-based skills such as Photography, Music, Business, Marketing, etc. Therefore, depending on your particular need, you can opt for either of these platforms. 

Both platforms offer courses that experts teach and give you practical knowledge. Unlike Masterclass, Mindvalley offers free weekly courses. Lastly, between Masterclass and Mindvalley, the former is cheaper than $30.

So, that was my article on Mindvalley vs Masterclass. In case of discount/ subscription plan changes, I will keep the page updated!


Are the MasterClass courses worth it?

Masterclass courses indeed help you learn skills that hold immense value in the material world and even help you make money. (Only if you are doing it really well.)

How much does MasterClass pay celebrities?

The specific fees have not been revealed yet. However, on average, you can expect Masterclass celebrity instructors to get $100K to a few Million dollars. 

What is Mindvalley vs Masterclass cost?

Mindvalley’s starting price is $42/ Month, whereas Masterclass individual subscriptions start at $10/ Month. 

Which platform is better, Mindvalley or Masterclass?

Both Mindvalley and Masterclass cater to different audiences. If you are looking to develop personal skills to regulate your emotions/ mental state/relationships/ spirituality, then Mindvalley is ideal for you. However, learning life-based skills like cooking, photography, pottery, skating, etc., are taught in Masterclass. 

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