11 Hottest Startups in Tel Aviv (Recent Data 2024)

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Among the thousands of startups, the hottest startups in Tel Aviv are dominating the world with highly innovative ideas and profitable technologies for the future. With around 6000 startups in the country, Israel’s tech hub Tel Aviv alone boasts roughly 3000 startups, nearly 100 of them being unicorns. 

Tech Aviv has risen to seventh place on the list of the best global tech ecosystems, attracting new entrepreneurs with their amazing ideas to its startup-friendly environment. 

To highlight the fantastic startups in Tel Aviv, we have handpicked the hottest ones in the article below, but first, read the key takeaways from the article.

11 Hottest Startups In Tel Aviv: In A Nutshell (2024)

Sr. No.Hottest Tel Aviv startupsKey takeaways
1.ImmunaiTechnology and the pharmaceutical industry are coming together for immunology
2.EmpathyMade grieving people to help them come out of their loved one’s passing.
3.BeeWiseMade for beekeepers to provide better shelter and care to bees remotely.
4.Better juiceReduces the sugar intake in food by converting it into a nutritious fiber.
5.NeuralightA company made for neurological disorders diagnosis and care.
6.BookawayThe ultimate place to plan your ride and book your ticket to travel worldwide.
7.JoonkoA place to match diverse, skilled employees to employers from top companies.
8.LusixA company that grows diamonds with sun power.
9.TevelThe best fruit-picking device in the world for fruit harvesting.
10.RenovaiPerfect AI assistant for shoppers to personalize their recommendations.
11.FireboltCloud data warehousing company to provide data at a fast speed

Now let’s get into the details of 11+ hottest startups in Tel Aviv.

1. Immunai:

Founded year2018
Founders Dan Littman, Ansuman Satpathy,  Danny Wells, Noam Soloman, and Luis F Voloch.
Immunai- Overview

Immunai is an excellent invention in the world of technology for medical advancement. Immunai is a company set up by a team of immunologists, engineers, computer scientists, drug developers, and entrepreneurs to study the immune system of people. It is made with a mission to unlock the next generation of immunomodulatory signs with immunomics and machine learning. Immunai was built as a fusion of biology and data science. Immunai’s initial focus was on single-cell immunomics; it now focuses on next-generation immune modulators and cures and revolutionizes drug discovery.

2. Empathy:

Founded year2020
Founders Rona Gura, Yonatan Bergman
Empathy Overview

Emotions make us humans, and emotional grief is the most challenging, especially when it’s related to your loved ones. Empathy is made for people dealing with the loss of loved ones. With the mission to change how the world deals with loss, Empathy provides holistic care to families and guides grieving family members to focus on what matters the most. 

Empathy provides care managers with personalized plans, time-saving tools, and grief resources to ensure a bright outlook with higher morale.

3. BeeWise:

Founded year2018
Founders Eliyah Radyenzer, Boaz Petersil, Hallel Schreier, Yossi Sorin Saar Safra. 
BeeWise Overview

Beewise is a device made for beekeepers to take care of them remotely. With the strive to build an optimal environment for bees, Beewise is a solar panel bee home kept in areas populated with bees of the beekeepers where the bees are taken care of by robots in the bee home in real-time. 

The best part of this invention is the access to controlling the bee home from far away. You can manage the hives just like you do with your hands with real-time video monitoring and all information related to beekeeping in the form of analytics and reports. 

Beewise provides a healthy environment to live comfortably for bee harvesting with its humidity and climate control features. Furthermore, It includes pest control and automated harvesting and sends alerts after 100 gallons of honey is produced.

4. Better juice:

Founded year2018
Founders Gali Yorum, Eran Blachinsky
Better juice Overview

A group of science disruptors and prestigious food founded better juice. Better juice converts sugar present in fruit juice into non-digestible fiber using enzymes. This process reduces 80% of sugar in juice and makes it healthy. Better juice aims to provide more nutrition and creativity in food designs while maintaining sustainability and simplicity. 

It is a device that inserts as a simple pass-through production step to convert sugar into nutritious dietary fibers with reducing the sweetness in taste. The manufacturers are handlers in terms of changing the amount of sugar level to be reduced.

5. Neuralight:

Founded year2021
Founders Micha Y. Breakstone and Edmund Ben Ami.
Neuralight Overview

More than one billion people worldwide suffer from neurological disorders due to high dependence on the manual examination of symptoms. To deal with this issue, an AI-driven platform called Neuralight has been developed to digitize neurological evaluation and care. Neuralight was developed by a team of seasoned engineers, entrepreneurs, and dreamers to bring a new revolution in the world of neurological disorders. 

The platform aims to analyze and care for clinical drug development and introduce robust measures.

6. Bookaway:

Founded year2017
Founders David Yitzhaki, Jonathan Bensaid, Naom Toister, Omer Chehmer
Bookaway Overview

Bookaway is an invention for travelers to ease travel booking stress and provide you with an enjoyable ride. With Bookaway, you can book rides on the ferry, train, and bus with one screen tap across the world without any language and currency barriers. Furthermore, it works with local operators and global partners, so you enjoy the ride without stressing about the unknown environment. You can also know the pros and cons of traveling to the destinations you chose by the experiences of previous travelers. 

Moreover, the most popular traveling destinations on Bookaway include Spain, Italy, Mexico, Thailand, Switzerland, Colombia, and the United Kingdom. However, you can travel to many other destinations, and Bookaway will handle the most concerning parts of your trip.

7. Joonko:

Founded year2016
Founders Elad Shmilovich, Guy Grinwald, Ilit Raz
Joonko Overview

Joonko was developed to match silver medalists with golden opportunities. It makes diversity recruitment a simple process with the help of AI. Everyone who enters Joonko gets their expertise verified by one of Joonkon’s partners. AI-powered skill-based matching occurs to match the right employees to the job vacancy. 

Joonko considers the employer’s recommendations provided for the employee while matching them together after analyzing the skillset briefly. Joonko is an advancement in the world of recruitment, disrupting the recruitment norms and recreating the talent pipelines.

8. Lusix:

Founded year2016
Founders Efraim Ron, Yossi Yoyan
Lusix Overview

Founded by a prolific scientist and visionary entrepreneur, Lusix is a company growing diamonds in labs to fulfill the diamond dreams of people in low-cost, exquisite high-grade gems. With 1600 excellent engineers and scientists, Lusix designs, builds and operates its diamond growing machines producing the highest quality and color of diamonds being appreciated worldwide. 

The proprietary growing machines and the unique diamond growing process has been updated and made better over the past eight years to make it perfect and exclusive.

9. Tevel:

Founded year2016
Founders Yanvir Maor
Tevel Overview

Many unpicked fruits are left to rot due to an inadequate workforce, and farmers lose billions of dollars due to these unpicked fruits. To solve this issue, Tevel is designed. Tevel is a device designed for fruit harvesting. 

Tevel is a flying fruit-picking device that is reliable and available at a low cost. The AI-driven device called Tevel is the best fruit picker in the world, reducing risks, increasing profitability, and boosting productivity. Agriculture employment will be cut to half by 2050. Hence it’s a great invention for the future with a shortage of fruit pickers.

10. Renovai:

Founded year2019
Founders Alon Chelben, Avner Priel, Alon Gilady
Renovai Overview

Renovai is a visual AI shopping assistant for lifestyle brands. Renovia recommends the perfect products for your customer. It provides real-time visual AI solutions to form unbeatable personal interactions with shoppers. Renovia provides a hyper-personalized and deep tagging shopping experience for shoppers, making the products more discoverable. 

It filters out your search and recommends similar items to give a more personalized online shopping experience than ever. Renovia is the ultimate tool for increasing conversion and cementing brand loyalty.

11. Firebolt:

Founded year2019
Founders Ariel Yaroshevich, Eldad Farkash, Saar Bitner
Firebolt Overview

Firebolt is a cloud data warehousing company for modern data engineering and development teams. Since its founding, it has gone under four funding rounds to raise $264 million. With the vision of a world where data is at the center of every vital decision. Firebolt offers business users lightning-fast speed at any scale enabling people to ask more and more questions and know everything possible in the least time. Firebolt is based on the latest development and research in the world of big data analytics.

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Summing Up! Hottest Startups In Tel Aviv (2024)

The long list of Tel Aviv’s hottest startups concludes here. Establishing a business in Israel is a wise move. Its high regard for startups per capita has given it the moniker “startup country.” Looking at the graphs and analyses, the near future will see many new technologies and excellent companies from Tel Aviv. However, competition is fierce, making it critical for entrepreneurs to get started quickly before someone else executes their excellent concept.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is Israel so good for startups?

Israel is known to be an entrepreneurial-minded nation with a highly technical workforce and has been denoted as a “Startup Nation.”

How many unicorns are Israelian?

According to a report, almost 100 tech startups worldwide were founded in Israel.

How many startups are there in Tel Aviv?

Tel Aviv has nearly 3000 startups per capita of any country.

Who is the largest employer in Israel?

The education industry is the largest employer in Israel.

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