Top 22 Hottest Startups in Lisbon to Check (2024)

Lisbon is increasingly evolving into a tech hub and becoming the choice of many European Entrepreneurs. As Lisbon encourages innovation and inspiration, investment in startups has grown by 30% yearly

Lisbon is undoubtedly the hottest and most popular place for startups and entrepreneurs. We have added the list of the hottest 22 startups aspiring from Lisbon. 

So without any further delay, let’s dive in.

Hottest Startups in Lisbon: In a Nutshell

For those readers who don’t have time to go through the entire article, we have listed the list of 22 hottest startups to make it easy for you to understand. 

Best StartupsFounded InBest For 
1. Remote2019Best for hiring employees and contractors 
2. Artpool2019Best for NFT marketplace for art lovers
3. Scoreplay2020Best for helping brands like sports media
4.Detach.ai2020Best for team monitoring and optimization
5. Amplemarket2019Best for sales platform
6. Kitch2019Helping restaurants go digital
7. Talent Protocol 2021Best for producing sound techniques
8. Nevaro2020Best for Mental Health and well-being
9.CoverFlex2019Best for providing operating system
10. Pleez2021Helps restaurants optimize their menus
11. Bairro2020Best for fast home delivery
12. Bloq.it2019Best for smart locker software
13. LUGGit2019Best for travelers
14. Talent Protocol2019Best for professionals
15. Unlabel2016Best for language translation
16. BrainTrust2018Best for tech talents
17. CasaFari2017Best for real estate agents
18. Exclusible2021NFT marketplace for luxury brands
19. EMOTAI2019Best for collecting physiological data
20. Anchorage2021Best for crypto users
21. Swogo2012Best for retailers 
22. Virtuleap2018Best for brain training

Hottest Startups in Lisbon

If you are curious about understanding each startup in detail, we have elaborate on them below. 

1. Remote


Remote is a startup company founded in 2019, and its mission is to make it easy for companies to hire employees or contractors globally. As hiring great talents from other countries becomes complex and expensive simultaneously, Remote CEO Job van der Voort launches remote. 

The company manages more than 150 countries’ employees and contractors. Remote allows international payroll, taxes, and compliance for big or small businesses. Remote offers you Global infrastructure, Fair price guarantee, Security and Compliance, IP protections, and more. 

2. Artpool

Artpool Startup Company

Artpool is another excellent startup founded in 2019; Artpool is an NFT marketplace and a social network for people who love art and where artists can sell their NFTs. Artpool has a community of 900 professional curators. The CEO of Artpool, Pauline Foessel, worked in the field of art for more than 13 years being a curator as well as an artist. 

Artpool is no doubt a great platform where artists who are enthusiastic about their art can get quality artwork especially curated by leading art professionals. 

3. Scoreplay

Scoreplay Startup Company

Coming to life in 2020, Scoreplay aims to help brands create a more comprehensive reach for media assets and provide highly engaging content. The startup stays true to gain popularity with big names in the sports industry. 

Scoreplay, a sports tech startup, has formulated a SaaS platform that revolutionizes how sports and entertainment brands manage media aids. Scoreplay gives brands a reliable space for combining media assets jointly. 

4. is an empowering software with better team monitoring and optimization tools. It is described as a one-stop shop for site reliability insights helping organizations decrease the number of outages and other issues related to reliability. was founded in 2020 and has made things easy for users by giving a data site reliability intuitively. The startup makes decision-making related to reliability easy by bringing big-picture visibility. 

5. Amplemarket

Amplemarket Hottest Startups

Ample market is another excellent startup founded in 2019 based on building the next-generation sales platform. The ample market goal is to give big problems simpler solutions that bring more productivity. With the help of AI-driven workflows, it helps the sales team to engage and find new customers. 

6. Kitch

Kitch Hottest Startups

Kitch is a platform founded in 2019 to help restaurants go digital. Kitch, a Lisbon-based startup, has developed an app that allows users to enjoy food at home. The app helps users of restaurants to stay connected with their customers to maintain a special bond between the chef and the customer. 

Kitch helps restaurants control digital orders, avoiding any middleman company, which helps reduce costs. 

7. Sound Particles 

Sound Particles Hottest Startups

Sound Particles is a startup company founded by Nuno Fonseca, who developed the software By adapting CGI techniques to sound. Many famous movies like Dune, Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Frozen, etc., were all produced using software developed by the Sound Particles. It is an immersive audio software that generates thousands of sounds in a virtual 3D audio world. 


Nevaro Hottest Startups

Nevaro is another amazing startup founded in 2020 which provides a series of solutions digitally for mental health, well-being, and psychological biomarkers. Navarro’s solution aims at complementing the psychotherapeutic process.

It also develops VR and AR exposure therapy solutions, mindfulness, and more. The health startup mainly aims at optimizing the healthcare system by tracking the performance of medical teams, patient experience, outcomes, and more. 

9. CoverFlex 

Coverflex Hottest Startups

CEO of cover flex Miguel Santo Amaro says that people are the company’s most important asset. Cover flex offers companies what employees want, like more transparent, smarter, and flexible models to enjoy compensation.  

Cover flex provides all these by giving a single operating system allowing the companies to manage employees’ compensation, like salaries, equity, bonuses, and benefits.

10. Pleez

Pleez Startup Company

Pleez is a  Lisbon-based startup founded in 2021 that is helping restaurants optimize their menus and giving them a recorded report of the revenue increase. The Startup is enabling restaurants to harness digital technology to improve processes and by helping in increasing the sales of strategic items. 

The main aim is to show that with the help of a tech approach, restaurants can become more strategic and generate more sales. 

11. Bairro

Bairro Hottest Startups

Bairro is a Lisbon-based startup launched in 2020 by young entrepreneurs that allow fast delivery of supermarket goods with great quality products, speedy delivery, and quality user experience. Bairro’s vision is to be a helping hand to the consumers. The app will surely help you when you miss some special ingredients in your list and want it the last minute. 

Bairro is also looking forward to sustainability in the food supply chain, powered by green logistics helping reduce food waste. 

12. Hottest Startups

The startup was founded in 2019 and has founded smart locker software solutions that have developed networks of urban lockers. The Startup aims at creating cities that have tech-enabled for the future. The lockers around the cities help in various things like parcel deliveries, exchanging items, storage, and more. 

13. LUGGit

Luggit Hottest Startups

LUGGit is a startup founded in 2019 and is Europe one of the fastest growing startups. LUGGit has taken a new approach to how luggage is transported. it connects the traveler with independent drivers who collect the luggage and deliver it to a convenient place. 

The Startup has made it easy to use as travelers can quickly and conveniently book the service by tracking luggage in real-time. 

14. Talent Protocol 

Talent Protocol Hottest Startups

Talent protocol startup was founded in 2019. It is an HRtech startup that aims to understand talent and helps users to use Talent Tokens in their careers and win over backers. You can purchase these from the Web3 platform, similar to shares. Talent protocol is a business proposition that is growing and is very futuristic. 

15. Unlabel 

Unbabel Hottest Startups

Unlabel is yet another excellent startup offering translations with the assistance of artificial intelligence in a cost-effective manner. The co-founder of unlabeled said that language is a big issue affecting all the areas of the company’s operations, and it has a network of 50,000 human bilinguals worldwide. 

Unlabel has high-quality video automatic translation using the best technology. The unlabeled community helps review, translate, and edit thousands of words daily. 

16. BrainTrust 

BrainTrust Hottest Startups

BrainTrust is a fledgling marketplace for tech talent especially built by the freelancers for the freelancers it is a platform that connects tech experts, software developers, and designers with clients. 

BrainTrust is a non-profit site that is owned and operated by freelancers. Whenever a freelancer signs up for a brain trust site, they are already screened by the freelancer who is using it and is in their network.

17. Casafari 

Casafari Hottest Startups

Casafari was founded in 2017 and aims to build a complete centralized database for real estate agents for machine learning. The startup is allowing more than 30000 professionals across Europe. 

Casafari helps track the real estate market by aggregating and helping properties from different sources. 

18. Exclusible 

Exclusible Hottest Startups

Exclusible is a startup launched in 2021 by Thibault Launay, Oliver Bureau, Pierre Guigourese, and Arthur Goulao as one of the NFT marketplaces for luxury brands and real estate development in the metaverse.  The main goal is to ease the purchase of digital assets and introduce new customers to the digital market. 


Emotai Hottest Startups

EMOTAI is a neuro tech startup that has developed a  wearable headband that tracks physiological data like stress and recommends exercise to improve performance. The startup aims to improve performance by helping the players focus, create a mindset to win, and make fewer misplays. 

20. Anchorage 

Anchorage Crypto

Founded in 2021, Anchorage is a regulated crypto platform that helps institutions to offer crypto products and other integrated financial services like secure custody. Anchorage is also the first federally rented-out crypto bank in the US.

21. Swogo

Swogo Hottest Startups

Swogo is a startup that helps retailers succeed by boosting their profit. The bundle technology of Swogo helps hundreds of retailers in around 30 countries for remarkable growth. It is one such startup that is loved by retail leaders from all around the world. 

22. Virtuleap


Virtuleap is a VR-based startup founded in 2018 and an education and health-based startup. Their aim is to increase attention levels, address cognitive disorders & illnesses and learning challenges using artificial intelligence and virtual reality. They have designed a series of games with the help of neuroscientists to unlock the cognitive impact on the human mind.

These games can help them test the cognitive abilities of the brain and also train other abilities as well. Their core team consists of 13 people, and they have three different locations Lisbon, Delaware, and London. They are also planning to open one more institution in Barcelona. They have raised $1.5 million in funding till now.

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Final Verdict: Hottest Startups In Lisbon

So here, the list of 22 Lisbon-based start-ups ends. All the startups mentioned above are the best and are proliferating. So if you are looking for any support for your business, maybe these companies are best for you. 

Startups like Kitch and Pleez have higher future growth and can give you the best experience. Start Like an Artpool is for someone who loves art. Anchorage for Bitcoin and crypto users. So, find which startup can help you in your business.

We have also covered 7+ Hottest Startups In Dublin to check out here.

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