How Long Is ISAT Score Valid?

ISAT, or International Student Admission Test is a mandatory test developed by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER).

This test is mainly conducted for entry into high-stakes universities, especially for dentistry, medicine, and other healthcare-related courses. 

If you have already attempted the test and want to know how long is ISAT score valid, then read the article. 

Also, for those who are planning to appear for the ISAT examination, I have mentioned some exam preparation tips and the registration process that you can go through. 

What Is The Validity Of The ISAT Score? 

The validity of the ISAT score is two years.  

The applicants can re-sit for the exam only after 12 months, i.e., a year from the day they have previously appeared for the exam. 

Test Format Of ISAT. 

ISAT, or the International Students Admission Test, is an online computer-based test to help Australian universities to select potential candidates for undergraduate and postgraduate courses. 


The test questions are categorized into two types, as given below.

  1. Quantitative Reasoning.

This part mainly covers questions based on the passages on mathematics and science. It can be asked in the form of graphs, tables, and diagrams to explain the content.

The main aim of this type of question is to determine the candidate’s ability to conduct the scientific hypothesis, interpret tables and graphs and draw solutions to mathematical problems. 

  1. Critical Reasoning. 

It covers questions based on humanities and social sciences. The candidates are expected to analyze the information, apply ideas, and draw solutions to the problems.

The main aim is to evaluate the candidate’s ability to comprehend ideas and reach the appropriate conclusions.


ISAT is multiple-choice questions (MCQ) based test with 100 questions that you have to solve by applying strategies, skills, and knowledge. 

After attempting 100 questions, a list of all the questions and your responses appears; you can revisit all the questions to check your responses. 


The exam duration is 3 hours, i.e., 180 minutes, and you will find the timer on the top right-hand side of your screen. 

How Are ISAT Results Calculated? 

The scoring process for ISAT is a complex one as they are developed and analyzed by the psychometricians of the Australian Council for Educational Research. 

The ISAT score is determined by converting the raw score of Critical reasoning (CR) and Quantitative Reasoning (QR) into a scale score ranging between 100 to 200.

These results are available online, and you receive an email from the ISAT office whenever the results are out. To access your results, you can log in to your ACER account. 

How To Register For ISAT?

If you are planning to register for ISAT, you can check out the steps for the registration process provided below.

  1. Go through the pre-registration requirements and essential information.
  1. Create your ACER account. 
  1. Register for ISAT through your ACER account. 
  1. Register for the ProctorU account.
  1. Receive an invitation from the ISAT office to book with ProctorU. 
  1. Get your test session booked with ProctorU. 
  1. Access the ISAT preparation materials. 
  1. Understand and go through the requirements of the test day. 

Note: The registration fees for ISAT can be refunded without any charge if it is requested within 14 days date of registration. 

Tips For ISAT.

Here are a few tips to help you with your ISAT examination.

  • Time Management.

Keep an eye on the timer, don’t stress out, and pace yourself. Make a proper plan on which questions will require more time and manage your time accordingly and efficiently. 

How Long Is ISAT Score Valid - Time Management
  • Comprehend new ideas.

Comprehend new ideas and strategies, analyze them, and then solve the problems accordingly. 

  • Read carefully.

Some questions are tricky and may confuse you, but don’t stress out. Read the questions and stimulus materials carefully, and use the highlight function to focus on important parts. 

How Long Is ISAT Score Valid - Read Carefully
  • Mark appropriate answers.

Go through the questions carefully and mark the appropriate answers. Don’t rush into a hurry; read all the alternatives and choose the right one.

  • Review.

Make use of the review option in order to flag the questions that you would like to solve or return to later. 

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Conclusion: How Long Is ISAT Score Valid

Having one-to-one classes with the tutor will help you to brush the skills you will require to improve your performance in the exam.

Each question in the exam comprises the same value, so you are recommended to attempt as many questions as you can in order to improve your score. 

Go through the above article and let us know your thoughts and queries in the comments section below. 


Which objects are prohibited during the examination?

You are not allowed to carry during your test sessions are mobile phones, calculators, audio or other recording devices, smart watches, rulers and pencil cases, earplugs, headphones, etc.  

Is it difficult to crack ISAT?

ISAT is a challenging and tricky exam, but with sufficient practice and the use of knowledge and strategies, you can definitely crack it. 

How many times can you take the ISAT examination? 

The candidates can appear for ISAT only one time a year. The students are allowed to re-sit for the exam only after a period of 12 months. 

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