Grammarly Free vs Premium: Should You Upgrade?

Grammarly offers several options that you can use for free, or you can purchase a premium membership to access more features. But can we choose between Grammarly free vs Premium?

The answer to this question is that Grammarly Premium offers a plagiarism detector, an AI-powered writing helper, and a number of additional features that writers may find helpful. In contrast, Grammarly Free just offers grammar, spelling, and punctuation checks.  

But Hold on! These are not the only aspects of these two versions. In this article, I have shared a precise difference between Grammarly Premium and Free to help you choose the best Grammarly version for your needs.

On that note, let’s get started!

Grammarly Free vs Premium (Complete Comparision)

Here is a table comparing the features of Grammarly’s free and premium versions to help you make an informed choice. 

FeatureGrammarly FreeGrammarly Premium
Grammar checkerYesYes
Spell checkerYesYes
Punctuation checkerYesYes
Dialect optionsYesYes
Citation suggestionsYesYes
Tone detectionYesYes
Integration optionsYesYes
Vocabulary enhancementYesYes
Plagiarism checkerNoYes
Style suggestionsYesYes
Advanced writing suggestionsNoYes
Personal dictionaryNoYes
Formatting suggestionsNoYes
iOS and Android appYesYes
AI-powered writing assistantNoYes
Writing style report NoYes
Real-time feedbackNoYes
CostFreeStarts at $12/month

You can check our detailed Grammarly Review to learn more about the platform.

Grammarly Free vs Premium: Overview

To get a precise idea about both the Grammarly versions, below I have shared an overview that talks about Grammarly free and premium individually. 

Additionally, I have also shed some light on the newly launched Grammarly Business, which might be something you were looking for.

Let’s get into the details now:

Grammarly Free vs Premium - Overview

Grammarly Free Version

Many useful features for correcting spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors in English are included in Grammarly’s free edition. To be more specific, the free edition comes with:

  • A spell checker
  • A simple grammar checker powered by AI
  • An editor for punctuation
  • A report on tone detection

You can choose between multiple dialects like American, Canadian, British, and Australian English in the free version. 

It functions with Google Documents, Word for Microsoft, Web browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Chrome, and Safari, Grammarly keyboard on iOS and Android devices, and Microsoft Office.

Grammarly Premium Version

With the premium version, advanced reports, including a plagiarism checker, are included in the $30/month. It also provides reports with advanced writing. 

To be more specific, the Grammarly premium edition comes with each thing in the free version in addition to:

  • 400+ more grammatical checks
  • Reports on readability
  • An AI-driven writing assistance
  • A  plagiarism detection tool
  • Suggestions for Citations
  • Advanced functions for collaboration
  • A formally written report 

Tip: Want to know if Grammarly plagiarism checker is accurate? Head over to our review here.

It is clear that a wide range of writers from various disciplines and sectors can benefit from these premium features. The premium version’s only downside is obviously that a membership is required to access all of these features.

Grammarly Business

Grammarly Business, which is perfect for collaboration and cooperation, was recently introduced by Grammarly. Everything from the Premium version is included in this plan, along with the following:

  • sophisticated features for collaboration
  • cryptography at the corporate level
  • Writing Style Guides
  • support with multiple user accounts
  • Each user is charged separately for it.

Grammarly Free Version


  • Provides access to save your previous contents in the dashboard.
  • Provides accurate Grammar suggestions. 
  • Easy to access and understand. 
  • Support British, Canadian, American, and Australian English. 
  • Demonstrates the score of your content. 


  • No access to advanced formatting.
  • Provides basic suggestions only. 
  • Doesn’t show all the errors

Grammarly Premium Version


  • Provides advanced writing suggestions and guides to set the tone.
  • Helps to maintain consistency in punctuation and spelling. 
  • Goal feature to help you set advanced writing goals. 
  • Offers plagiarism detector
  • Paraphrasing feature


  • Suggestions might be irrelevant sometimes
  • Time lag while editing large paragraphs or large pieces of text. 

Benefits Of Upgrading to Grammarly Premium

The benefits Grammarly Premium comes with are countless, but here are a few that strike me with a positive approach toward writing:

  • Saves you money you spend on hiring editors.
  • Helps you improve your grammar and writing skills.
  • You always have a proofreader to analyze your work.
  • The writing suggestions guide you to a better writing style and approach.
  • Multiple extra tools, such as plagiarism checker, AI content generator, Citation generator, etc, are accessible with the premium version.
  • You get a complete toolkit, and your struggle of juggling between tabs ends here.

Features Of Grammarly Free

The Grammarly free version offers basic features as compared to the premium version. Let us take a quick look through some of the features provided below. 

  1. Basic spelling, grammar, and punctuation checker. 

The Grammarly free version offers AI-enhanced spelling, grammar, and punctuation checker that mainly points out subtle errors like unnecessary punctuation, confused words, etc. 

  1. Integrations. 

Other than the web editor, Grammarly can be accessed on several platforms like Google Docs, Microsoft Word, Desktop App, Chrome extension, Androids, iOS, etc. 

  1. Personal Dictionary.

The personal dictionary feature of Grammarly provides access to its dictionary and allows you to customize or create your own personal dictionary by including the words that should not be flagged as errors. 

  1. Citations. 

Both Grammarly free and premium users can access the auto-citation feature that allows you to copy or use auto-generated citations when you are on the research site for your work cited page. 

Features Of Grammarly Premium

Grammarly Premium offers a diverse pool of features to help you upscale your writing skills. Here are a few features provided below. 

  1. Style Enhancement.

One of the top features offered by Grammarly Premium is the enhancement of writing style. This feature helps to improvise the selection of words for your content to increase its readability. 

  1. Genre-specific suggestions. 

One of the advanced features of Grammarly Premium is genre-specific suggestions that scan your content completely and provide recommendations and suggestions as per the desired genre. 

  1. Plagiarism tool. 

The plagiarism checker tool is one of the most outstanding features offered by Grammarly Premium that helps to determine accidental and intentional plagiarism by highlighting the duplicated content. 

Read our complete review of Grammarly’s plagiarism detector to check its accuracy.

  1. Performance Analysis Report. 

You can get direct feedback on your work through a performance analysis report provided by Grammarly Premium. The performance score demonstrates the accuracy level of your document. 

  1. Access to the writing experts.

The Grammarly premium version provides access to Grammarly proofreading services. 

You can simply avail it by submitting your content to the team experts, who review it to determine the clarity and correctness of your content. This feature of Grammarly charges an extra price. 

The Pricing Difference Between Grammarly Free vs Premium

Grammarly offers three different plans: free plan, Grammarly premium, and Grammarly business plan. 

I have already covered detailed Grammarly pricing that you can check here. However, here is a quick breakdown of the plans.

Grammarly - Pricing

Grammarly Premium Version comes with various features and functionalities, and to get access to them, you need to purchase a subscription plan for Grammarly. 

The Grammarly premium offers subscription plans based on the duration.

Annual PlanQuarterly PlanMonthly Plan
$12 per month. (One-time payment of $144).$20 per month.($60 for three months) $30 per month.

Grammarly also provides Business plan. You can learn in our article about What’s Included in Grammarly Business.

If you want to try Grammarly Premium for free, you can opt for our Grammarly Premium Free Trial.

GrammarlyGO Features -Difference Between Free vs. Premium 

Grammarly has been helping students and professionals edit and polish their content for years. 

Just recently, it came up with a brand new feature called GrammarlyGO. GrammarlyGO is an AI-powered writing assistant that generates articles, introductions, ideas, emails, and anything you want it to create. 

Let’s take a look at the differences between GrammarlyGO features in the free and premium versions. 

Beginning with the free version, GrammarlyGO allows 100 prompts per month for all free plan users. This means you can ask GrammarlyGO to generate content for you 100 times. Once you use all the prompts, you’ll need to wait until the next month for additional prompts. 

You can ask GrammarlyGO to generate just about any written content. To give you an idea of what it can do, GrammarlyGO also provides some examples. 

One GrammarlyGO feature I loved was the “Set your voice” feature. This feature lets you set the writing format and tone to personalize the AI-generated content. 

An impressive option under this feature allows you to choose your profession, such as student, writer, CEO, etc., to ensure your content sounds like you intend it to. For example, students and CEOs do not sound the same, and this AI-based content generator maintains the distinction. 

Finally, you can choose the dialect as well. You can choose between American English, British English, Canadian English, and Indian English. 

GrammarlyGO Premium has all the features present in the free version, except that the premium version offers 1,000 prompts in a month. It also shows better output than the GrammarlyGO free version. 

In our trials, I found that GrammarlyGO’s content output is on par with ChatGPT. The inaccuracies are infrequent, and GrammarlyGO is generally accurate with its responses.

Bonus: You can check our detailed GrammarlyGO Review to learn about its possibilities!

Who Should Opt For Grammarly’s Free Version? 

As Grammarly’s free plan comprises limited functionalities and features, it is preferable for 

  • Students who find it challenging to write essays or assignments.
  • Anyone who needs to run a quick check for their content

Who Should Opt For Grammarly’s Premium Version? 

The premium plan of Grammarly is mainly recommended for someone who is involved in writing content regularly. 

  • For content writers, authors, and publishers.
  • Preferable for screenwriters, magazine writers, and journalists.
  • New writers who require the help of experts in writing to get a professional touch.
  • Students who need ‘perfect’ content
  • Marketers and business owners

Is It Worth Upgrading To Grammarly Premium? 

Grammarly Premium can be a wise investment if you write a lot daily and want to ensure that your writing is error-free. 

I remember shifting from tab to tab to use different tools for one article, but now it’s all done under one tab. 

It’s an extensive grammar checker that will undoubtedly improve the quality of any writing you write, regardless of the genre.

And about my experience with Grammarly, free and premium, I actually started using Grammarly with the free version. It helped me detect spelling errors and basic mistakes. 

A few months later, when I started using the premium version of the tool, I simply had a complete toolkit to assist me with every tool I needed while writing. 

For instance, when writing, the Grammar checker and writing suggestions help me write in the correct manner, the AI content generator saves me from writer’s block, and in the end, the plagiarism checker makes my content original.

What more do you need with one upgrade?

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Conclusion: Grammarly Free vs Premium (2024)

The bottom line is Grammarly free gives you basic grammar and spell check features while you get many advanced features with the premium version. 

If you are satisfied with the limited features of the free version, you can continue using Grammarly without spending a penny. 

However, if you require more polished content for professional work, you might benefit from Grammarly Premium more. 

Grammarly Premium offers various must-have features for writers, including a plagiarism detector, advanced grammar checks, citation suggestions, and writing analytics and reports. 

I hope you liked our article on Grammarly free vs. premium. If you have any questions or suggestions, drop them in the comment section below. 


What is the difference between Grammarly’s free and premium versions? 

Grammarly Free and Premium are different versions of the same app. The major difference between both versions is that Grammarly Premium offers additional and advanced features like a plagiarism tool, suggestions for enhancing vocabulary, etc., as compared to Grammarly’s free plan.

Is the premium version of Grammarly worth it?

Yes, opting for the Grammarly premium plan is definitely worth it, as it contains a number of additional checks and various tools to help you brush up on your writing skills.

What are other alternatives to Grammarly?

There are several alternatives to Grammarly, such as ProWritingAid, the Hemingway editor app, WordTune, WhiteSmoke, Sapling, PaperRater, etc. 

How does Grammarly Chrome Extension work?

Grammarly Chrome Extension gives you most of Grammarly’s features while you’re on WordPress editor, Google Docs, or whenever you’re creating content or text online without having to visit your Grammarly account. You will get all the suggestions in a green dot.

Is there a free trial available for the Grammarly premium version?

No, there is no free trial available for the Grammarly premium version. To help you understand what Grammarly can do, they do offer a free version that anyone can use.

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