Grammarly Free vs Premium: Which One Is Right For You In 2023?

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Having an accurate and reliable tool for ensuring your content is perfect without any grammatical errors is essential, and Grammarly has proved to be one.

Grammarly is the most convenient and unique AI-induced proofreading and Grammar checker tool offering different features through its free, premium, and business plans.

If you are finding it difficult to decide which Grammarly plan to opt for, then here you are.

This article will give you a complete insight into the different features, benefits, and pricing structures of Grammarly to help you choose the perfect option.

Before going into the in-depth comparison of Grammarly’s free and premium plans, here is a quick overview of both plans that you can go through.

Content Grammarly Free Grammarly Premium
Integrations Desktop application, Browser extension, iOS, and Android devices. Desktop application, iOS, and Android devices, a Browser extension. 
FeaturesSpelling corrections, Detecting grammatical and punctuation errors, conciseness, etc. Fluency, tone adjustments, style enhancements, word choices, etc.
Clarity ConcisenessFormatting, Conciseness, and rewrites for clarity-focused sentences. 
TeamNo team management.No team management. 
No. Of usersOne One 
Plagiarism detectorNo Yes
CostFreeStarts at $12 per month 

Overview Of Grammarly Free vs Premium

Both Grammarly free and premium are different versions of the same app offering a diverse range of features. 

To get a complete insight into Grammarly, let us take a quick look at both versions of Grammarly. 

Grammarly Free Version

The free version of Grammarly allows you to improve or polish your writing skills by offering basic writing suggestions and helps to eliminate spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. 

The Grammarly free version also provides basic suggestions in order to improve the tone and make sentences more concise. 

You can access the free version of Grammarly on Google Docs, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Edge browser, Chrome, iOS, and android devices. 

Grammarly Premium Version.

The Grammarly premium version offers more advanced features as compared to the free version to help you make your content more engaging and readable. 

Style, suggestions regarding vocabulary, plagiarism checker, etc., are some of the additional features offered by Grammarly premium. 

Grammarly premium allows you to set goals for a particular piece of content. The goal feature of Grammarly provides customized writing suggestions depending on your style of writing and the readers. 

Pros And Cons Of Grammarly Free Version

Below are some of the pros and cons of using a free version of Grammarly. 

Pros Of Grammarly Free Version

  • Grammarly free version demonstrates the score of your content. 
  • Provides access to save your previous contents in the dashboard.
  • Provides accurate Grammar suggestions. 
  • Easy to access and understand. 
  • Provides support for British, Canadian, American, and Australian English. 

Cons Of Grammarly Free Version 

  • No access to advanced formatting.
  • Provides basic suggestions only. 
  • Does not provide suggestions regarding style. 

Pros And Cons Of Grammarly Premium

You can go through a few advantages and drawbacks of Grammarly’s premium version. 

Pros Of Grammarly Premium

  • Provides advanced writing suggestions and guides you to set the tone.
  • Better Vocabulary suggestions as compared to the free version. 
  • Goal feature to help you set advanced writing goals. 
  • Offers Plagiarism tool. 
  • Helps to maintain consistency in punctuation and spelling. 

Cons Of Grammarly Premium

  • Time lag while editing large paragraphs or large pieces of text. 
  • Provides suggestions that sometimes might be irrelevant. 
  • It is mostly preferable only to write emails, essays, and blogs. 

Features Of Grammarly Free

The Grammarly free version offers basic features as compared to the premium version. Let us take a quick look through some of the features provided below. 

  1. Basic spelling, grammar, and punctuation checker. 

The Grammarly free version offers AI-enhanced spelling, grammar, and punctuation checker that mainly points out subtle errors like unnecessary punctuation, confused words, etc. 

  1. Integrations. 

Other than the web editor, Grammarly can be accessed on several platforms like Google docs, Microsoft word, Desktop app, Chrome extension, androids, iOS, etc. 

  1. Personal Dictionary.

The personal dictionary feature of Grammarly provides access to its dictionary and allows you to customize or create your own personal dictionary by including the words that should not be flagged as errors. 

  1. Citations. 

Both Grammarly free and premium users can access the auto-citation feature that allows you to copy or use auto-generated citations when you are on the research site for your work cited page. 

Features Of Grammarly Premium

Grammarly premium offers a diverse pool of features to help you upscale your writing skills. Here are a few features provided below. 

  1. Style Enhancement.

One of the top features offered by Grammarly premium is the enhancement in the style of writing. This feature helps to improvise the selection of words for your content to increase its readability. 

  1. Genre-specific suggestions. 

One of the advanced features of Grammarly premium is genre-specific suggestions that scan your content completely and provide recommendations and suggestions as per the desired genre. 

  1. Plagiarism tool. 

The plagiarism checker tool is one of the most outstanding features offered by Grammarly premium that helps to determine accidental and intentional plagiarism by highlighting the duplicated content. 

  1. Performance Analysis Report. 

You can get direct feedback on your work through a performance analysis report provided by Grammarly premium. The performance score demonstrates the accuracy level of your document. 

  1. Access to the writing experts.

The Grammarly premium version provides access to Grammarly proofreading services. 

You can simply avail it by submitting your content to the experts of the team, who review it to determine the clarity and correctness of your content. This feature of Grammarly charges an extra price. 

The Pricing Difference Between Grammarly Free vs Premium

Grammarly offers three different plans such as free plan, Grammarly premium, and Grammarly business plan. 

Free plan: You can access all the features and functionalities of Grammarly’s free plan without paying any charges. Most of the writers begin with this plan. 

Grammarly - Pricing

If you just need basic writing suggestions and want to eliminate grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors, then you can go for it. 

Grammarly Premium: Grammarly Premium Version comes with various features and functionalities, and to get access to them, you need to purchase a subscription plan for Grammarly. 

The Grammarly premium offers subscription plans based on the duration. Below is the pricing plan for Grammarly Premium. 

Annual PlanQuarterly PlanMonthly Plan
$12 per month. (One-time payment of $144).$20 per month.($60 for three months) $30 per month.

Who Should Opt For Grammarly’s Free Version? 

As Grammarly’s free plan comprises limited functionalities and features, it is preferable for 

  • Freelance writers to improvise their writing skills and deliver more interesting and engaging content.
  • Preferred for students who find it challenging to write essays or assignments.

Who Should Opt For Grammarly’s Premium Version? 

The premium plan of Grammarly is mainly recommended for one who is involved in writing content regularly. 

  • For content writers, authors, and publishers.
  • Preferable for screenwriters, magazine writers, and journalists.
  • New writers who require the help of experts in writing to get a professional touch.

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Conclusion: Grammarly Free vs Premium (2023)

Editing and proofreading content on a regular basis is not an easy task, but Grammarly has made it one by offering varied features. 

The free plan offers all Grammarly integrations, but in order to access the several advanced editing features, you should opt for the Grammarly premium version. 

Read the article carefully and let us know which Grammarly plan you would opt for in the comments section below. 


What is the difference between Grammarly’s free and premium versions? 

Grammarly free and premium are different versions of the same app. The major difference between both versions is that Grammarly premium offers additional and advanced features like a plagiarism tool, suggestions for enhancement of vocabulary, etc., as compared to Grammarly’s free plan.

Is the premium version of Grammarly worth it?

Yes, opting for the Grammarly premium plan is definitely worth it, as it contains a number of additional checks and various tools to help you brush up on your writing skills.

What are other alternatives to Grammarly?

There are several alternatives to Grammarly, such as ProWritingAid, the Hemingway editor app, WordTune, WhiteSmoke, Sapling, PaperRater, etc. 

How does Grammarly Chrome Extension work?

Grammarly Chrome Extension gives you most of Grammarly’s features while you’re on WordPress editor, Google Docs, or whenever you’re creating content or text online without having to visit your Grammarly account. You will get all the suggestions in a green dot.

Is there a free trial available for the Grammarly premium version?

No, there is no free trial available for the Grammarly premium version. To help you understand what Grammarly can do, they do offer a free version that anyone can use.

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