8 Best LSAT Prep Courses (2024 Edition)

Best LSAT Prep Courses

Your hunt for the best LSAT prep courses ends right here! 

I tried, tested, and reviewed all the best LSAT prep courses on multiple aspects, including their curriculum, learning modules, benefits, and pricing. 

In fact, I have highlighted each of the best LSAT prep courses with an overview. I also shared why you should choose from the best LSAT prep courses. I have also listed the best LSAT prep books for you to choose from here.

You can read till the end to find my final thoughts on the best LSAT prep courses and make a wise decision on selecting the right LSAT prep course!

List Of The 8+ Best LSAT Prep Courses (2024)

Attempting an LSAT might sound easy, but it is undoubtedly not easy to crack. You might need something to push and better your LSAT preparation to get the best results.

I reviewed some of the best LSAT prep courses on various criterion factors to ensure that I can find the ultimate verdict and help you choose the right LSAT prep course.

To give a heads-up, I have considered the course curriculum, instructor quality, learning resources, and additional benefits among the best.

Are you still anxious about the LSAT? Don’t worry. The following list might find you helpful:

  • Princeton Review
  • Kaplan Test Prep
  • Magoosh LSAT
  • LSAT Max
  • Blueprint
  • Alpha Score
  • Testmasters
  • LSAT Demon

1. Princeton Review

Period: 4 weeks to 12 months

Module: In-person, On-demand online, and Live

Overview: Princeton Review has incorporated a unique teaching method with group engagement. In Princeton Review, you are promised a whopping of 8000+ centered verbal questions to practice for the LSAT ultimately. A personalized tutoring session phenomenally follows the instructor quality in Princeton Review. A high score increase is also guaranteed in Princeton Review, which is quite promising.

Best LSAT Prep Courses - PrinceTon Review


  • History of guaranteed success rate.
  • Customizable study schedules and plans.
  • Personalized tutoring and learning are available.
  • A large number of practice questions are provided.
  • A minimum score increase is guaranteed.

Budget: $167-$1599

2. Kaplan Test Prep 

Period: 12 months

Module: Live and On-demand online (Boot camp is available)

Overview: Kaplan Test Prep follows a traditional approach to its curriculum structure yet delivers the best in terms of quality. In Kaplan Test Prep, you get LSAT-verified practice tests and exams to get going with your revisions. Plus, the study materials are personally tailored according to your learning capabilities. As an extension to its learning modules, you can participate in an exclusive boot camp hosted by Kaplan.

Kaplan - Overview


  • Excellent traditional-style tutoring.
  • Personalized study materials.
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • Additional resources.
  • Exclusive boot camp.
  • LSAT-like questions.

Budget: $700-$1700

3. Magoosh LSAT

Period: 5 weeks to 12 months

Module: Live and Self-paced

Overview: Magoosh LSAT is one of the most affordable LSAT prep courses that provide value with logical explanations and comprehensive video lessons. Despite the limited budget factor, you get a generous amount of 7000+ practice questions to get going. With a minimum score guarantee and personalized study schedules, you get great value for money in Magoosh LSAT. Lastly, the live classes are practical.

Magoosh LSAT - Overview


  • Budget-friendly.
  • In-depth explanations.
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • Increase in practice questions.
  • Study plans are personally tailored.
  • A minimum score is guaranteed in Magoosh LSAT.

Budget: $299-$499

4. LSAT Max

Period: 3 months to 12 months 

Module: Live and Self-paced

Overview: As the name suggests, LSAT Max does the utmost justice. In LSAT Max, you get a detailed analysis tracker, 99th percentile instructors, and an unparalleled set of explanations for each practice question. Proven strategies are taught to rank at the top with a minimum score guarantee. The instructors in LSAT Max offer personalized support for all queries and doubts related to the LSAT and your preparation. 

LSATmax - Overview


  • A free LSAT-like exam is organized.
  • Study materials in multiple forms.
  • A minimum score is guaranteed.
  • Promising instructor quality.
  • Easy performance tracker.
  • In-depth video lessons.
  • Lifetime access.

Budget: $896-$1896

5. Blueprint

Period: 4 weeks to 12 months

Module: Live, In-person, and Self-paced

Overview: Blueprint is one of the most underrated LSAT prep courses, well-crafted with essential elements that enhance your study flow. With adequate use of appealing graphics, engaging instructors, and in-depth explanations, Blueprint smoothly checks out all the aspects. In Blueprint, you can witness a balanced ratio of explanation and video lessons. To top it all, you get a whopping of 8500+ LSAT questions to revise and practice with a free trial to explore Blueprint.

BluePrint - Overview


  • An additional set of practice questions.
  • A free trial is available to use Blueprint.
  • Provision of an exclusive study planner.
  • A high LSAT score increase is guaranteed.
  • A perfect blend of textual and visual content.

6. Alpha Score LSAT Prep

Period: 12 Month

Module: Self-Paced, Personal Assistance

Overview: Alpha Score is an affordable option for LSAT preparation. It is not as fancy as other courses listed on this list, but it will still give you all the things you need to prepare for this exam. All the course material on Alpha Score is online, and there are no live classes or on-demand options available here. The video lessons are not as tacky and creative as other companies. However, the concepts are being taught right and explained perfectly in the lessons. It is a budget option for students who don’t want to spend a lot to prepare for the LSAT.

Alpha Score


  • Practice Quizzes & Assignments
  • HD Video lessons & Tutorials
  • 60+ Official LSAT Exams
  • More than 6000 LSAT practice questions
  • Free Trial Option
  • Flexible Payment Option

Pricing: $389 – $789

7. Testmasters

Period: 3.5 Months

Module: Online, Live, and Classroom

Overview: Nowadays, it is easy to find an online prep course or virtual classes, but there are very few companies that offer in-person classroom experience, and Testmasters is one of them. It offers in-person classes in 12 different locations, including Texas, North Carolina, Arizona, Alabama, New York, etc. If you can’t attend classroom classes, then you can choose to buy an online course and live classes. You only have to take the classroom or live classes one to two times and choose the timings according to your schedule. It is best to enroll in it based on your LSAT test date so you can remember the material at the time of the examination.



  • Recorded video lessons in the online course
  • 45 hours of in-person or live on-demand classes
  • 24*7 academic support
  • Get written and video explanations
  • Get detailed score reports

Pricing: $1250 – $1850

8. LSAT Demon

Period: Monthly

Module: Online & Live Classes

Overview: LSAT is the newest addition to LSAT prep, and it is gaining popularity really quickly because of its drill-based approach, which can help you master the questions and the content of LSAT prep. There are four subscription options available on LSAT Demon. The drilling questions method helps students identify the question type quickly in the exam and answer correctly. It has an AI technology that gives questions to students and also tracks their progress. It also tells them which questions they answer correctly and which questions they still need to work on.

LSAT Demon


  • Access to all LSAT tests till now
  • Proctored Exams
  • AI-guided smart drilling
  • Ask button for students to ask questions from teachers
  • Daily live classes on the most expensive plan

Pricing: $0/month – $295/month

Reasons Why You Need The Best LSAT Prep Courses:

I am not going to deny that LSAT is such a pain in the bum, yet you gotta do what you gotta do. And what is that? Skip sections. NO! Study efficiently.

How do you do that? You might be helpless, but I got you covered. I am sharing all the benefits that you will obtain via the best LSAT prep courses. 

Also, I will highlight reasons why you should not settle for a mediocre LSAT prep course. Are you ready to hunt down the truth of the best LSAT prep courses?

Let’s go. 

Professional Guidance

If you are studying independently, you might not be sure about certain sections, especially getting stuck midway in a complicated chapter. 

Picking the best LSAT prep course might result in little to no such situations because your qualified instructor will tackle the obstacles when you are studying.

Since most instructors from the best LSAT prep courses are 99th percentile, you are promised quality content because they have a prior learning experience. At times, you might receive strategic tips on how to excel in the actual LSAT efficiently.

Study Schedule

Some students struggle without adequate study routines and time management. That’s when the best LSAT prep courses come in handy! 

Only the best LSAT prep courses offer benefits like customizable study schedules, a personalized study planner, and a learning calendar. In fact, you get an exclusive performance analysis tracker that will highlight your weakness instantly.

If you are clueless about covering different sections in a limited period, then the best LSAT prep courses might help you big time with study plans.

Test Experience

Although you might be vigorously studying for the LSAT, you might overlook the revision part where you have to practice old LSAT exams and questions. 

All LSAT courses offer a generous amount of practice questions. In fact, you get LSAT verified practice exams which means you can get a prior LSAT test experience.

Study Materials

Not every student might have access to LSAT preparation books or the budget to afford hardcopy materials, and so LSAT prep courses give professional tutoring and study materials altogether at reasonable pricing.

You might even get flashcards and multiple hard copies for practical learning. Plus, resourceful documents are also shared so that you can study efficiently.

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Which Is The Best LSAT Prep Course?

After reviewing all the best LSAT prep courses in several factors, I concluded that Blueprint ranks first and can be labeled as the best LSAT prep course.

Hear me out. You get quality content, 99th percentile instructors, 8500+ practice questions, exclusive study planner, high score increase guarantee, and what not?

Blueprint stands strong with compelling benefits, followed by Princeton Review, Magoosh LSAT, and Kaplan Test Prep, popular LSAT prep courses.

LSAT Max is another excellent choice for your LSAT preparation which conducts a free LSAT-like exam that gives lifetime access and a detailed performance tracker.

In my experience with all the best LSAT prep courses, I noticed that all the LSAT prep courses are somewhere on the same page, varying with minor tweaks and benefits. 

You can blindly trust all the best LSAT prep courses listed above without worrying!

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