12+ Best NCLEX Review Books For 2024

Nursing is one of the highest satisfactory jobs in the world. While the job involves several challenges, preparing for it is no exception. To ace the nursing examination, you will need the best NCLX review book to study. 

The NCLEX test is designed to see the true potential of nursing candidates. So it is given that the exam will take work. However, with the best NCLEX review book by your side, you will crush this all-important nursing test. 

In today’s article, we will go through some of the top NCLEX review books available in the market. To ensure you get a detailed and honest review, we have studied each NCLEX review book keenly. 

Top 5 Picks For Best NCLEX Books for 2024

If you are running out of time for your NCLEX test prep. The list below can help you find the best review book within seconds!

Sr.NoNCLEX Review Book Ranking Best For 
1Saunders Comprehensive Review For The NCLEX-RN Examination4.9/5Best NCLEX review book of all time 
2Davis’s Q&A Review for NCLEX-RN4.8/5Best NCLEX review book for thorough practice 
3Kaplan NCLEX-RN Prep Plus 4.6/5Best NCLEX study guide 
4Prioritization, Delegation, and Assignment4.6/5Best review book for reference post-NCLEX
5Lippincott Q&A Review for NCLEX-RN4.4/5Best NCLEX review book in a budget 

Here is a list of 11 NCLEX review books that can boost your preparation and confidence for the NCLEX examination. Let us look at each review book in detail. 

1. Kaplan NCLEX-RN Prep Plus:

Kaplan is one of the most popular and truest test prep brands. Millions of students prefer Kaplan to prepare for their examinations. 

Kaplan NCLEX-RN Prep Plus

The Kaplan NCLEX-RN Prep Plus is no exception. The review book levis up to the brand’s reputation and provides a complete guide on the NCLEX examination. 

You will find all the essential concepts covered in the NCLEX test. In addition, the book consists of realistic and practical study material that ensures the entire syllabus of the test is covered. As it covers each concept in detail, you can be sure to take advantage of all topics and have a revision of the known topics. 

Kaplan NCLEX-RN Prep Plus is a comprehensive review guide. All the concepts in the book are explained straightforwardly and concisely so you can easily understand the matter. Due to the simple and sharp use of words, students find it a simple breakdown of the complex concepts of nursing. 

Key Takeaway: 

  • Practical examples 
  • Detailed explanation 
  • Primary practice questions 
  • Relevant concepts 

2. Saunders Comprehensive Review For The NCLEX-RN Examination:

The current edition of Saunders Comprehensive Review For The NCLEX-RN Examination is one of the most beneficial study aids for aspiring nurses. While there are several challenges while preparing for nursing, the Saunders comprehensive guide helps you overcome all the complex concepts and topics. 

Saunders Comprehensive Review

The best part about this revival book is it is contractually updated to clear all the latest additions in the NCLEX syllabus. While seeing the size and thickness of the book, some people might feel overwhelmed. But it is one of the most comprehensive studies to prepare for NCLEX. 

With the Saunders Comprehensive Review, you do not need any other reference book. So if you are worried about missing out on a concept or topic, everything is already represented in this review book. 

It is a complete guide from the most standard topics to in-depth concepts of NCLEX. You can find various charts, tables, graphs, and loads of information on each topic. With more than 1000 pages, the Saunder review book is a hub for NCLEX concepts and various test prep strategies. 

Key Takeaway: 

  • More than 5000 practice problems 
  • Visuals for better understanding 
  • Test prep strategies in detail 
  • 85-question comprehensive test 

3. Mosby’s Comprehensive Review of Nursing:

When preparing for NCLEX, you must understand your struggles while understanding certain nursing concepts. Mosby’s Comprehensive Review of Nursing has a vast collection of different nursing topics to help you understand concepts quickly. 

Mosby’s Comprehensive Review of Nursing 

This review book is a must-have for all NCLEX aspirants, as you will have some vital concepts explained in straightforward language. Preparing for NCLEX can be confusing at times. However, with this book, you can get answers to your robust and strengthen your base concepts. 

With around 800 pages of extensive information, the book consists of various study materials useful to up your scores in NCLEX. If you air to ace your NCLEX examination, give this review book a read. 

Key Takeaway:

  • Wide range of nursing topics 
  • More than 4000 practice questions 
  • 2 model exam papers 
  • Practice papers costing of colorful charts and illustrations

4. HESI Comprehensive Review: 

HESI Comprehensive Review is an excellent option for students in their initial preparation phase. If you have sufficient time before appearing for NCLEX, you should get the HESI  Comprehensive Review. 

HESI Comprehensive Review

This review guide is one of the best options for students overwhelmed by the massive content in NCLEX review books. HESI comprehensive review has a systematic distribution of all the topics on nursing into chapters. 

This makes it relatively easy for the students to keep up with the terms and concepts of nursing. There is no debate that nursing is one of the most demanding fields to study. But with the HESI review book, you can ensure you can handle complex topics and theories. 

Key Takeaway: 

  • Engaging format 
  • Encourage studying 
  • Clear and simple language 
  • An in-depth explanation for the retention 

5. Lippincott Q&A Review For NCLEX-RN: 

The Lippincott Q&A Review for NCLEX-RN focuses on targeted learning for NCLEX test prep. In this review book, all the nursing concepts and theories are divided into different content areas. 

Lippincott Q&A Review For NCLEX-RN 

The topics consist of medical-surgical nursing, obstetrics, pediatric and mental health. The plus point of this NCLEX review book is that it is written by a well-regarded professor who has been associated with nursing. Diane McGovern Billings is a good nursing professional and instructor with years of experience. 

He has trained several students over the years and understands the weak points where students face difficulties. Hence, in Lippincott’s Q&A review, he systematically explained each acceptance and curated the overall formation. 

It also has various test and practice problems that improve understanding and your thought process about nursing concepts. All the questions in the book are arranged according to the difficulty level. So as you progress in the book, you will encounter advanced problems that help you ace the NCLEX exam. 

Key Takeaway:

  • More than 6000 practice questions 
  • Colour coding of content 
  • Helpful tips to prepare for NCLEX test questions 
  • Provide a similar format to the actual test

6. Kaplan NCLEX-RN Content Review Guide:

Another Kaplan book that helps you cover all the vital concepts and theories of nursing is the NCLEX-RN Content Review Guide. The book consists of all the relevant topics to nursing and helps you score a professional grade in the NCLEX examination. 

Kaplan NCLEX-RN Content Review Guide 

This NCLEX review book is excellent for students overwhelmed with preparing for their nursing entrance seeing the massive review guides. Kaplan NCLEX-RN Content Review Guide is a moderate-sized book with about 600 pages. 

All the concepts of nursing are explained in detail using straightforward language and some colorful illustrations as well. Additionally, this review book covers many syllabubs and NCLEX test prep for students so they can skip an entire nursing course. 

Key Takeaway: 

  • Well-explained nursing concepts that help in retention 
  • Encourages disciplined learning through study plans 
  • It contains Kaplan’s famous decision tree strategy for better results 
  • Easy-to-understand content 

7. NCLEX-RN Question and Answers Made Incredibly Easy:

As the name suggests, the NCLEX-RN Question and Answers Made Incredibly Easy is curated for ease of use and quick understanding. Students in the initial phase of NCLEX preparation might need help grasping nursing concepts due to the complex terms used in other books. 

NCLEX-RN Question and Answers Made Incredibly Easy

For them, this review book is their ultimate guide for starting the NCLEX test prep. This NCLEX review book has a unique representation based on two columns. The two columns in the book help you achieve instant results with excellent feed and information for the answers. 

It is now a fact that the actual NCLEX examination has an entirely different approach than books. The extensive resources available in this NCLEX review book will help you counter those challenges and help address other methods during your NCLEX test. 

Key Takeaway: 

  • More than 6500 practice questions 
  • Comprehensive exam formats 
  • 75 model exams
  • 265 complete question exams to ensure excellent preparation  

8. Prioritization, Delegation, and Assignment:

Prioritization, Delegation, and Assignment rank as the best book for students who aspire to become nurses. This excellent NCLEX review book is not limited to repairing you for the NCLEX examination. It has some terrific methods that help you develop valuable nursing skills. 

Prioritization, Delegation, and Assignment  

Most of the market’s study guides or revival books focus on practice questions and nursing concepts. However, these review books deal with logical analysis, critical thinking, problem analysis, and providing resolutions. 

Even though you might think these skills are not required in the NCLEX test prep, they will enable you to face the challenges in your nursing career. In addition, the problems and resolutions covered in this book also will allow you to solve practical questions in your NCLEX examination efficiently. 

Key Takeaway: 

  • Challenging questions to prompt critical thinking 
  • Real-life-based problems 
  • In-depth explanations for retention 
  • Evidence-based content 

9. Kaplan NCLEX Medication Review: 

One of the most critical aspects of the NCLEX examination is drugs and medication. To excel in your score on the NCLEX test, you will need a good knowledge of drugs and medicines concerning the human body. 

Kaplan NCLEX Medication Review

The Kaplan NCLEX Medication reviews a detailed guide towards medication and the types of questions that are asked related to the concept. This NCLEX review book has all the essential data required for the drugs and medical-related questions in the exam.

Moreover, this NCLEX review book has a unique layout. Ti is divided into different flashcards to do reading and understanding simple for the student. Each drug page contains all the verified and necessary information related to that particular drug. 

This NCLEX review book goes through regular updates to provide your relevant and latest data for the test. Hence they have also added a new section in the book that explains all the uses of medications.

Key Takeaway:

  • More than 300 drug flashcards 
  • Comprehensive index 
  • Categories and subcategories available for a better understanding 
  • Excellent for nursing students as well as fresher nurses 

10. Davis’s Q&A Review For NCLEX-RN:

Davis’s Q&A Review for NCLEX-RN is one of the most preferred choices for nursing students for ages. Several nursing students love this NCLEX review book because it has the highest number of practice questions compared to other review books. 

Davis’s Q&A Review For NCLEX-RN

As of now, Davis’s Q&A Review For NCLEX-RN ranks among the top ten NCLEX review books as it has 2750 practice questions. If you are a well-prepared student with all the concepts but cannot gather the confidence to attempt the NCLEX test, you should try this book. 

This NCLEX review book has ample question papers in printed and online forms to prepare you for the actual NCLEX exam. In addition, it also helps you improve your problem-solving ability and increase your speed in attempting questions. 

While providing quantity, this Nclex review book does not compromise quality. The questions in this book are challenging enough to instigate problem-solving abilities in students and ensure they achieve high-performance levels. 

Key Takeaway: 

  • More than 2000 printed practice questions and 10,000 online practice papers 
  • Student success center available for feedback 
  • Two comprehensive exams are available 
  • Guidelines for better understanding 

11. Exam Cram NCLEX Practice Questions:

Exam Cram NCLEX Practice Questions is one of the most affordable NClex review books available in the market. This book is rated relatively high for the material it provides at such a reasonable rate. It has about 1300 complete question papers designed for students to get a fulfilling experience of giving the NCLEX test. 

Exam Cram NCLEX Practice Questions

The Exam Cram NCLEX review book is best for students with limited test time. The book is a complete guide to revising all your knowledge, concepts, theories, etc., and ensuring you achieve maximum caliber to get high-performance results. 

So if you are in a rush to learn and are panicking about whether you will remember everything you have studied till now, this NCLEX review book is the best way to restore your confidence. Since it is a last-minute prep, you can refresh all the relevant theories at an affordable price. 

Key Takeaway: 

  • Time intensive 
  • Cram sheet that consists of essential concepts 
  • User-friendly 
  • Help to sharpen your memory 

12. Illustrated Study Guide For The NCLEX-RN

If you are looking for an NCLEX book with a lot of illustrations, then this is the perfect choice for you. Its 11th edition was launched back in January 2022 and came with a lot of new study materials. It uses well-curated mnemonics and charts to help you go through each nursing chapter.

Illustrated Study Guide For The NCLEX-RN

In the book, you will also see concepts in different color boxes, so it makes it easier for you to remember them. When you buy this book, you will also get access to the online materials of this book which includes over 2500 review questions.

The book also includes notecard pages that give you an overview of all the concepts that are available in the book. The book also follows an integrated systematic approach that shows the lifespan of old, adult, and pediatric humans and what basic nursing concepts you need to follow for each of them.

Key Takeaway:

  • Answers and explanations for each question
  • Access to 2500+ review questions
  • Mnemonic cartoons for a fun learning
  • Pharmacology Tables for drug information

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Wrapping Up: NCLEX Review Books

These were the 11 best NCLEX review books of all time. Depending on your requirements like preparation, in-hand time, etc., you can choose the best that fits your needs. 

While most of these books have excellent NCLEX practice questions, some have additional vital benefits for your preparation. 

Nursing is challenging, but if you have your heart set on it, these NCLEX review books can help you ace your scores tremendously. Nevertheless, some of these bok pricier than others. However, you must put your requirements first based on your needs and budget, and you can select the ideal option. 

We hope this article helped to find the best NCLEX review book for your preparation. Over to you; which NCLEX review book did you find the best? Let us know in the comment section below!


Which is the best NCLEX review book for last-minute prep?

If you are running out of time and need an NCLEX review book that helps you revise all the relevant points quickly, the Exam Cram NCLEX Practice Questions is the best option. 

Which NCLEX review book has the most practice questions?

Students who want to prepare thoroughly and have ample time must try Davis’s Q&A Review for NCLEX-RN. It has more than 2,500 printed and 10,000 online practice questions. 

Which is the best NCLEX review book of all time?

The Saunders Comprehensive Review For The NCLEX-RN Examination is one of the most popular and efficient NCLEX review books for test prep and understanding nursing concepts. 

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