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If you’re in the IT field and searching for a reliable platform for online IT training, you must have come across ItProTV. ItProTV is one of the most popular and renowned online platforms for all types of IT training. 

Currently, ItProTV is running an offer for all the courses. This is the best time to enroll in their programs as you can get a heavy discount. But sadly this discount isn’t for everyone. Only specific groups of people can get a special off as per ItProTV discount plans. 

But they also offer promo codes from time to time for all their subscribers, and I’ll tell you how to access them. Let’s begin.

Current Available Discounts & Promo Codes On ItPro For Special Citizens 

Currently, ItProTV is offering discounts for special citizens or everyday heroes, as they call it. These discounts are for military personnel, students, first responders (nurse, fire, EMT, and police), and teachers. But to avail of the promo codes or discounts, you have to verify that you belong to one of the above categories. 

For instance, if you click on the student discount tab, ItPro will take you to another page where you have to verify your ID card as a student from one of the verified universities. 

You have to authenticate your student ID card through VerifyPass. VerifyPass is an online platform where you can safely verify your ID cards. Once you complete this step, you can access the promo code and use it to get discounts. 

Other categories of citizens, like the military, first responders, and teachers, have to follow the same procedure to get discounts. If you’re wondering how much discount they are offering, here are the complete details- 

  • Military personnel will get 60% off. This includes active military and their dependents. 
  • First responders will get 50% off. This category includes- Firefighters (country, city, wilderness), Law Enforcement (Police, Deputies, Federal LEO), doctors, nurses, EMT/EMS, and government/public service. 
  • Students will also get 50% off on all personal plans. Students with email address, email address, and email addresses can claim the discounts. 
  • All teachers from pre-kindergarten, kindergarten to 12th-grade teachers, and even university professors with a teaching license will get 50% off. 

Please note that the student promo code is only applicable to students studying in the US and UK. And the other discounts are available for people working in the US, UK, CA, and AU. So people working outside these countries cannot avail of these discounts even if they fall under the special citizen category. 

How To Claim The ItProTV Promo Codes/ Discounts?( Step by step) 

Now that you know who can avail of these discounts let’s take you through the process of claiming the offers. 

You can claim the promo codes by following the steps mentioned below- 

Step 1: To claim your discount, you have to visit the VerifyPass page. You can visit the page by clicking here as well. 

ItProTV Promo Code - Official page

Step 2: Now, you have to select the category for which you want to claim the discount, as shown in the picture below. You have to enter your ID, and VerifyPass might take a few moments to verify your identity. 

ItProTV Promo Code - Create A Account

Step 3: Once done, you’ll get your special discount code. 

Step 4: If you already have an account in ItProTV, you have to send your discount code to the Member Services Team via the chat bubble. And if you don’t have an account yet, you have to enter the code in the promo code box during checkout. And you’ll get a discount. 

Does ItProTV Have Any Other Promo Codes? 

Yes, ItProTV gives pro codes from time to time for all its members, irrespective of who the citizens are. You can enter these codes during checkout in the promo code box. But promo codes are only seasonal; they are applicable only for a brief period. 

Hence, before applying the promo code, do check the expiration date. Also, you can apply the promo code only once. If you have already used it, you cannot re-apply it again. 

ITProTV Pricing Plans

I have told you enough about the promo codes, but what are the original pricing plans of ItProTV? Let’s see them as well. 

ItProTV Promo Code - Pricing

There are two types of paid plans in ITProTv- Business Plans And Personal Plans. 

Business Plan Prices 

Plans Prices 
Custom plan You can integrate courses according to your system and requirements and you can request the pricing by submitting some necessary details 
Corporate premium $529 per seat and per year 
Corporate standard $349 per seat and per year 

Individual Plans 

Monthly Plan 

Plans Prices 
Premium $49 per month
Standard $29 per month

Yearly Plan 

Plans Prices 
Premium $499 per month
Standard $299 per month

Is Buying ItProTv Subscriptions Worth It? 

In my opinion, ItProTv is actually a very helpful online IT training platform. It has all the resources you need to grow your IT career or to start your IT courses. Moreover, their course options are wide. 

Some of their popular course options are- Microsoft, Security Skills, CompTIA, Cisco, Linux, (ISC)2, Apple, AWS, Python, Google, Agile, Service Management, Project Management, PMI, GIAC, Networking Skills, Automation, etc. 

I took the Apple course, which helped me become certified Apple support professional. The course had 28 hours of training, and it mainly had two sections- Apple Certified Support Professional macOS 11 and Apple Certified Support Professional 10.14. 

The course had everything I needed to understand the core functionality of Mac, and it could handle different functions like basic troubleshooting and performing other key services. But it’s true that the course is a bit expensive. The standard course is $299, and the premium course is $499 a year. 

So I would say only those who are serious about their career in the IT sector should opt for this course. 

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Wrapping Up: ItProTV Promo Code (2022) 

Hopefully, you get all the information you wanted to know about the ItProTv promo code. While the general public doesn’t get heavy discounts, if you are a student, army, or military official or work in any first responder jobs, you will enjoy heavy discounts. 

And if you fall under one of the special categories of citizens, you should sign up for ITProTv courses. It’s the best time to buy a course at a much cheaper rate. 

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