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The International Students’ Admission Test, i.e., ISAT, is an examination designed by the ACER (Australian Council for Education Research).

The main aim of the examination is to assess the student’s skills and abilities for their entry to the top universities for medicine, dentistry, and healthcare courses

Are you planning to take up ISAT and wondering how many questions it consists of? Don’t worry; you will get your answer right in this article.

Along with the test format, I have also compiled the list of colleges that require ISAT for admission and some ISAT preparation tips for you.

ISAT Test Format: In a Nutshell

ISAT is designed to test your abilities and intellectual skills. Here is a quick overview of the ISAT test format.

ISAT Questions100 multiple-choice questions
Duration3 hours (180 min)
Registration Link 
Registration Dates 2023Test Window 1: 9 January 2023 (9 pm AEDT)
Test Window 2: 17 April 2023 (9 pm AEST)
Test Window 3: 17 July 2023 (9 pm AEST)
Test Window 4: 16 October 2023 (9 pm AEDT) 
Registration FeesAUD $413
Refund14-days after registration
Test FormatNo negative marketing system. Questions on Critical Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning. 
ISAT ResultsWithin two weeks of the last day of the test window sitting. 

Note: Candidates may only re-sit after 12 months from their previous sitting has elapsed. For example, If a candidate sat for the ISAT test on 10th April 2022, they can only re-sit for the ISAT test after 10th April 2023.

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  • ISAT detailed structure: Here

How Many Questions Are On ISAT?

ISAT is a 3-hour computer-based exam comprising about 100 questions with about 4 to 5 responses, among which candidates have to select the appropriate one.

The candidates are expected to solve these questions by applying skills, strategies, and knowledge. 

 How Many Questions Are On The ISAT - Overview

Even though your answers are incorrect, there is no penalty. So opt for attempting all the questions in order to improve your score. 

Below is the information you can go through to learn more about the test format. 

Test Format For ISAT 

The test includes 100 questions that you can answer by clicking on the radio button present next to your chosen option.

You can also navigate the previous or next questions by using the ‘next’ and ‘back’ buttons present at the bottom of the screen.

TIme Management

ISAT is a multiple choice questions-based test that is used to test your Critical and quantitative reasoning skills.

Critical Reasoning:

Critical reasoning mainly covers social science and humanities questions to analyse whether students can apply ideas and strategies and solve problems. 

Quantitative Reasoning:

Quantitative reasoning mainly includes questions based on passages from Science and Mathematics, present in the form of charts, graphs, tables, diagrams, etc. 

This type of question aims to determine the students’ capability to interpret tables and graphs, conduct scientific hypotheses and draw solutions to mathematical problems. 

Is ISAT Difficult? 

ISAT is one of the challenging and tricky examinations as it is conducted for entry into high stake universities for specialization in dentistry, medicine, and other healthcare-related courses. 

But don’t stress out; applying appropriate skills, strategies, and knowledge can definitely make it possible to crack the ISAT. 

To equip skills more efficiently, one-to-one classes with a tutor will be a perfect and beneficial option.

Tips To Prepare For ISAT 

If you are planning to take the ISAT exam anytime, here are some exam preparation tips for you. 

1. Manage The Time.

While solving the questions, keep an eye on the timer present on the top right-hand side of your screen. Don’t panic, and try to pace yourself.

2. Comprehend New Ideas. 

Comprehend new ideas and strategies, analyze and apply them, and draw solutions to problems accordingly. 

3. Read And Think Quickly and Wisely.

The exam duration is three hours, i.e., 180 minutes, with 100 questions to solve. Think and read the questions carefully and divide your time accordingly, like 1 minute and 40 seconds for each question. 

4. Choose Appropriate Answers.

Go through all the questions and their alternatives carefully; don’t rush into a hurry. Apply your knowledge and strategies and choose the appropriate answers. 

5. Review. 

With the help of the review option, flag the questions that you would like to solve later. Once you are done with all the questions, go through the questions and recheck your answers again. 

Which Colleges Require ISAT?

ISAT is mainly conducted for admission into high-stakes universities or colleges. Below is the list of a few colleges that require ISAT.

Sr.No.Name of the UniversityType of Course 
1University of Monash, Melbourne.Undergraduate Medicine
2University of Monash, Malaysian CampusUndergraduate Medicine
3Limerick UniversityOccupational Therapy
4Limerick UniversitySpeech and Language Therapy
5The University of New South Wales (UNSW)Undergraduate Medicine
6The University of TasmaniaBachelor of medical science and Doctor of medicine.
7The University of Western Australia (UWA)International Student Direct Pathway for entry of graduate to Medicine and Dentistry. 
8The Western Sydney University (WSU) Undergraduate Medicine

Free ISAT Resources:

Besides paid resources, you can also take advantage of free ISAT materials and resources available. I went through videos and guides to find some of the most informative ones that you can use.

Below, I have mentioned some of the free resources that are helpful for your test preparation.

Video Guides: 

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Key Takeaways: How Many Questions Are On The ISAT

The questions for ISAT are tricky and comprehensive; don’t invest much time in a single question. Read the questions carefully and manage your time appropriately. 

Take up as many practice tests as possible, as it will help you to improve your performance and boost your confidence. 

That’s all for ISAT. Go through the article, follow all the tips mentioned above and prepare well for effective results. 

Also, if you have any queries regarding ISAT, drop them in the comments below. 


How many times can candidates take the ISAT?

You can take the ISAT examination only one time a year. You can re-sit for the exam only after a period of 12 months.

Where are ISAT results declared?

The ISAT results are declared online. Once the results are out, you will receive an email from the ISAT office, after which you can log into your ACER account and access the results. 

What are the essentials required for the test session?

Below are some of the essential requirements for the test session. 
A computer or a Laptop.
Stable internet connection. 
Current photo bearing the identification document. 
Erasable whiteboard and pen or 2 pieces of A4 size paper, pencil, eraser and sharpener.
Mirror (handheld is fine) or any other reflective device. 
Those candidates whose native language is not English are allowed to carry a printed bilingual dictionary. 

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