7 Booming Startups In Dublin to Check (2024 Edition)

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The hottest startups in Dublin are outpacing all other startups globally. The strong market-educated workforce, European Union membership, and the lowest corporation tax rate in Europe (at 12.5%) all drive businesses to Dublin. These startups are all unique and fantastic creations for the future. 

Being an entrepreneur or prospective entrepreneur requires extensive knowledge of the business, and when the industry is a startup, Dublin comes in handy. 

We’ve chosen some of the top startups in Dublin for this article to give you a clear picture of them, but before we get started, let’s go through the key takeaways from each of the hottest Dublin startups. 

Sr. No.Hottest Dublin startupsKey Takeaways
1.TinesBest Dublin startup for automation of complex manual tasks.
2.MannaStartup helps delivers orders more reliably through drones.
3.Zipp MobilityDockless scooter-sharing company provides an environmentally friendly alternative to cars.
4.&OpenHelps corporations send presents and build brand loyalty.
5.KinzenProtects the world’s public information from misleading information.
6.VollogramsConverts regular videos into volumetric holograms.
7.BoundlessHelps employers find international employees and grow remote teams.

7+ Hottest Startups In Dublin

Now let’s quickly get into the details below of the 7+ hottest startups in Dublin.

1. Tines

Founded year2018
Funding$96.2 million
FounderEoin Hinchy, Thomas Kinsella
IndustrySoftware development 

Tines are the most trusted company in the critical security workflow. Startups like Fortune 10, Canvas, Data Brick, Circle, Coin base, etc., use Tines for no code automation. Eion and Thomas, the Founders of Tines spent years as senior security operators before investing in Tines to simplify enterprise automation. 


Tines focused on the pain points of security and operation teams, who are often stuck doing manual, repetitive tasks. Tines are a boon for such teams as it automates easily as well as complex manual tasks without any plugins, custom codes, and apps. It’s one of the best Dublin startups for ops and security teams to automate their manual operations removing the technology or coding barriers.

2. Manna

Founded year2018
Founder Bobby Healy

Manna is a startup purely made out of the frustration of late and non-reliable delivery from local stores in Dublin. Bobby Healy made Manna intending to improve the world by making lightning-fast deliveries of coffee, food, medical supplies, etc., from local stores to your doorsteps through drones. 


Furthermore, Manna is currently one of the hottest startups in Dublin. Deliverables from Manna solve the issue of late delivery by delivering orders within 3 minutes with a charge of 3 quid, making it an affordable option for customers and vendors. Manna drones do order deliveries within 30 square miles, and you can also keep track of your order in the Manna app.

3. Zipp Mobility

Founded year2019
Funding€8.2 million
FounderCharlie Gleeson
IndustryEnvironmental services

Zipp mobility is a startup providing its customers the convenience of traveling around the city with an environmentally friendly alternative to cars. It is a leading Irish micro-mobility startup expanding itself at a fast pace from Dublin into the UK. Zipp mobility guarantees optimal outputs in sustainability, an innovative approach to parking through mobility and safety. 

Zipp Mobility

Furthermore, Zipp mobility provides the best technology by partnering with the best engineers in the industry. Zipp mobility uses cargo bikes and electric vans with the mission to minimize their carbon footprints. Following the approach of “listen first, design second”, they engage the entire community, including users and non-users.

4. &Open

Founded year2017
Funding$7.2 million
FounderJonathan Legge
IndustryB2B Saas

&Open is a gifting platform for corporates who find it confusing to send presents. &Open calls itself the world’s first happiness platform due to its ability to improve business by building brand loyalty. &Open sends physical as well as digital gifts from brands to people at any scale. Jonathan experienced the issue of corporate gifting being the CEO of his previous company, Makers & Brothers, and decided to help corporations solve similar issues through &Open. 


Moreover, &Open provides you access to faster and better corporate gifting with advanced gifting experience with execution campaigns to 180+ countries at any scale.

5. Kinzen

Founded year2017
Funding€2.3 million
FounderMark Little, Àine Kerr, Paul Watson 
IndustryMedia tech

With the rise of social media, the spread of misinformation has become easy here, Kinzen proves to be a boon. Kinzen, founded with the initial aim of improving the quality of news feed for internet users, now helps to protect the world’s public conversations from information risk. 


Kinzen combines human expertise, including an experienced group of scientists, engineers, developers, etc., and machine learning to avoid spreading harmful content in multiple languages through early warnings. 

Kinzen provides reliable data and safety professionals, public policymakers, and content moderators, helping them stay ahead of harmful misinformation, violent content, threats, etc.

6. Volograms

Founded year2018
Funding$2.36 million
FounderRafael Pagès, Jan Ondŕej, and Konstantino Amplianitis.
IndustrySoftware development 

With the mission of building the future of communication and content creation, Volograms are an invention for people looking for a faster and more affordable alternative to creating traditional holograms. Volograms is an application that converts regular video captured on a smartphone into volumetric holograms. 


With Volograms, you can capture, play and share Volograms with your smartphones. It is a perfect tool for tourism, fashion, games, virtual production, marketing activations, etc. Creating Volumetric holograms has become easy with Vologram, with which you can create and integrate your volumetric video with Blender, WebXR, Unity, and so on and make AR and VR content creation as simple as recording a video on your smartphone.

7. Boundless

Founded year2019
Funding€4.4 million
FounderDee Coakley 
IndustryB2B Saas

One thing the pandemic has taught employers is that skills have no boundaries, and hiring the right people from around the world is a positive and significant impact on the work. Boundless is made for such employers seeking the right employees from all over the world, providing global employment, payroll, benefits, employee share option, and so on behalf of the customers. 


Boundless helps employers to retain talent where ever they may be. It is the platform for the global team with automated compliant employment and payments in local currencies and grows their remote international teams. 

Currently, Boundless is supporting Canada, Brazil, Ireland, the Czech Republic, Australia, Bulgaria, etc., and it aims to spread its services all over the world in the future and make global employment simple.

Wrapping Up!

That was the end of the list of the hottest startups in Dublin; by now, you must have evaluated the inventiveness of each startup that would change the future. Dublin is supposed to attract IT founders, and Ireland is the ideal place for entrepreneurs looking to implement their company ideas.

Furthermore, the Irish company’s largest exporters and investors include Google, Facebook, PayPal, Intel, Johnson & Johnson, and others. Not only that but it is also ranked among the most favorable countries for business. In the near future, the hottest companies in Dublin may become the largest in the world. The businesses mentioned above are promising, and we can see the future via these great creations.


Is Ireland good for startups?

Yes, Ireland is good for startups as the startups in Ireland are growing with global growth potential attracting the best talents and top companies. With 25,695 startups in 2021 Ireland is rapidly increasing its reach in the world of startups.

What is Dublin?

Dublin is the main hub of Ireland, and it’s also the main hub for global businesses, especially tech startups.

What are the best small businesses to start in Ireland?

You can consider starting small businesses related to consulting, fitness, technology, science, media, and advertising in Ireland.

Why is Ireland attractive for Tech startups?

The low corporate tax rate, good market access alongside an educated workforce, and membership in the European Union make Ireland attractive for tech startups.

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