12+ Best BAR Prep Courses For Beginners In 2024

Isn’t it hectic to prepare for the BAR with no knowledge about the jurisdiction? 

I have the best BAR prep courses that might benefit you if you can relate. 

I tried, tested, and reviewed some of the best BAR prep courses high in quality and budget-friendly and provided resourceful study materials to get going.

In this article, you will find everything about the best BAR prep courses, including their course quality, curriculum approach, benefits, and pricing plans. 

List Of The 12+ Best Bar Prep Courses (2024)

BAR exams are certainly not the tests you’d want to attend without adequate preparation. I mean, it is not an English paper that you can skim at the last minute. 

If you want to become a qualified attorney, knocking out your BAR exam could be the first step, so I have gathered the best BAR prep courses for you to get started. 

Note that the best BAR prep courses that I recommend are not magic potions that will show immaculate results if you don’t put in the work from your side. Yet, I can guarantee that your process in preparing for the BAR will be smooth for real.

Enough of talking. Have a look at the best BAR prep courses right away!

  • Kaplan BAR
  • BarMax
  • Themis Bar
  • Quimbee
  • Crushendo
  • AdaptiBar
  • Bar Prep Hero
  • Smart BAR Prep
  • Barbri
  • AmeriBar
  • Critical Pass
  • Studicata

1. Kaplan BAR

Kaplan BAR ranks at the top for the right reasons. Allow me to explain. 

You get 100+ hours of video instructions that are focused on delivering quality content, along with a bonus of 160+ live class hours. 

Enough screen time for a student to learn efficiently. Kaplan BAR is worth the time.

Regarding practice questions, you get a whopping 4000+ MBE, which is more than enough to get going with the revision part. 

What’s more? Kaplan BAR is accessible for 3 whole months. Although it doesn’t give lifetime access like its competitors, Kaplan BAR has calculated the right amount of period needed. Plus, you learn from REAL LAWYERS in Kaplan BAR. You heard me.

BAR Prep Courses  - Kaplan

The instructors in Kaplan BAR are actually lawyers cum teachers, which means you are in safe hands, and you do not have to think otherwise. The exposure you’d get!

If you generally rely on study materials, Kaplan BAR will also get hard copies for you. A quick reminder. You can get your money back from Kaplan BAR if you don’t pass.

Kaplan BAR has a different approach to its production of courses wherein you can manually choose the desired state in which you live or want to work. The moment you select the state, a dedicated lawyer from that specific area will be allotted for you.

Still, the pricing of Kaplan BAR lies in the same range, which is $1599/- only. 

Let me recall that the pricing does not change according to the states to avoid any confusion.

2. BarMax

BarMax is a great treat for all visual learners. 

I noticed that BarMax made its platform modern-friendly, which means there is no place for old-school content, and everything is fresh and ready to learn.

With 50+ hours of voiceover lectures with insightful notes, you are spoon-fed by Harvard professors on ultimately cracking the BAR exam without any hassles. 

You know that performance tests are essential to revise the learning you have gained, so BarMax takes 75+ performance tests to be well-trained. 

To gamify the whole BAR learning experience, BarMax also gives 600+ flashcards that can make your learning – fun and engaging


In fact, it is an excellent way to practice, and BarMax does a great job. *claps*

Speaking of practice, you get 180+ practice essays in BarMax that are helpful. Once you have enrolled in BarMax, you are guaranteed to pass. Not even kidding!

Lastly, you can relax and take enough time because BarMax offers lifetime access. 

The pricing of BarMax ranges from $2495 to $6495. Don’t jump to conclusions. Wait! BarMax seems expensive since complete private tutoring comes with a cost. 

Still, the BarMax Intro Tutoring lies on the midway, priced at $3295/- only. If I were you, I might have enrolled in this instantly since it is fair and right off the bat.

What about study materials? You get the best of both worlds. Hardcopies & Digital!

3. Themis Bar

Themis Bar has surely raised the bar in preparing for the actual BAR. 

Too many bars, but you get what I mean. It was pun intended, again.

You basically get everything that the competitors offer, but Themis Bar stands out by offering scientifically backed-up lectures led by experts and insightful analysis. 

Yes – Themis Bar has an in-built performance tracker that can tell you if you are falling back or rising above. Themis Bar will inform you of any progress in your performance. 

Themis Bar

Get the appropriate resources to prepare for the BAR exam in Themis Bar. Taking the leap, Themis Bar also hosts test-taking strategy workshops for you.

You will receive personalized feedback in Themis Bar on your hustle toward BAR success, along with diagnostic assessments and on-demand video lessons. 

It does not stop there. You get UNLIMITED grading options with practice essays.

Brace yourself. You still have more. With a whopping 4000+ practice questions, including NCBE-licensed practice questions from previous BAR exams, Themis Bar checks out all the boxes and is one of the best BAR prep courses.

You might have to spend a little up to $1295 to $1695 to get Themis Bar.

4. Quimbee

If you lie in the 93% of the students enrolled in Quimbee, you will pass the BAR exam.

Did you read the first line? Yes? Apparently, that is what Quimbee is claiming, but I dug a little deeper into Quimbee to find the truth, and I did not expect it.

Quimbee offers several extraordinary benefits, and you need to know what they are: 

You get licensed BAR questions to practice and digestible on-demand lessons to learn quickly. Plus, only real attorneys grade your performance in Quimbee.


Find your weak points with the progress tracking in Quimbee and schedule your planning easily.  Additionally, Quimbee can be accessed even if you are on the go.

I have to say that Quimbee has got quite the benefits. In numbers, you have 120+ bite-sized video lessons along with 1800+ MBE practice questions to get going.

It doesn’t matter if you are a visual or traditional learner; Quimbee can be streamed on your mobile via its app or printed out as papers – whichever is convenient for you. 

Without rounding up the pricing, you can get Quimbee at $999/- which is fair. If you are skeptical, give it a try once since there is an easy money-back guarantee.

5. Crushendo 

Crushendo is the next on the list that will help in crushing your BAR. (pun intended)

You can call it too much emphasis, but it is actually possible to crush the BAR with Crushendo’s help. Hear me out. I got super impressed by the benefits of Crushendo.

Have you ever heard of audio flashcards for learning? Crushendo does it. Even the lessons are audio-based in Crushendo, which proves that audio content works better, and that is why Crushendo stands out from the rest of its competitors. 


Memorizing is a tough, unpaid job, yet Crushendo can help you memorize everything you need to learn for the BAR exam using compelling mnemonic devices.

Although you cannot find the fancy stuff that you might often see in other courses, Crushendo offers a significant number of materials at an affordable price tag.

To give a heads-up, Crushendo provides 2000+ general BAR practice questions. 

Crushendo is one of the best BAR prep courses to consider if you count dollars from your wallet since it provides quality content with limited resources.

6. AdaptiBar

How easy would life be if your mother held your hand and navigated you in the right direction? AdaptiBar follows the same principle by providing guidance based on your preparation for the BAR. AdaptiBar has got its eyes on you. 

Not literally, but through performance analysis. Don’t overthink. I’ll explain it to you.

AdaptiBar will detect all the weak points you have and offer adequate help by turning a weakness into your ultimate strength. The prime motive of AdaptiBar is to tackle the obstacles that are holding you back from scoring the highest in BAR.


You get a total of 1900+ practice questions, including 215 simulated questions, which might help upscale your preparations for better and more effective coaching. 

Many students saw an increase in BAR scores after using AdaptiBar; why not give it a try?

7. Bar Prep Hero

Bar Prep Hero dedicates its whole life to practice. 

It is not a joke. Bar Prep Hero really concentrates on the practice aspect of BAR preparation a bit too hard, yet it is worth all the time and effort invested into it. 

You will learn, practice, and review each BAR-licensed question in Bar Prep Hero. Still, Bar Prep Herp claims that they do not follow any course curriculum or structure. 

Bar Prep Hero

From an angle, it seems like you are left with a dead-end, but it still sounds convincing to know that the stronger your practice is, the better you will write your BAR easily.

Since the primary objective of Bar Prep Hero is to do your practice, it might not be a better fit for everyone, so you can consider it only if you need help to practice.

Bar Prep Hero guarantees 2200+ practice questions and voiceover for each question, along with online MBE flashcards. You also get 510 simulated questions as a bonus.

Did you not pass BAR after using Bar Prep Hero? Check your notifications; you might have received your refund from them. Plus, you also get an MBE exam simulator. 

Bar Prep Hero stands out with exclusive benefits that you might not get from its competitors, like answer popularity, night mode, voiceover mode, and challenge bank. 

In fact, you can also immerse and get the BAR exam room experience by turning on the exam room ambient sound effects in Bar Prep Hero. Still, people who choose BAR prep courses for learning and guidance might find such benefits unnecessary. 

You can unlock all the features in Bar Prep Hero by paying $449/- only. 

Lastly, there is no rush or deadline to use Bar Prep Hero. You can access it for life!

8. SmartBarPrep

SmartBarPrep fails to produce enough content yet assures that it provides the best quality. If I could describe SmartBarPrep in one line, I’d say “Quality > Quantity.”

Using SmartBarPrep, you can prepare for the BAR most smartest way by taking licensed MBE practice questions, smart flashcards, and attack sheets. 

You can check how many times each question has been tested in the BAR by checking out the frequency charts in SmartBarPrep. This is a rare feature!


If it is your first time attempting the BAR, you get helpful guides, smart outlines, and resourceful tools in SmartBarPrep. To reduce the baggage of bulk content, SmartBarPrep relentlessly says that it aims to train you for the BAR smartly. 

You can choose your exam state in SmartBarPrep and get A-Z resources to prepare for the BAR. It is as simple as it sounds. You also get smart BAR guides to learn.

Regarding the budget, you can buy SmartBarPrep from $124 to $399. Still, a popular choice priced at $275 in SmartBarPrep is recommended to benefit fruitfully.

9. BarBri

BarBri is known for its history of success rate. If you see a powerful attorney defending his petitioner in a court in America, he has likely used BarBri. I can safely say that BarBri does a great job balancing the quality and quantity of content production.  Still, to some degree, BarBri might feel dry for some users.

I have to give 10/10 for the study materials offered by BarBri since the structuring and format were well-designed, which is perfect for any beginner preparing for the BAR.


From MBE tests to practice questions to a workbook, BarBri provides everything. As BarBri has a legal background, you get enough support from the BarBri team, if needed. 

Still, the content access is restricted to 3 months only, and unfortunately, there is no money-back guarantee in BarBri. If you look at the bright side, you get 2500+ MBE practice questions and 100+ video instructions along with 100+ live class hours.

The pricing is $2999, quite expensive, but BarBri is worth the investment! 

10. AmeriBar

AmeriBar offers their BAR exam prep in upto 40 different states for the US. It offers Bar Review and Bar Exam Tutoring courses, where you will learn everything from Nation’s top Bar experts. It also has live classes & workshops where you will learn directly from the instructor along with your peers.

You can also mix and match courses to fit your learning type and schedule. All of the courses available on AmeriBar are self-paced, and you can contact the support team whenever you want. If you want more help, then you can simply opt for the private tutoring option.


In the study materials, you will get physical books along with practice questions and online video lectures. They also offer MBE question bank for a price of $999, which gives you one year of access to more than 2500 simulated questions.

There are three complete options available which cost $1295, $1795, and $2895 simultaneously, and you can choose any one of them. They also offer three partial options, which cost $1495 for Attorney’s Exam access, $1495 for Florida Part A Only Access, and $1999 for Live Class Pass.

You can also get private tutoring at $1749+ and schedule the live classes as per schedule.

11. Critical Pass

Critical Pass is another great BAR exam prep that is a lot different from other prep courses we have listed here. They do not offer the regular exam prep that others offer, it only offers flashcards that help students in preparing. It offers flashcards for MBE,  MEE Essay + MPT, and digital-only flashcards.

All the flashcards available on Critical Pass are color-coded and also organized by the subjects. The flashcards are also further divided according to sub-topics. In these flashcards, you will see concise statements of the topics.

Critical Pass

You can also add your notes at the end of each flashcard. These flashcards are enough for you to prepare for MBE or MEE, depending on which one you choose. You can also use these flashcards to learn on the go.

The pricing of MBE flashcards is $170, the MEE Essay And MPT flashcards cost $140, the MBE + MEE + MPT Flashcards + Digital costs $280, and the pricing of the Critical Pass app is $128. You will get access to these flashcards for one year.

12. Studicata

Studicata Bar Prep is an online bar exam preparation course designed to help law students and graduates pass the bar exam. The comprehensive course provides students with outlines, videos, multiple-choice questions, essays, performance tests, and more to ensure thorough preparation for the bar exam.


Some key features of Studicata Bar Prep include:

  • It has detailed video lectures that walk through bar exam subjects like Constitutional Law, Contracts, Criminal Law, and others. The videos are engaging with animations and visuals.
  • Comprehensive outlines that summarize the most important rules and concepts for each subject tested on the bar exam. The outlines are easy to understand and help simplify complex legal topics.
  • A database of over 1,500 multiple-choice questions to practice and apply legal concepts across all subjects. Detailed explanations are provided to reinforce understanding.
  • Essay and performance test prep with real past exam questions, sample answers, and strategies to pass the written portions.
  • Adaptive technology to identify student strengths/weaknesses and customize study plans based on performance. This helps students spend time efficiently reviewing weaker areas.
  • A flexible online platform accessible 24/7 on mobile, tablet, and desktop. This allows students to study whenever and wherever is convenient.

Overall, Studicata provides a tech-enabled, comprehensive curriculum designed to boost confidence and maximize bar exam scores for law students and graduates. The course aims to simplify bar prep with engaging video lessons, testing, and adaptive features.

It has free courses for law school & bar exam prep. The pricing for the law school exam prep courses starts from $19/month. The pricing for bar exam courses starts from $197.

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Final Thoughts: Best BAR Prep Courses (2024)

My mission is complete. You got the best BAR prep courses right above!

There are hundreds of BAR prep courses on the internet, yet after extensive research and review processing, I managed to make the best list. 

While testing the best BAR prep courses, Kaplan BAR performed exceptionally well in almost all aspects compared to its competitors; that is why it is on the top.

The other best BAR prep courses, like Quimbee, Themis Bar, and BarMax, did a great job in different aspects, followed by Crushendo, SmartBarPrep, and BarBri.

Ultimately, I ensured to pick the best BAR prep courses with very minimal downsides!

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