Becker CPA Review 2024: Is It Worth The Hype?

The Uniform Certified Public Accountant Examination or CPA, is one of the most challenging professional certifications to obtain. 

In order to ace the CPA exam in one go, It is necessary to have appropriate and fully-fledged preparation material. But no worries, Becker CPA has got you covered. 

The Becker CPA preparation material provides you with a realistic exam experience. 

So, to get a clear idea about the Becker CPA, you can check out the detailed review of the platform provided below. 

Course Quality Top-Notch And On-The-Point Video Lessons 
Features Interactive study plannerDigital flashcards Unlimited Academic support Adapt2U learning technology Unlimited access to course content 
Pricing Starts at $2,299 
Free Trial 14-day free trial period 
Support Offers active customer support team 
Rating 4.8/5 

Becker CPA Review: Overview 

Becker CPA is a comprehensive and reliable source for preparing for CPA and is one of the oldest CPA review courses offering top-notch course content. 

More than one million CPA candidates access the CPA course offered by the platform, and it is a highly reputed CPA exam preparation course. It has an adaptive learning technology known as Adapt2U that is integrated into all its prep course packages. 

The platform is packed with high-quality content, expert instructions, personalized support, and unique practice tools at every step, and the Becker CPA preparation course will definitely provide bang for your buck. 

Key Features Of Becker CPA 

You can access the following features through Becker’s different subscription plans. 

  • Opportunity to learn from the CPA exam experts.
  • Access to FAQ database and student forums 
  • 1-on-1 private tutoring 
  • Simple and on-the-point video lessons 
  • Final Review capstone course with four additional simulated exams. 
  • 400 skillbuilder videos. 
  • Adapt2U technology custom practice tests 

Platform And User Experience 

According to my experience with the platform, I would say that Becker offers a very simple and intuitive user interface that you can navigate easily. 

All the graphics of the platform are eye-catchy. The look of the website is clutter-free and professional. 

The Home page of the platform is well-organized with different examination sections, and under the CPA exam review section, there are several options where you can see the courses and products, exam resources, offers/financing, and many more. 

Becker CPA Review - Features

Also, the packages are integrated with Adapt2U technology which can generate custom study schedules for all the students. It eliminates the knowledge gap and reinforces the memorization of essential concepts. 


All the classes offered by Becker are conducted by a team of CPA expert instructors from different fields, such as accounting, business, and law. 

They have decades of practical experience to ensure you learn all the key points essential to ace all the exam sections. 

Becker CPA Review - Instructor

The platform also allows personalized one-on-one access with the certified team of CPA experts. Along with expert instructors, Becker has a team of expert writers who have compiled all the technical terminologies into easy-to-understand study materials. 

Free Trial 

The 14-day free trial offered by Becker allows you to understand the structure of the review course. With the Becker free trial period, You can get access to the wide range of features as follows. 

Becker CPA Review - Free Trial
  • Around 60 adaptive, personalized review sessions 
  • Unlimited Practice tests
  • Approximately 1,490 multiple-choice questions
  • 100 task-based simulations together with skill master video tutorials 
  • Digital Flashcards 
  • 31 hours of lectures 
  • Two full units per content section.

Becker CPA Resources 

With a huge library of study material, Becker offers many resources, including video lessons, practice tests, MCQ tests, Simulations, and books. To get a clear idea about some of them, read on further. 

Video Lessons 

There are in-all four different sections that you have to prepare for in order to crack the CPA examination. 

Becker features an efficient curriculum structure with an in-depth explanation of all the concepts. 

The new Exam Solver feature offered by Becker provides you with around 900 bite-sized video lessons, eight simulated exams, and twelve mini-exams. 

The skill builder covers the video lessons based on the coursework, whereas the Examsolver videos cover the questions included under Becker’s simulated and mini exams. 

Practice Test

Beckar’s CPA Prep Course allows you to access up to 8,300+ multiple-choice questions. All the practice questions are extensive in scope and are pretty similar to that of the actual test. 

All the practice exams are well-designed, providing a realistic experience and preparing you well for the final test. You can also look for the explanation of the problems. 

Moreover, the platform also offers mock tests to help you better understand what the actual test looks like. 


To help you get a clear idea about the core concepts crucial for the CPA examination, Becker offers 1300+ digital flashcards. 

All the flashcards are in a portable format so that you can learn at any time and from anywhere. 

Live Classes 

The live classes conducted generally cover the same topics as those included in on-demand video sessions. 

With the Concierge and Pro plan of Becker CPA, you can access the 1-on-1 academic tutoring sessions. Live classes are the best option to retain and revise different concepts. 

Becker CPA Prep Books 

Along with video lessons and practices, another thing I appreciate about the course is that it offers printed and annotated digital textbooks

The textbooks are formatted appropriately to help you get the concepts cleared easily. I personally found that the contents of the books are well-aligned. 

Books are divided into distinct sections starting with the simple and basic concepts, followed by important concepts, and ending with the advanced and complex concepts. It is very well-designed and organized and comprises essential graphics. 

Mobile Application 

Becker features an exclusive on-the-go mobile application and an award-winning study game application

Available for Android, Apple, smartphones, and tablets, the mobile application offered by CPA has made it easy to prepare for the CPA examination anytime and anywhere. 

Also, the app automatically synchronizes your performance between your mobile device and computer so that you can pick up right from where you left off. 

Content Access Period 

Talking about the content access period, it depends on the type of subscription plan you purchase. 

You can have unlimited access to all the course contents on the Concierge, Pro, and premium plans. 

However, you will have 24-month access to all the course contents on the Advantage plan of the course. 

Pros And Cons Of Becker CPA

Now that we are aware of the primary offerings of the platform let us take a quick look over the pros and cons associated with Becker CPA. 

Pros Cons 
It offers comprehensive CPA prep. Curriculum. Subscription plans are quite expensive. 
Allows access to a 14-day free trial period. It offers a wide range of study materials that might seem difficult to complete. 
Adapt2U learning technology 
Offers an exclusive mobile application.
Self-paced lectures 

Pricing Plans And Refund Policy Of Becker CPA 

To get a clear idea about the pricing plans offered by Becker CPA, scroll down below. 

Becker CPA Review -Pricing
  • Concierge Plan: The Concierge subscription plan is offered at $5,999 and provides unlimited access to all the course contents. 
  • Pro Plan: You can access the Pro plan offered by Becker CPA at $2,299, along with several features, such as the resources from CPA exam educators. 
  • Premium Plan: Becker CPA premium plan will cost you around $3,099 and is packed with a wide range of features, including live online CPA exam classes and exclusive CPA textbooks. 
  • Advantage Plan: The Advantage plan of Becker CPA is the basic one offered at $2,499 and has an access period of 24 months. 

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Final Verdict: Is Becker CPA Worth It In 2024? 

Wrapping up, Becker CPA is a great option packed with many features, exclusive course content, and coursework design. 

If you have any queries regarding the sessions of practice problems, then Becker has got you covered. You can access 1-on-1 tutoring to get guidance from the experts. 

Along with the video lessons and practice questions, the Becker CPA course also offers several additional resources, including BEC deep dive workshops, Exam Solver, Supplemental multiple choice practice questions, and many more. 

The pricing plans offered by Becker might seem expensive compared to other platforms available, but they often offer seasonal discounts, so make sure you keep track of them. 

Moreover, with the Pro and Concierge plans, you can access the final review capstone course and four additional simulated exams. 

With so many features offered by the platform to help you make exam-ready, and based on my experience, I would definitely recommend the Becker CPA course. 

I hope the review gave you a clear idea about the course and the platform. If you have any queries, drop them in the comments section below. 


What are the requirements to become a CPA? 

In order to become a licensed CPA, here are a few requirements that you can check out. 
Bachelor’s degree with 150 hours of credit work 
Some states may also require specific hours of accounting studies.
Few States have an age limit which is a minimum of 18 years, whereas, in New York and Missouri, the age limit is 21 years

Which is the most challenging CPA exam? 

The FAR, i.e., Financial Accounting and Reporting, is considered one of the most difficult CPA exams and comprises the lowest passing scores as other exams. 

What is the CPA exam pass rate of the Beckers? 

The overall passing rate estimated by the Beckers is around 45% to 55% in any given year. In 2020, students also reported passing 94% of the CPA exam section that they attempted. 

Is Becker’s CPA review worth opting for?

Becker CPA Review is absolutely worth it. With excellent study materials and a broad array of features offered by the platform, it has helped millions of learners to ace the CPA examination. 

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