How it works


Put your vocabulary list on ClassTracks or use another teacher’s shared list. ClassTracks lets you customize definitions, audio, and images for every word on your list.


ClassTracks works like flashcards, but better!

  • Students are challenged to actively recall each term before seeing the correct answer
  • Students see and hear media with each term
  • ClassTracks uses spaced repetition so students repeat words exactly when they need to see them for optimal retention.

You have instant access to an easy-to read dashboard showing your students’ data. Keep track of how long students were using ClassTracks, how they did, and where they struggled. See data on your whole class, or zoom into an individual student for a more detailed report. No need to grade endless worksheets - ClassTracks makes it easy to turn student data into marks in your gradebook.

What Makes ClassTracks Different?

There are other vocabulary tools on the internet that may seem similar to ClassTracks. However, don’t be fooled. ClassTracks is the only vocabulary tool that incorporates all of these features.

  1. ClassTracks is fully customizable. Teachers can upload vocabulary and use the cloud feature to upload images.
  2. ClassTracks uses the scientifically proven method of spaced-repetition to help build and retain students’ memory of target language vocabulary. Students see the word, hear the word, and type the word in both their native language, and in the foreign language they are learning. Words that were more challenging for students to learn are shown more often. Moreover, unlike most spaced repetition programs, students using ClassTracks must attempt to define a term before seeing the correct answer. This ensures that students are using active recall strategies when studying. Most spaced repetition programs allow students to rate their own understanding of each word, leading to inconsistencies and misunderstandings.
  3. Teachers have access to their class’s data so that they can see where individual students (or the class as a whole) are struggling. More importantly, students have access to their own data. Students can see what units or vocabulary they are struggling with and can keep track of the amount of points they have accumulated by looking at easy to read graphs and charts.

Features Coming Soon

  • A class leaderboard that shows student scores compared to other students in the class.
  • Students will be able to review the words they found most difficult.
  • Teachers will be able to make units unlock when certain conditions have been met. For example, if a student completes all of the words in the sports unit the teacher can make a second sports unit with more difficult words unlock automatically.
  • Students that want additional vocabulary or more difficult challenges will be able to do so. For example if a student has just finished learning the words for parts of the body, ClassTracks will suggest other body parts as an extension exercise.
  • Teachers will be able to upload their own sound bites and students will be able to choose among different voices for the audio.

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Technical Specifications

ClassTracks is a web application and therefore is available on any web-enabled device (computer, laptop, tablet, phone). Students and teachers access ClassTracks through their web browser. We currently support Chrome and Firefox - Safari coming soon.

Security features: Amazon “cloud” data storage and security features

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Who can use ClassTracks?
ClassTracks is a classroom resource for foreign language teachers. When a school or teacher signs up for ClassTracks, students associated with that account can make their own logins. Students and parents cannot use ClassTracks unless their school or teacher opens an account.

How much does ClassTracks cost?
Teachers can purchase ClassTracks for all their classes (up to 120 students) for $99/year. Schools can purchase a site license for $4/student/year. The site license includes additional tech support and professional development. GO to the pricing page to learn more.

Can you do a trial period?
Yes! Teachers can try ClassTracks for free for 30 days.

Can I purchase ClassTracks for myself or my child?
No, currently we only provide service for teachers and schools. Sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on any new offering from ClassTracks.

What communicative activities can teachers do to help students better communicate using the vocabulary they are learning on ClassTracks?
There are lots of lessons, activities, and suggestions about this topic on our blog, we’d love for you to check it out!

What does ClassTracks do with students’ and teachers’ information?
We do not share or sell any data with 3rd parties. We only use data you share with us and data on students’ progress to make ClassTracks work. Any image, text, or audio file you share with ClassTracks, however, may be used by other teachers and students on ClassTracks.