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Learning is Already Fun

Our activities are research-proven and effective.

ClassTracks uses a gamified design and challenges students to actively recall each term before seeing the correct answer. Our interactive tool uses spaced repetition so students repeat words exactly when they need to see them for optimal retention.

Inspired by Teachers,
Designed for Teachers

Teachers know what is best for their students.

That’s why we make it so you can use your own content. Our Import Function lets you easily transfer your ready-made vocabulary lists from Word and Excel. You can also customize your writing systems in any language.

Customize Your Unit

Our “Create Your List” section isn’t limited to terms and definitions.

Studies show students retain information longer with imagery and audio. Help your students remember more by adding both to your terms to optimize your class results. You can upload photos from your laptop, the Internet, or choose a photo from our gallery! Add audio by clicking the button in the menu bar and voila, audio segments are added to each term.

Detailed Feedback

We’re with your students every step of the way.

ClassTracks gives students immediate feedback and an opportunity to correct any mistakes in real time. Our system spaces the review of each term in the review session so that incorrectly identified terms are seen more often, making review more efficient and effective.

Easily Plan Your Next Unit

We report what’s important.

ClassTracks understands how important it is to cater your lessons to your students. That’s why we strive to give you the most informative metrics on how your students performed with each game. Use the data on the number of words they’ve mastered and how long they spent on a unit to make sure your next lesson focuses on the areas that need the most improvement.

Convenience is Key

Use what you already have.

Our platform’s login function easily syncs with two of the most widely-used classroom management tools for education: Edmodo and Google Classrooms. You can import information about your class and individual students right away. Don’t use either of the two? Log in with your email address.

Additional Benefits Coming Soon

  • Students will be able to review the words they found most difficult.
  • Students who want additional vocabulary or more difficult challenges will have access to them. For example, if a student has just finished learning the words for parts of the body, ClassTracks will suggest other body parts as an extension exercise.
  • Teachers will be able to upload their own sound bites and students will be able to choose among different voices for the audio.
  • A class leaderboard that shows student scores compared to other students in the class.

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