Kaplan Bar Review 2024 — Is It Any Better?

The Bar exam is among the highest stake test, which has a higher degree of difficulty. In order to ace the exam, appropriate practice and guidance are essential. 

While considering which bar review course to opt for, Kaplan is the name that instantly pops up in my mind. 

With its robust curriculum and content quality, Kaplan Bar is absolutely raising the bar to help you prepare for the actual Bar exam.

This detailed Kaplan Bar review will give you a detailed insight into all the details, including quality, its highlights, and more. 

So without any delay, let’s get into the details. 

Content Quality 5/5
Support 4.8/5
Exams covered BAR, GRE, GMAT, ACT, SAT, CFA, FRM.
HighlightsBar course review textbooks for all subjectsPractice examsMoney-back guarantee24/7 access to “Ask an Expert” question answeringUnlimited essay grading 
Pricing $1999 
Ratings 4.5

Kaplan Bar Course: Overview

Kaplan is Known for its full-length simulated tests and comprehensive reviews and has been leading one in the test prep industry for over and about 70 years. 

The Course is the best one offering a wide range of content tailored to the needs of the individuals. It includes a robust curriculum, Practice tests, and detailed lessons. 

Kaplan Bar Review - Overview

Along with the exclusive course content, it also offers on-demand video lectures, live instructions, self-paced prep tools, and thousands of questions for practice. 

Pros And Cons Of Kaplan Bar Review

Here are a few pros and cons offered by the Kaplan bar review course that you can check out. 

Pros Cons
Offer unlimited essay grading conducted by real lawyers. Offers too much material to cover in 8 to 10 weeks. 
High-quality video lectures conducted by expert instructors. The practice questions offered by Kaplan are not licensed by the NCBE.
Provides 24/7 email support. Does not offer last-minute review workshops.
Offers Employer payment options.
It also provides a course textbook for each subject. 
The organized structure of the course can be accessed easily. 

Course Highlights

Kaplan Bar course offers a wide array of features. To get a clear view of them, read on further. 

  • Unlimited essay grading. 
  • Video instructions of 100+ hours. 
  • Self-paced tools for exam preparation. 
  • Thousands of multi-state questions.
  • Comprehensive lectures covering test modality and all the subjects included on Bar. 
  • More than 4000 exam-like practice questions.
  • Personalized study plan. 
  • Final countdown study plan of 14 days. 
  • Flexible learning option. 
  • The money-back guarantee is offered under certain conditions. 

Course Structure

Kaplan’s Bar Review course is packed with course materials, lectures, outlines, flashcards, and MPRE questions. It includes a Sheer quantity of study materials. 

The structure of the Kaplan Bar Course is designed in such a way as to help you learn, practice, review, and catch up on the course contents productively. 

The assignments are tailored in such a way as to improve the weak areas. The Course offers 160 hours of live class time, 100+ hours of video instructions, 4000+ MBE practice questions, and prep books to help you prepare well for the exams. 

Kaplan Bar Review - Course Structure

Moreover, the answer solutions to the practice problems are explained in detail, providing a thorough analysis of all the questions. 

User Interface And Digital Platform

The digital platform of Kaplan Bar Review has a highly functional and visually appealing interface that is user-friendly. 

The learn section comprises live classes or pre-recorded video lessons. The learning section is followed by the practice section, which includes a series of drills, quizzes, and assignments.

Lastly, Several resources and course materials are included under easy-to-find groups and categorized as Practice bank, syllabus, support centre, and writing centre. 


All the bar review courses are led by lawyers that are available 24/7 to help you prepare for your bar exam

They have provided an easy-to-understand and detailed explanation of the concepts to make learning easier. 

You will also receive feedback from the certified bar graders to help you with the essays. 

Furthermore, you can practice with the past bar exam essays graded by real lawyers, where you will receive detailed comments and suggestions for each one.


The Kaplan Bar Review also offers Bar Exam MEE flashcards that are all aligned with the content outlined by the National Conference of the Bar Examiners and covers terms, definitions, and concepts on the test.

It is offered at $96.65 and includes 500 detailed flashcards based on partnerships, agencies, corporations, limited liability companies, family law, Wills, Estates, Trusts, etc.

Additional Support 

Kaplan bar course offers a “Ask an Expert” option which helps you by providing answers to your questions and queries. It also offers technical support to help you with any technical issues. 

The Kaplan Bar Review also offers a wide portfolio of solutions to support the success of the institutions and their students. 

Kaplan Bar Review - Additional Support

The support offered by Kaplan to the institutions eases the process of transition right from undergraduate students to efficient lawyers.

Pricing Of Kaplan Bar Course

Despite being one of the most comprehensive courses, Kaplan offers quite affordable pricing options compared to its competitors.

The pricing of the course is around $1999, including the charges of $275 for the deposit for the books. 

It also offers a money-back guarantee under certain conditions, i.e., it offers your money back or the guaranteed passing bar score. 

Below are a few criteria that you go through to determine the eligibility for the money-back guarantee. 

  1. The learner must be a first-time bar exam taker. 
  2. Have received a JD from an ABA-approved law school.
  3. Should complete the basic study requirements as follows. 
  • The learners should attend atleast 90% of the classes, either in class or through lectures on demand. 
  • Should complete required practice essays and personalized homework. 
  • The learner should complete all the assigned quizzes, simulated exams, and multiple-choice questions. 

Note- This offer only applies to the learners studying with Kaplan Bar Review in the United States and Canada throughout the entire length of the course and is not open for the MBE 3-Day Final Review course, General bar review course, or MBE 6-Day Foundation course. 

Kaplan Bar Course Alternatives

The Kaplan Bar review Course is undoubtedly the best one, but to get insight into some of the top competitors of the course, you can check out the below-provided alternatives. 

1. Themis Bar 

Themis Bar is one of the great options to help you prepare for the Bar by offering scientifically backed lectures that are conducted by experts. 

It offers 40000+ questions, including the practice questions that are licensed by the NCBE. Along with that, you also have access to practice essays and unlimited grading options. 

Themis Bar 

The Themis’s lectures are segmented into 15 to 20-minute chapters and are crafted in such a way as to help you learn efficiently. 

Pricing: The full bar review course by Themis is offered at $2,545. 

2. BarMax

The BarMax is one of the good options for all visual learners and offers more than 100 hours of lectures, more than 1950 real MBE questions, and 600+ flashcards. 

It is completely free to sign up for and offers comprehensive lectures and detailed analytics to track your progress and use time efficiently. It also provides clear and concise high-quality content. 


Pricing: The BarMax course will cost you around $1705. 

3. Crushendo 

Crushendo is another name on the list, offering a huge library of content and more than 1750 official NCBE-licensed practice questions. 


With Crushendo, you will also get access to the best audio outlines and flashcards, which are loaded with hundreds of picture-packed proprietary mnemonics. 

Pricing: The Crushendo offers a complete bar exam prep course at $970. Along with that, it also offers a 30 days money-back guarantee. 

4. Quimbee

Quimbee offers exclusive video lessons and drills to help you ace the exams. It also offers more than 12 bite-sized video lessons and more than 1800 MBE practice questions. 


Using Quimbee, you can easily track your progress and schedule your planning. It is created by seasoned law professionals and is accessed by more than 637000 law students. 

Pricing: The Course is offered at $999 and also provides a money-back guarantee. 

5. Barbri 

Barbri is the perfect option for all law students and legal professionals. It offers online live and in-person lectures, simulated exams, and feedback on essays. 

Together with 2500+ MBE questions, it also offers more than 100 hours of live class and 100+ video instructions.



Pricing: It offers pricing plans starting from the self-pass plan at $1999, the Guided pass plan at $ 2,799, to the Ultimate pass plan at $4,199. 

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Is Kaplan Bar Course Worth It? 

Kaplan’s bar review offers a high-quality curriculum that is crafted by in-house MBE experts and a team of licensed attorneys to help you prepare effectively for the exam. 

It offers the best value for money and is worth purchasing. It frequently runs special promotion codes and sales, so you can keep track of them to get the Course at discounted prices. 

Kaplan Bar review is a great option for learners who would go for a brick-and-mortar experience for the classroom and those who prefer online self-study, so if you want to access enough course material with in-person and online classes, then this Course is perfect. 

I recommend Kaplan if you want to seek a comprehensive and full-scale bar review course to crack the Bar exam and become a lawyer. 

So take the first step towards succeeding in the Bar with the Kaplan bar review course. 

FAQs On Kaplan

Is Kaplan a good option for bar review? 

Kaplan offers an extremely robust course curriculum and practice material. It is one of the trusted names and has a success record for helping students to pass the Bar. Considering all its features, it can be demonstrated that the Kaplan Bar review course is worth purchasing. 

How many times can you take the bar exam? 

There is no limit to the number of times students can attempt a Bar exam in most of the States in the country. It also does not affect the eligibility of the candidates. 

Does Kaplan have their own essays and exam questions? 

The MBE-style questions are written by a team of in-house bar experts, whereas the essays offered by the essay bank of Kaplan are from the previous bar exams. 

How long is it necessary to prepare for the Bar exam? 

Approximately 10 to 12 weeks of preparation is enough for the Bar exam. You can undoubtedly ace the Bar exam with proper guidance, study material, and practice tests. 

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