Work With Us

Who Are We?

We’re a small team passionate about education, equity, and technology. Our mission is to build a tool that liberates teachers from drilling vocabulary and grammar so that they can engage their students in meaningful communicative activities.

Our Values

Think BIG, start small, fail forward
We tackle big problems and continually question the status quo. We make little bets and take action immediately. And, we fail with enthusiasm and humility, knowing that we’re one step closer to success.
Growth through feedback
We relentlessly give feedback because we know it will help our teammates improve. We take feedback as it was intended and focus on how the new knowledge will move us forward.
Savor diversity, embolden exceptionality
Difference is the spice of life! We’re a diverse team and committed to keeping it that way. We love that everyone comes to the table with a unique perspective and we especially love speaking different languages (and food. We also love food). Difference plus excellence makes a team member exceptional. We strive to cultivate excellence and encourage difference.
Divide grief, multiply joy
When we struggle, we share the responsibility. If someone needs help, we all pitch in. When something amazing happens, we share in the excitement.
Serve teachers, to empower students
We think that teachers are some of the most under-served customers out there. We’re dedicated to making their lives easier because we know that happy teachers make happy students.

Who Are You?

You are a go-getter with tireless hustle. You’re not just ok with uncertainty and risk, you thrive on it. Be open to learning and willing to try anything. You have ninja-like skills in at least one of our key areas of operation (product development, design, sales, marketing, customer success). You’re passionate about our education and diversity. You have impeccable communication skills in English and know (or are willing to learn) another language. You live our values every day.

Open Positions

We are not currently recruiting for any specific position. However, we are always looking for people who align with our values and are passionate about our mission.

Think you would be a good addition to the ClassTracks team? Tell us why!