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There are other vocabulary tools on the internet that may seem similar to ClassTracks. However, don’t be fooled. ClassTracks is the only vocabulary tool that incorporates all of these features.

  1. ClassTracks is fully customizable. Teachers can upload vocabulary and use the cloud feature to upload images.
  2. ClassTracks uses the scientifically proven method of spaced-repetition to help build and retain students’ memory of target language vocabulary. Students see the word, hear the word, and type the word in both their native language, and in the language they are learning. Words that were more challenging for students to learn are shown more often. Moreover, unlike most spaced repetition programs, students using ClassTracks must attempt to define a term before seeing the correct answer. This ensures that students are using active recall strategies when studying. Most spaced repetition programs allow students to rate their own understanding of each word, leading to inconsistencies and misunderstandings.
  3. Teachers have access to their class’s data so that they can see where individual students (or the class as a whole) are struggling. More importantly, students have access to their own data. Students can see what units or vocabulary they are struggling with and can keep track of the amount of points they have accumulated by looking at easy to read graphs and charts.

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