ClassTracks and the Power of the Review

A students’ ability to review what they have learned is a vital part of the long term retention and acquisition process. This is especially true for foreign language learners. That’s why we’ve built a new review feature for ClassTracks vocabulary system. Read on to learn more about how ClassTracks works.

ClassTracks’s vocabulary system is based on the latest science of spaced repetition - students see words more or less often based on how well they know the word. Many flashcard services allow the student to determine whether or not they know the vocabulary word or phrase. However, ClassTracks makes students practice active recall. Initially students see the word, hear the word, and see an image to go along with the word. Having an image with the term/phrase gives students a way to create an image association for themselves. This avoids the issue of students learning words in isolation.Then as the student moves through the game the stages get harder and harder. By the last stage the student is given the word in their native language but must input their answer in the TL without any other cues. In addition ClassTracks has now added a new feature that gives students the ability to review all the words that they have learned from every unit.

The review function is a larger scale version of the game that students play when they are initially learning words in a unit. This is a screenshot of what students would see while playing the game.


And just like in the original game the review provides a dashboard where students can check their progress and see which words they struggle with. And this picture illustrates the dashboard information students see after they complete the review.

Here at ClassTracks were are continually adding new features and improving our product. Teacher and student feedback is valued and appreciated. So don’t be shy, give us a try and let us know in the comments what you think and how we can improve.

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