About Us

Our team met one fateful summer day. Lida and Jamel were teachers of Spanish and Latin, with a vision to help their students learn more effectively. Thierry was a tech and business savvy man, ready to use his skills to help make the world a better place. A Startup Weekend brought them together in 2014, and they’ve been together ever since with united efforts to improve foreign language classrooms. From the beginning we’ve been working with foreign language teachers to make the best product possible. We interviewed dozens of teachers before we wrote our first line of code, and have run pilots with teachers across the US in public and private schools, with students as young as 5th grade and as old as 12th grade.

Shortly after joining forces, ClassTracks traveled to New Orleans to learn from the wizened advisors of the Edtech world at 4.0 Schools. We now call Baltimore home with our base at the Emerging Technologies Center (ETC).

The Founders

Thierry Uwilingiyimana

Thierry is a technologist and visionary entrepreneur; his mission is to thoughtfully and faithfully utilize technology to humanize our learning environments. He is at home amongst This American Life-listening and TED talk-watching vagabonds.

Lida Zlatic

Lida was born in a country that no longer exists: the former Yugoslavia! She grew up speaking Croatian, majored in Latin and Greek, and taught Spanish. She recently took up Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and thinks that's a perfect excuse to learn Portuguese next.

Jamel Daugherty

Jamel is a Latin teacher, CityBridge Education Innovation Fellow, and part-time French speaker. She loves muppets and zombies, but not zombie muppets.


Merlin is our product wizard. His passions are education, equality, physics, fiction, dancing, and design. He is a current Venture for America Fellow with a desire to build the future of education.


Delisha is a 2014 graduate from the University of Maryland College Park. When she’s not on her continuous mission to improve education for children in the U.S., she likes to cook and crochet. And when Delisha doesn’t feel like cooking, she likes to seek out and explore new places to eat.

Achievements, Awards, and Recognitions